Bitcoin Gold Deposit Methods in Canada

Bitcoin Gold is another form of cryptocurrency that has been introduced as a payment method on a number of online sportsbook providers, with Bitcoin Gold deposit methods in Canada popping up more frequently lately.

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First introduced at the end of 2017, Bitcoin Gold has stormed online betting sites. Much like Bitcoin, it’s an open-source cryptocurrency with no connection to a central bank or financial institution. It boasts a more decentralized and democratic mining structure and is commonly referred to as BTG.

How does Bitcoin Gold work?

Bitcoin Gold functions much like Bitcoin, it’s a decentralized system that allows users to send encrypted currency to one another, or make payments/deposits, with the utmost security. This unique payment system has taken the financial world by storm and maybe the future of standard currency. Using a system known as Equihash, BTG currency creates a fork from Bitcoin and has its own unique identity.

Before users can begin using Bitcoin Gold, they must acquire an e-wallet to pay into. There is a wide range of e-wallets to choose from online. It doesn’t matter which is used, as long as it can carry Bitcoin Gold then it’ll suffice.

Once you’ve selected your e-wallet, simply login into a Bitcoin exchange broker like Coinlist. From there, users can purchase as many Bitcoins as they feel they want to deposit. Finally, selected an online provider from our list of top-rated online sportsbooks.

Bitcoin Gold Deposit bonuses

The Bonuses available to customers using Bitcoin Gold are much like those for the main Bitcoin currency. Each individual sportsbook has it’s own limits and offers a variety of different bonuses and limits on deposits. Then, depending on how much the user wants to deposit, there are welcome bonuses which gift customer additional funds.

Welcome bonuses are one of the most important things to consider when depositing money with a sportsbook. While our recommended sportsbook offers great sports betting odds, they also offer customers the opportunity to increase their funds by a % of the value they deposit.

It’s difficult to give an exact figure, as each sportsbook differs. However, generally speaking, customers are offered anywhere from 50-100% up to $100-$1000 of the funds deposited as a bonus. The welcome bonus isn’t to be overlooked. Users should make sure they check all available bonuses before depositing with a particular sportsbook.

Bitcoin Gold Withdrawals

Bitcoin Gold withdrawals are generally offered everywhere users find Bitcoin Gold deposit methods. It’s encouraged that sportsbooks don’t leave customers hanging by only allowing them to use crypto transfers in one direction.

The majority of sportsbooks have complied, making customers’ lives easier and allowing them to select one payment method and stick to it throughout their betting experience.