Top 10 Ontario Sports Betting Apps In 2024

We tested and reviewed the best betting apps Ontario has to offer, including bet365, BetRivers, BetMGM, and many more to bring you this expert review. Ontario sports betting was legalized in August of 2022, and the province now offers bettors a host of sportsbooks and apps to wager at. Let’s dive in and see what our experts have to say.

  • Vast Selection of Global Sports Odds
  • Excellent Live Mobile Betting Platform
  • Secure service – Licensed in Canada!
  • Built for the Canadian market
  • Integrated with sports reporting for maximum info
  • Significant depth in prop bets
  • The world's favourite sportsbook
  • Provides action for nearly all international sports events.
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  • Advanced mobile betting platform, including virtual and eSports.
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  • 100% Canadian Focus
  • Plenty of deposit methods
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Vast Selection of Global Sports Odds
  • Excellent Live Mobile Betting Platform
  • Secure service – Licensed in Canada!
  • 100% Canadian Focus
  • Plenty of deposit methods
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • The world's favourite sportsbook
  • Provides action for nearly all international sports events.
  • Safe, secure betting services and competitive lines.
  • Wide variety of betting markets
  • Advanced mobile betting platform, including virtual and eSports.
  • Secure, encrypted service, licensed by multiple jurisdictions.
  • Competitive betting odds
  • Thousands Of Sports Betting Fixtures
  • Great User Interface

Top 10 Betting Apps Ontario

Check out our top 10 betting apps Ontario has to offer in 2024! Our team has bet at and reviewed all of the Ontario betting apps below to ensure our review is accurate, up to date, and provides the best information possible. While the App Store and Google Play Store and full of reviews written by folks who lost a few dollars, our reviews below are entirely unbiased. Remember — sportsbooks aren’t rigged, and they want to make loyal customers out of you. So as always, stick to your budget, make informed decision, and try out all the apps below to choose your favourite!

1. Bet365

As the #1 downloaded sports app in Canada, the bet365 Ontario app stands apart from the crowd for the exceptional effort they’ve put behind user experience. Quick to load with regularly updated odds, the bet365 Ontario app provides a smooth mobile betting experience that doesn’t take your attention away from the game. Consistently earning high stars in the app store (and for very good reason), the bet365 Ontario betting app mimics their globally recognized sportsbook down to every detail, including their long list of sports leagues and betting markets to choose from. They offer live streaming in-app for events with in-game betting, and keep the feed rolling in a small window while you scroll through live betting options. From this one Ontario betting app, you can access the bet365 casino, every league under the sun, and view all of your active bets at once — overall putting the bet365 Ontario app at the top of our list.

bet365 ontario sports betting app
bet365 ontario betting app
bet365 ontario sports betting app
App Store Rating: 4.7⭐Google Play Rating: 4.6 ⭐
Best bet365 Ontario App Review: “After using 6 other betting apps bet365 has become the clear superior betting app for me, and customer service is actually helpful which is appreciated greatly.”
Key Features: Excellent live streaming available for in-game betting odds.
Sportsbook Review: bet365 Canada Sportsbook

2. Betano

The Betano Ontario sports betting app is chock full of cool features that help them rank high on our list. The Betano Ontario app features a fully integrated casino and sportsbook in one app, and allows bettors to personalize their live betting experience by selecting their favourite leagues to follow. On the same vein, they’ve simplified live betting by introducing Speedbet — a feature that allows you to quickly place a live bet by holding any selection for 2 seconds. You can easily hide your balance if you don’t want other bettors around you to see your total, and you can move your bet slip anywhere on the screen that’s most convenient for you! In all, the Betano Ontario betting app is highly rated for good reason. From their unique live betting features to their easy to navigate platform, we highly recommend bettors in Ontario check out Betano.

betano ontario sports betting app
betano ontario sports betting app
betano ontario betting app
App Store Rating: 4.6⭐Google Play Rating: 4.2 ⭐
Best Betano Ontario App Review: “Great app with all I could ask for in terms of sports book and casino is great as well lots of games that I enjoy.”
Key Features: Swipe right on any live game to instantly add it to your personalized following list.
Sportsbook Review: Betano Canada Sportsbook

3. PointsBet

The PointsBet Ontario app is absolutely dialed when it comes to smooth loading, readability, and live odds. It can be a bit tricky to locate the A-Z sports listings, but that’s because PointsBet does an excellent job of highlighting the top sports, leagues, and events based on popularity. To do so, they take away real estate from niche betting leagues like TV entertainment — instead, they focus on key leagues, and aim to service those leagues exceptionally well. You can cash out early on most bets right from the app, access live streaming for in-game betting, search from the footer menu in one click, and get help via live chat, phone, or email all from one app. Overall, PointsBet is setting a new standard for Ontario betting app design and usability.

pointsbet ontario sports betting app
pointsbet ontario sports betting app
pointsbet ontario betting app
App Store Rating: 4.7⭐Google Play Rating: 3.6 ⭐
Best PointsBet Ontario App Review: “Best App For Ontario. Love the variety of bets and markets. The app is super quick too. Really enjoying the experience of the app.”
Key Features: Boosted odds based on popular seasonal leagues available right from the main menu.
Sportsbook Review: PointsBet Canada Sportsbook

4. Sports Interaction

It’s no surprise that one of the top sportsbooks in Canada would also make our list of the best Ontario betting apps. With one of the most comprehensive lists of sports leagues available on any platform, Sports Interaction should easily make every bettor’s list of Ontario sports betting apps worth checking out. The Sports Interaction Ontario app makes it easy to digest what you’re looking at with lots of game information, including when the next game is being played, complete with a down-to-the-minute countdown. The Sports Interaction app also includes a casino and live casino so you can get in on the best gambling action all from one place. While you can access almost every betting market from the homepage, the SIA app also features an A-Z list of sports to explore in the top menu. To date, we’ve had zero loading speed issues, deposit trouble, or otherwise unfavorable experiences with Sports Interaction Ontario.

sports interaction ontario sports betting app
sports interaction ontario sports betting app
sports interaction ontario betting app
App Store Rating: 4.4⭐Google Play Rating: 3.4 ⭐
Best SIA Ontario App Review: “So far so good. As a new user, great sign up bonus and a great UX so far. Clean and easy to navigate app. As a soccer bettor, great options there with lots of lines. Sometimes, bookies don’t have handicaps or small leagues available. Not the case here!”
Key Features: Tons of pre-built same game parlay options to choose from, which you can bet on with one click.
Sportsbook Review: Sports Interaction Canada Sportsbook

5. Bet99

Though you wouldn’t know it from the Google Play Store star ratings, the Bet99 app provides one of the best quality experiences online. In our professional opinion, the App Store rating of 4.8/5 stars is a much more accurate reflection of this Ontario sports betting app – particularly as Bet99 has taken customer feedback and released multiple fixes to the Android App over the years. In our opinion, Bet99 is the quintessential Ontario betting app; they don’t have any significant issues, they don’t necessarily excel beyond the competition, but they do everything well enough that you’ll want to keep coming back. The Bet99 Ontario betting apps categorizes wagers all together under each event so you can view the hundreds of props they have available at a glance. In terms of odds and leagues, Bet99 is easily comparable to bet365 in that you’re likely to find valuable odds when you compare them to other books. All in all, if you’re on an iPhone, the Bet99 app should be at the top of your list. If you’re on an Android, we’ll leave it to you to decide.

bet99 ontario sports betting app
bet99 ontario sports betting app
bet99 ontario betting app
App Store Rating: 4.8⭐Google Play Rating: App was removed from Google Play.
Best Bet99 Ontario App Review: “Out of all the gambling sites I play on bet99! Fast payouts, great odds, I have actually made thousands, it’s your best bet for actually winning in my opinion.”
Key Features: Huge variety of Super Bowl prop bets, in addition to all major league playoffs and championships.
Sportsbook Review: Bet99 Canada Sportsbook

6. BetRivers

BetRivers sportsbook (and the BetRivers Ontario app) is a relatively new player to the scene, but they have been aggressive about their North American push. Ontario is their first all-in foray into the Canadian market, and at launch, the platform came with its own BetRivers Ontario app in the Google Play store. The BetRivers Ontario app provides live betting, live streaming, the ability to use their casino and table games, and an Ontario-focused sports league experience. BetRivers doesn’t get high marks in our BetRivers Canada review without good reason — the app is a great entry point into the Canadian betting market. The BetRivers Ontario app particularly does well for prop bets and specials, with a whole section dedicated to these betting markets, and is filterable by league.

BetRivers Ontario app
BetRivers Ontario app
BetRivers Ontario app
App Store Rating: 4.1⭐Google Play Rating: 3.0 ⭐
Best BetRivers Ontario App Review: Best online Casino in Ontario hands down! I have tried/downloaded numerous online Casino apps and BetRivers beats them all 100%. They have a huge selection of slots, table games and even game shows. They also have daily slot tournaments that are fun as well. Depositing funds is quick and effortless. The withdrawal process is also lightning fast. If you are looking for an amazing casino experience, this is the app for you.”
Key Features: The “Prop Central” section of the app provides an easy way to view props and specials quickly and conveniently.
Sportsbook Review: BetRivers Canada Sportsbook

7. NorthStar Bets

NorthStar Bets is soaring above and beyond the competition when it comes to happy customers. This Ontario sports betting app truly falls into the category of personal preference, and we had trouble deciding where they should fall on this list. First off, they’ve put some serious thought into their user experience. This is a true easy sportsbook to maneuver through, and they’ve come up with a colour scheme that draws the eye. The NorthStar Bets Ontario betting app is complete with live betting, a fully stocked casino, and hundreds of props to pick from everyday. Our only issue with the NorthStar Bets app is the loading speed. Even on high-speed data, we found this app consistently takes longer than their competitors to load, which during live betting could drive you nuts. Fortunately they make up for this exceptionally well with every other feature on the app.

App Store Rating: 3.3⭐Google Play Rating: No Android app.
Best NSB Ontario App Review: “Betting just got rad 🤙🏼 I’ve been using NorthStar for a while and I love the experience. The withdrawals are crazy fast and the games are endless. I hope they keep updating the app, 10/10 would recommend!”
Key Features: Easily the largest number of prop bets available at any Ontario betting app.
Sportsbook Review: NorthStar Bets Review

8. Caesars

The Caesars app has consistently been one of the top betting app options in all jurisdictions it’s available in, which now includes Ontario betting apps. From our experience with Caesars sportsbook, they’ve earned high marks for good reason. It’s all about appearance, functionality, efficiency, and overall usability when it comes to the Caesars Ontario betting app. We found the platform to be easy to access, visually pleasing, responsive, and easy to navigate – Caesars ranked near the top in all of those metrics. Caesars has been a huge part of the evolution of live betting markets and absolutely delivers as responsive a platform as any in the market today. Generally, while not quite at flashy as some competing sportsbooks, Caesars certainly does the job of getting your attention and keeping you there.

App Store Rating: 3.8⭐Google Play Rating: 4.2 ⭐
Best Caesars Ontario App Review: “Excellent! They listen to your complaints and take action to resolve issues permanently. Plus, the rewards for playing are very good. They also like to give people really good parlay bets, and if you have a keen eye, many of their parlay choices do win.”
Key Features: Caesars scoreboard and game tracker features provide an easy to follow visual for your favourite games and bets.
Sportsbook Review: Caesars Ontario Sportsbook

9. BetMGM

BetMGM stands apart from the competition due to their decades of experience building casinos and sportsbooks. As longtime American players, BetMGM was well prepared for the Ontario launch and quick to secure a license to operate. Despite their stellar reputation and decent star reviews in the app store, we found the BetMGM app agonizingly slow to load. For some bettors this is a deal breaker, so we’d like to see a company as reputable as BetMGM put some time into improving their user experience. Other than that, the BetMGM Ontario app has all the essential usability features like a search bar, quick access to leagues, and a bet slip tab. Overall, BetMGM has built a solid Ontario app that gets the job done — but we think they could implement a few small fixes that would go a long way for usability.

App Store Rating: 4.6⭐Google Play Rating: 4.1 ⭐
Best BetMGM Ontario App Review:  “So far it has the most options as far as streaming, promotions, and more games. As far as workability, I haven’t noticed any issues. It’s been very. Smooth updates scores well. Great app.”
Key Features: Clean breakdown of leagues by sport, including live betting options in the navigation menu.
Sportsbook Review: BetMGM Canada Sportsbook

10. Betway

While we’re big fans of the Betway sportsbook, we think they’re due for an update when it comes to their Ontario sports betting app. In general, this app gets the job done, and iPhone users seem to be pretty happy given the App Stores’ 4.7 star rating. The Betway Ontario app covers most major leagues and betting markets, with a particularly strong focus on European leagues — which is no different than their desktop sportsbook site. Betway features ample live betting options, a full casino, and organizes bets by popularity to help with navigation. Largely, our only qualm with Betway is that they’re slow. The app can be slow to load, withdrawals can be slow to approve, and customer service can be slow to get back to you. If these things don’t bug you, you’ll have a great time. However if they do, you’re better off on another app.

betway ontario sports betting app
betway ontario sports betting app
betway ontario betting app
App Store Rating: 4.7⭐Google Play Rating: 3.5 ⭐
Best Betway Ontario App Review: “I’ve been using this app for a good 2 years now and haven’t had any problems with depositing money or withdrawing money. Customer service is very helpful also with whatever problems you may come across. All in all I really have no complaints.”
Key Features: From one app you can access Betway sportsbook, casino, live casino, vegas, esports, and insider.
Sportsbook Review: Betway Canada Sportsbook

All Sports Betting Apps Ontario

Ontario Betting AppScoreFast FactsiOS AppAndroid App
DraftKings Ontario App4.5/5Super responsive, easy to navigate, social betting and betting groupsYesYes
Caesars Ontario App4.5/5Live betting pioneer, superior efficiency and usabilityYesYes
BetMGM Ontario App4/5Less cluttered than web version, straight forward, easy to useYesYes
Unibet Ontario App4/5Streamlined, clean and efficientYesYes
BetRivers Ontario App4.25/5Prop central provides easy navigation to prop betsYesYes
PointsBet Ontario App4.25/5Great in-game options, high user scoresYesYes
Proline Plus Ontario App4/5Ontario government brand, good load speeds, easy to navigateYesYes
bet365 Ontario App4.5/5Excellent live streaming available for in-game betting oddsYesYes
SIA Ontario App5/5Tons of pre-built same game parlay options to choose fromYesYes
NorthStar Bets App4.5/5Largest number of prop bets available anywhere.YesNo
LeoVegas Ontario App4/5Winner of several UX app awardsYesYes
PowerPlay Ontario App4/5Excellent casino varietyYesNo
Betano Ontario App4/5Swipe right on any live game to add it to your personalized list.YesYes
Bet99 Ontario App4.5/5Huge variety of Super Bowl prop betsYesYes
Betway Ontario App4/5Access all Betway brands from one appYesYes

How To Choose An Ontario Sports Betting App

While most betting apps largely offer the same leagues, markets, and features, you’ll still want to compare a few key differences to choose the best app for you. After all, the “best” Ontario betting app largely comes down to personal preference, and deciding what’s important to you. To help you choose, here are the key features our team assess for when we recommend an app.

Fast Payouts and Deposits

Not all Ontario betting apps will pay your withdrawals at the same rate. While the best betting apps offer instant withdrawals, some closer to the end of our list can take up to five days to approve your request. While this is a rare occurrence as sportsbooks want their customers to return, it certainly can happen, so be cautious who you choose to bet with.

Easy Navigation

Navigation and user experience is key for a betting app. When you have so many leagues, each with hundreds of odds underneath them, you don’t want to get confused simply trying to look for a super bowl prop bet. Elements like a search bar, a profile menu, a live betting tab, and an easy to read menu are all key factors that we don’t notice until we use an app without them.

Frequent Updates

There’s nothing worse than trying to use an Ontario betting app that looks straight out of the 2000’s. Sportsbooks like bet365 and Betano are constantly taking user feedback, iterating on their product, and releasing updates. All of this contributes to a seamless experience, less bugs to deal with, and overall allows you to focus on what you came for — betting. Betting apps that haven’t been updated in who-knows-how-long should be avoided entirely.

All Sports Leagues

Some sportsbooks didn’t make our list of top Ontario betting apps for one very good reason — their sportsbook has way more leagues than its app counterpart. If you join a book, you hope that their Ontario betting app is going to have all your favourite leagues. Unfortunately that’s not always the case, and some leagues seem to be left behind when the app launches. So, in choosing an app, remember to browse through the sports and find your favourites — before you commit.

Betting Variety

Betting markets are a big consideration to join a sportsbook at all, not just to download their Ontario sports app. Some Ontario sports betting apps like NorthStar Bets are powerhouses in the prop bet category, while global leaders like Bet99 offer competitive odds you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, Ontario betting apps that originate in Europe are less likely to have markets for primarily North American leagues, and instead will carry props for sports like cricket.

Customer Service

Finally, never underestimate the importance of excellent customer service. Ontario betting apps can be finnicky, which means even the best, most up to date apps can run into trouble. If your app glitches while you’re trying to withdraw, you’ll want to be able to reach out to customer service and have them get back to you asap. Talk about stressful. Most apps will offer live chat, but if they’re only putting you in contact with a bot, you should look for more options such as email.

Benefits Of Using An Ontario Betting App


Bettors love using betting apps for their convenience. Most of us aren’t sitting at our laptop when we bet — we’re either in front of the TV, or at the stadium (or rink, or Octagon). Mobile versions of sportsbooks can get the job done, but typically they don’t save your information for placing quick bets. If you have to sign in each time you want to place a bet, that’s a no-go for us. Instead, most betting apps in Ontario use face ID to sign in, and store your favourites data to make navigation seamless.

Live Betting Options

On the same vein, desktop betting is no match for an app when it come to live bets. Most sportsbooks, and the best Ontario betting apps included, put more effort into the in-game betting section on their mobile app over the sportsbook because they know that’s where people tend to bet live from. The Ontario betting apps we recommend all feature stellar live betting sections so you can keep up to your favourite game without looking away too long to bet. Games move fast, so ideally your app does too.

Customer Support

While you can access most customer support options from the desktop version of your favourite sportsbook, we prefer betting apps for a couple of reasons. Largely, if you engage a customer service agent over live chat from your browser and close the tab, you’re out of luck. But most Ontario betting apps keep the conversation going by running in the background, which means you can easily navigate back to where you were without breaking a sweat. In addition, and more obviously, a lot of customer support methods include text, email, and WhatsApp — which for the most part you’re going to need a phone to use.

Betting Apps Ontario FAQ

What is the best Ontario betting app?

The best Ontario betting apps include: bet365, Betano, PointsBet, and Sports Interaction. What makes the absolute best betting app comes down to personal preference, but bettors should consider factors like safety, loading speed, user experience, and betting leagues.

Are betting apps legal in Ontario?

Yes, Ontario betting apps are legal and safe for bettors to gamble with. They have been legal since the regulated Ontario betting market launched in 2022.

What deposit methods can I use at an Ontario sports betting app?

While all sportsbooks are different, most Ontario betting apps will accept the following deposit methods: Visa, Mastercard, Debit, e-Transfer, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and bitcoin.

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