Entropay Sites in Canada

Canadian sports bettors can check below to find a condensed list of betting sites accepting EntroPay. The sites listed here are by no means the only ones that accept this form of deposits, but they are some of the more well-respected sportsbooks out there for Canadians.

  • Safe pre-paid card specializing in online gaming
  • Protects banking information as a third party
  • No fees and deposits are instant

For a long time, bettors who prefer going the credit card route to funding their accounts have been proponents of the EntroPay system. EntroPay is a virtual credit card that in most cases replaces actual Visa’s and MasterCard’s that continually get declined for online gaming transactions. There is no such worry using an EntroPay card to deposit at your favourite sportsbook and it’s the main reason why this deposit method is preferred by many.

With EntroPay’s emphasis on online gaming and shopping, finding EntroPay sites in Canada is really quite easy. Almost any sportsbook that will accept any form of credit card deposit – that is to say all of them – will accept EntroPay as well.

EntroPay Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

As stated earlier, the attraction to EntroPay for many users is the fact that online gaming transactions will never get declined because of individual bank’s rules and regulations against the industry. EntroPay functions as a pre-paid, virtual credit card that users can load up via their own personal credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) or even personal bank accounts. All of these methods are completely free to do, so the lack of service charges simply to load one’s EntroPay card is another plus. Once that is complete, loading up the sportsbook, selecting EntroPay as the deposit option and depositing your desired funds into your betting bankroll is the final step. All EntroPay deposits to sportsbooks are done instantly, making your funds readily available to bet with.

EntroPay users can also withdraw from sportsbooks with this method and the funds will go back to your virtual EntroPay credit card. The fact that EntroPay cards have no limits attached to them is another attractive feature. Withdrawals to EntroPay aren’t instant, but the 24 hours or so you’ll have to wait to collect on a big score is more than worth it. From there it’s up to you whether or not you transfer some of those funds from your EntroPay card back into your bank account or leave them on the card to play with on a future date.

There really aren’t any negatives to using EntroPay as a funding method for Canadian bettors. The simplicity and security surrounding the card are second to none, and there is no worrying about credit card transactions getting declined by your bank because they are related to online gaming.

EntroPay is one of the better sportsbook banking methods out there currently, and it’s something Canadian bettors struggling to find good ways to get money onto their online sportsbook should strongly consider.