Kalibra Betting Sites in Canada

There are numerous ways to deposit into sportsbooks and casino accounts, but for those users living in Italy, the Kalibra Card is one of the best methods for depositing cash. There are a number of great Kalibra betting sites to choose from, we will provide a comprehensive list of sportsbooks so you can pick what suits you.

The Kalibra Card was founded in 2007 and issued by the Italian financial company Banco Popolare. It’s a prepaid card that is accepted in the same places Vis and Mastercard are accepted. These can even be used at ATM’s across the globe. Kalibra Card has grown in popularity in recent years, finding great success in Italy. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular payment methods for deposing in online casinos.

  • Great for Italian users
  • Easy to top-up in banks or via an ATM
  • Lucrative bonuses when depositing

Kalibra Visa Deposits and Withdrawals

Choosing an online casino can be difficult because there is a lot of things to consider when selecting the “best” sportsbooks. With hundreds to choose from, users should ensure they review the deposit and withdrawal methods available. Especially, if they have a particular method in mind. The vast majority of sportsbooks offer the main payment methods, but as you delve deeper you’ll find only certain sportsbooks provide a full range of payment methods.

It’s important to be aware that depositing offers many privileges and advantages to users. First and foremost, users should explore the various deposit bonuses on offer. Kalibra Card performs instantaneous transactions, so users can access their funds quickly.

Generally speaking, the bonus award on deposits is $200, you will receive an additional $200 for free from an online casino or sportsbook in FREE bets. Though users aren’t guaranteed a bonus, as most sportsbooks just offer bonuses to “new customers” as a “joining bonus”.

The Kalibra card is a rechargeable card, which has a maximum limit of €3000. Kalibra also has a disposable version, which has a maximum limit of €300. Each user must purchase a Kalibra Card and the price varies from €5-10, depending on the seller. Furthermore, if users want to replenish their card, they must visit any Banco Popolare branch and pay a €3 fee. All transactions using the service are free.

Withdrawing with Kaibra Card is straight forward, similar to how it’s done using a Mastercard or Visa Card. It’s worth noting, not every sportsbook will allow withdrawals to Kalibra Card, but the vast majority that allows deposits will also allow withdrawals. Withdrawals via Kalibra Card can take several days, depending on sportsbooks and the day of the week the withdrawal is requested. Withdrawal fees are entirely dependant on each sportsbook’s terms.

How to Withdraw with Kalibra?

The growth and evolution of the digital world have given us a lot of opportunities, especially in the virtual gambling world. Nowadays, we have a variety of platforms to choose from, offering generous bonuses to enjoy with total trust in virtual gambling security.

For those browsing sportsbooks, they are always on the lookout for reliable deposit methods offering great deposit bonuses and low fees. One of the best ways to do this is by using Kalibra Cards.

Visa Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

At the sportsbook mentioned above (there is no reason to sign up to any other, we promise you these are the very you will ever find, there are tens of thousands of possible bets you can make on a huge range of sports and events. Anything from game outcomes to political and entertainment wagers can be processed at these books. You can even place live in-play wagers or bet using your mobile phone from anywhere all via Kalibra gambling methods. Deposit with confidence with Kalibra.

Love horse racing? What would a top-class online sportsbook be without a top-class racebook for you to enjoy? At the books listed in our table on this page, you’ll find races going on all day from tracks around the world. Some offer virtual race tracks, or you can stream live races straight to your terminal. Get all the action at these sportsbooks starting with your first Kalibra deposit to your account. There are a ton of reasons why Kalibra is always accepted everywhere!