Apple Pay Gambling Sites

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Apple Pay is accepted at only a few gambling sites. Which is a shame because it is a fast and secure payment method.

As Apple Pay is relatively new (launched only in 2014) it is likely that more sites will allow users to bet using this novel payment method. You’ll need an Apple device, but if you’ve got it, then this is a payment method that is secure and convenient. 

In addition to the betting sites accepting Apple Pay, we will detail how and why to use this mobile payment method. If you can’t find the site you prefer that accepts this payment method, you can check out your other options for deposit methods.

  • Deletes Long-Term Transaction history
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Founded in 1946
  • Sharp Odds and Competitive Prices
  • Legendary Sports Gambling Family

Apple Pay can be used online or in-person wherever contactless payment is accepted. It uses two-factor identification, so you will need your iOS device nearby. You’ll also need to have the Apple Pay app downloaded.

Once you sign and choose the deposit method, you will receive a notification on your phone or tablet. There you can use touch ID, face ID, or security code to authorize the deposit.

Why use Apple Pay on Gambling Sites

Apple Pay has many advantages over traditional credit cards. Transaction fees tend to be much lower, and deposits go through quicker. It is also more secure. As it requires a second step of authentication on your personal device.

Another aspect of security is that your transaction history is not stored. Only very recent transactions appear on your phone, for your convenience. Long-term transaction history cannot be traced.

The main disadvantage is that you have to be an Apple customer and the relatively few betting sites that accept it. Other than that, it’s rock solid!

Gambling Sites that Accept Apple Pay

When choosing a site that will accept Apple Pay for either deposits or payouts, it is really more important to find ones that have the types of odds and lines you are looking for.

Honestly, when it comes to choosing a bookie, whether or not they accept Apple Pay should probably not be at the top of your list.

This is mainly because there are enough online betting sites that do indeed take Apple Pay. As a major payment method, that goes through one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple Pay is accepted widely.

It is also secure, so online betting sites do not have any hesitation in adding it to their lists of accepted payment methods.

Another reason not to fret too much is that if you have Apple Pay, you likely have access to other payment methods too. So don’t let Apple Pay be an over-determining factor.

That being said, check out the above list for all of our recommended online betting sites that already have Apple Pay up and running, if it is indeed your preferred method of payment.

With this payment method, you will not be left out!

Gambling Securely with ApplePay

Apple Pay is one of the most secure payment methods out there. It uses two-factor authentication.

This means that with a credit card, sometimes you just have to enter the information that is on the credit card. This is especially risky if you have your card information saved on the websites.

However, with Apple Pay, they will contact you through your iPhone for verification. So, between the password online and having your actual phone, you can be doubly sure that only you can access your funds.

This payment method with its security features is only available to iPhone customers. It requires you to download an app, and have it on your phone at the time of deposit. This is also true for offline purchases.

Another important feature of Apple Pay is that your transaction history if automatically deleted. Only the most recent transactions will be in your notifications, and after a few days, they disappear forever.

So anyone sneaking into your files will not have anything to find!

What more could you ask for from a payment method in terms of security?

Best Apple Pay Welcome Bonuses

Finding a betting site that accepts Apple Pay is the first and only step to finding a site with an Apple Pay welcome bonus.

All the big and little online betting sites offer welcome bonuses. This is a staple of the industry. These welcome bonuses are available to bettors using Apple Pay or any other deposit method.

Welcome bonuses are awarded after making your first deposit with a new sportsbook. So, connect your Apple Pay to a new account, and watch as your first deposit grows, sometimes even doubling with the more generous welcome bonuses.

Are There No-Deposit Bonuses with Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, with no deposit bonuses, Apple Pay will not do you much good. No deposit bonuses are normally very small and require a lot of playing before you can withdraw anything.

Apple Pay works for depositing and withdrawing just fine. But it will not win you any favours on no-deposit bonuses.