Abaqoos Betting Sites in Canada


There aren’t that many betting sites accepting Abaqoos for Canadian-based gamblers, but with have compiled a list of the more reputable ones out there below. These sportsbooks offer some great promotions in the form of deposit bonuses, rebates, reduced juice lines, and other situations that enhance the sports betting experience.

  • Direct transfers from Hungarian banks
  • The ability to use cash for deposits
  • Fast and inexpensive service

Abaqoos is a unique deposit/withdrawal method that centres around the Hungarian banking systemBettors are issued “vouchers” from their Hungarian bank when making deposits to sportsbooks via this method, as it follows similar methods used by other e-wallets.

Since this is another version of an e-wallet, bettors using this method can transfer larger sums of money than they can with other deposit methods, but obviously the biggest hurdle for Abaqoos and Canadian bettors is the fact that one must have a bank account at one of the major banking institutions in Hungary. If that isn’t a concern for you, this method is extremely safe and secure.

Abaqoos Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

Aside from the obvious complications of being a Hungary-based e-wallet system, Abaqoos actually has quite a few benefits to sports bettors and gamblers all over the world. For one, direct cash transfers from the bank to Abaqoos can be arranged in person or through an online payment account. That is quite an attractive feature for those who are still tentative about putting their banking information on the internet.

The other huge plus surrounds their “voucher” system for gaming. These vouchers that are issued by the respective bank when using Abaqoos never expire and the limits are quite high. These vouchers can also be “recharged” or reloaded over the phone once your account is fully set-up and functional. Withdrawals are also quite easy using Abaqoos.

So while there are some solid benefits to using this deposit method, Canadians without a Hungarian bank account likely don’t need to go through all the effort for this process. In the end, Abaqoos isn’t likely to gain too much traction here with other e-wallet systems already established. Yet, Abaqoos has still carved out a strong place in the online transaction world for gaming and sports betting and won’t be going anywhere on a global scale any time soon.

Abaqoos Deposits

For online betting, the ability to access money quickly on your sportsbook account is essential. Once you’ve found a sportsbook you’re content with or odds you want to work with, then a swift depositing process is one of the features punters often require. If you find the odds you want, then you want to be able to make a wager before the market moves. Abaqoos deposits are processed in a matter of seconds, an almost instantaneous transaction.

Abaqoos Deposit Using Cash

The vast majority of punters can easily access e-banking services or have a major debit/credit card, which they can use for deposits. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. Numerous individuals don’t have their own card or receive their income in cash. This system is suited for this type of punter, as they are able to go to the bank and make a deposit in cash for which they’ll receive the “vouchers” we previously discussed.

Abaqoos Withdrawals

One of the major issues with Abaqoos as a betting payment method is the fact it doesn’t offer withdrawal options. A lot of punters like to take their winnings out through the same method they deposited. It’s an unfortunate feature of Abaqoos, but there are always other ways to withdraw money if you favour depositing with Abaqoos. Alternatively, Abaqoos users can withdraw their money onto a card, or via e-wallets or cheques.