Sepa Betting Sites


The Single Euro Payments Area is an initiative of the Europen Union, that seeks to integrate payments across the European Economic Zone. It includes 36 member states, nine more than the EU itself. Canada is not included in this list. This means that there are not many options for you in terms of betting sites that accept SEPA.

  • Free and Fast
  • For People with European Accounts

SEPA Betting Sites

The list of countries included SEPA agreements does not, however, include Canada, and therefore there aren’t many Canadian betting sites accepting SEPA.

Needless to say, this may have limited use for Canadians living in Canada.

None of the sites we at Canada Sports Betting proudly recommend accept SEPA deposits from Canadians in Canada. If you ever go on a trip and decide to move to Europe, open a bank account there, then you will have more options.

Unfortunately, until that time, your choices for casinos with SEPA deposit methods will be cut short.

SEPA Transaction Fees

All transactions with SEPA are in Euros. This means that any other currency you have would have to first be exchanged for Euros, and this will inevitably carry with it a fee.

However, if you are in Europe, with a European bank account and transferring Euros, then it is all free. For people in countries where SEPA is established, the transactions are quick and free.

SEPA casinos will charge different fees for these types of transactions. They are likely to be similar to bank deposit fees. So, if you ever plan to transplant to Europe, that is something to keep in mind.

SEPA Transactions are Convenient

SEPA transactions are among the most common ways of sending money in Europe. And it is easy to see why!

Unlike in other countries where you need a third party, the SEPA system allows people to send each other funds directly through the banking system. No third party app, fees, or extra memory on your phone needed!

All you need is the routing and bank account number of the recipient. From your online banking account just click to transfer, enter their information and you will quickly be able to send money across the continent.

Who could imagine it would be so convenient to send money across any of the 36 participating nations.

This system requires a European-based account and recipient. While many betting sites that accept SEPA deposit methods have European based bank accounts, the sender would also have to have that in place.

SEPA Betting on an App

We only recommend sites with great mobile gambling experiences. So, if you have a site you like from our site, you have nothing to worry about there.

Just open the browser on your tablet or smartphone. Load our site and click through to your favourite betting site. Sign up or log in, and you are good to go. The same login credentials are valid for desktop and mobile versions.

Neither the partners nor SEPA require the downloading of additional apps. So no memory is taken up on your phone and your home screen will remain nice and uncluttered.

Most European banking apps allow you to send money via SEPA using their transaction feature. You just have to know the routing and account number for the person you want to send money to.

No additional apps are necessary.

SEPA Welcome Bonuses

We are all in this for a few reasons. We love the excitement, and we love to win!

That is exactly why we love welcome bonuses! It gives us both of those feelings right away.

So, of course, we are all asking which deposit methods can I use to get my welcome bonus?

Across all of our recommended sites, they offer welcome bonuses. You get them based on your first deposit, typically between 50-100% matching bonus.

You can take advantage of this across deposit methods. And SEPA is no exception. Although it is difficult for Canadians to take advantage of, while they live in Canada at least.

For anyone with a Euro-connection, it is good to know that using SEPA will not exclude you from any welcome bonuses.

However, SEPA betting sites do not offer any SEPA-specific welcome bonuses. So, you will get treated the same as all the other deposit methods. No better, no worse.