Enets Sites in Canada

eNets is a fast, easy and secure way to fund online betting and it has been in action for over 30 years. This company is based out of and predominantly used in Singapore as daily use of eNets in that country is growing exponentially each year. The journey to online gaming for those same customers has grown with online sports betting becoming more popular, but as far as eNets sites in Canada goes, there isn’t much at the moment.

  • Fast, easy and secure
  • Growing really fast
  • The future of online banking

Clearly with it’s foundation in Singapore, eNets isn’t much of a viable option for many Canadian sports bettors right now, but if online gaming becomes more legislated in countries throughout the world, we could see this payment form being offered to non-Singapore residents in the future.

Typically, how it works is that eNets lets their users transfer money through debit services offered by numerous Singapore banks. Doing this limits exposure for the player with minimal bank account information online, and security is increased because of it for each transaction.

The stated goal of eNets is to be an industry leader “on the road to a cashless society” and their success within the Singapore area can’t be ignored. That being said, Canadian sports bettors should really look for alternative deposit and withdrawal methods to fund their sports betting hobby as eNets isn’t a good option for Canadians.