Ethereum Classic Deposit Method

Like many cryptocurrencies, Ethereum Classic deposit methods are storming the online gambling industry as many major providers continue to add the payment method to their deposit methods with great bonuses.

Ethereum is still a young cryptocurrency, now in its fifth year, released in 2015, it’s become one of the more recognizable cryptos much like Bitcoin. It works in a similar way, as a blockchain-based currency that works on a peer-to-peer basis, which offers a level of security unrivalled in traditional banking methods.

  • All transactions are instantaneous
  • Excellent deposit bonuses
  • NEGATIVE: New and complex payment method
  • Unmatched level of security

What’s the advantage of using Ethereum Classic to deposit?

There are a variety of opportunities available to using Ethereum Classic with sportsbooks. The simplicity and swiftness of transactions make Ethereum Classic an appealing currency to exchange for both users and sportsbook providers, which offers a broad range of bonuses and promotions.

Another advantage is the fact users are granted total anonymity when transferring cash in and out of their sportsbook accounts. Having to reveal personal information, especially in the modern age of the internet, is something many users favour when choosing a deposit method. Cryptocurrencies are designed to allow users to complete transactions with maximum security, which often includes withholding personal details.

And how can we not mention the bonuses? Cryptocurrencies are heavily favoured at sportsbooks and as such, they offer great bonuses. We’ll run through some of the bonuses from top-rated providers from our list of recommended sportsbooks.

Ethereum Classic Deposit bonuses & fees

One thing sports fans need to be aware of when choosing a sportsbook to deposit with is the bonuses, promotions and any fees attached. One thing that Ethereum Classic users will be happy to hear is the vast majority of sportsbooks don’t have any fees and the few that do charge such low fees they’re almost insignificant.

There are always small promotions that are being offered by the sportsbooks, so do shop around and see what’s on offer. But one thing users must always pay attention to is the Welcome Bonuses and deposit bonuses that are offered for Ethereum Classic. The first time deposits always offer great bonuses. While we can’t give an absolute figure for deposit bonuses, we can give a generalized figure. Depending on the sum being deposited, the bonuses can be anywhere from 50-100% up to $100-$5000.

So, all you need to do is find your favourite sports betting odds and get stuck in!

Ethereum Classic deposits and withdrawals

Depositing with Ethereum works just the same as it does with any other cryptocurrency. Firstly, select an e-wallet from one of the many available online. Then, go to a crypto exchange market, such as coinbase, and purchase a sum of Ethereum Classic coins. Finally, once you’ve found the sportsbook for you, create an account and deposit the funds.

Much like when depositing, withdrawals are available with Ethereum Classic. All users need to do is have access to an e-wallet, which comes in the form of a mobile app, personal computer, or hardware disk, then select withdraw. It’s that easy with Ethereum!