Book 2 Book Betting Sites in Canada


Book to Book betting sites in Canada simply mean online sportsbooks that allow users to transfer the balance from one sportsbook account to another. This type of financial transfer is unique to sportsbooks, as this function is of little use in other industries. When looking through the various payment options users will come across the term “B2B”, which is what Book to Book is often called.

  • Quick and Easy
  • Move Money Around to Take Advantage of Odds
  • No Banking Approval Needed

We must mention that B2B transfers are unlike Player to Player or P2P account transfers. This may seem obvious as you read it, but a lot of sportsbook users often mix up the two separate methods. P2P transfers are uncommon, as the majority of sportsbooks don’t allow it, though B2B transfers are extremely popular.

Book 2 Book Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

The biggest benefit of using the Book 2 Book method of funding a sports betting account is the diversity it offers bettors to have money at more sportsbooks to shop around for the best line. Finding success in sports betting is two-fold. Obviously wagering on more winners than losers is paramount, but the other, often forgot about factor in achieving success is the ability to shop around for the best prices/odds on the certain team or game you are looking to bet on. It doesn’t look like much on the service but consistently winning underdog bets on the money line at 2.35 at one sportsbook as opposed to 2.30 almost everywhere else adds up significantly.

Thinking of it as you would shopping for anything else in this world – to find the best price available on that product – is how winning bettors really distance themselves from casual bettors and moving money around to various sportsbooks via the Book 2 Book method is a huge benefit.

The downside of this method is the fact that it does take some time for transactions to clear and see your money in a different account. That can be troublesome for some who impulsively see a better line on a game tonight and want to get in on the action, only to find out the money won’t arrive in time, but doing your research on what sportsbooks offer this method and planning ahead for that transfer delay is the way to go. The transaction process is as simple as it gets with Book 2 Book, so if you can handle the wait time, this is a deposit method to definitely look into.

Book to Book Deposits

B2B transfers are unique and not something that customers use for a single reason. One of the most common questions associated with B2B deposits is whether or not there are fees attached to the transaction. But much like with all sportsbook transactions, the fees are a difficult thing to discuss with absolute clarity as each provider has its own limits.

For most transfers, the fee is usually somewhere between $50-200, although a lot of sportsbooks don’t charge for transfers. But, ultimately, the fees are largely dependant on the sportsbook operator and the amount of money (the more money, the more costly it’ll be) being moved between the two accounts.

Another common question is whether users can deposit into another company account then withdraw the money using a different method. The answer is of course. Companies allow B2B transfers to facilitate the betting experience for users, as some users want to play on specific markets and certain sportsbooks are more focused on certain sports than others.

In order to set up a transfer, it’s fairly straight forward, either select the payment option online. Alternatively, if this isn’t readily available, users can contact the provider through the various customers’ service avenues; email, phone, live chat, whatever is available.

It will always vary from one provider to the next, but generally speaking, a minimum of $500 transfer is the standard rate for most sportsbooks. While the maximums around capped at around $5,000 with some exceptions of over $20,000, although this is rare. Once the transaction has been initiated it should be in the account within 24 hours, though it can sometimes be much quicker.

Book to Book Withdrawals

Getting a withdrawal in this fashion isn’t a thing, as transfers are to other accounts. The possibility to withdraw money once the money has landed in the new sportsbook account is readily available. But, the user must investigate the withdrawal charges relevant to the new sportsbook account.