Moneybookers Betting Sites in Canada

Canadians like to use Moneybookers because we like the idea of funding an account and then keeping an eye on our money coming and going from there. It is just one more form of control we have over our own electronic funds. Below is a deposit methods table you can use to decide which sportsbook that accepts Moneybookers works best for you. Now you don’t have to do all that research, the answer is right here.

  • Widely used by Canadian players
  • Free to use
  • eWallet functionality, like Paypal

Moneybookers functions like an eWallet. Though not available in the U.S., it has been widely accepted in Europe and Canada. Plenty of reputable books encourage Moneybookers because it is easy to use and you can fund your account using a bank transfer or credit card. 

Moneybookers Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

With the massive amount of possibilities online regarding sports betting, it is good to know where to start. By the time you open and fund your Moneybookers account and sign up to your favourite sportsbook, you’ll be benefitting from bonuses and promotions and loving life. Take the stress out of money issues by using this secure eWallet and leaving yourself the time it takes to do what matters, researching and placing your bets!

Horse racing is another part of online betting that has been growing rapidly in punter participation every year. Instead of sticking to sports, many Canadians are branching out and realizing the potential for financial gain by placing the right wagers at the right time. From tracks around the continent, you can follow the odds and watch the races at your favourite sportsbook. The first step on your way is getting started with Moneybookers.