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Toronto Blue Jays’ Odds

Each and every game, The Toronto Blue Jays represent Canada as the only MLB team in the country. You can spot travelling fans and Canadian ex-pats cheering them on in every ballpark they visit throughout the year. The Blue Jays are truly unique in this sense, as passionate Canadian sports fans are united under one banner.

As such, the Blue Jays occupy a large part of the Canadian sports media landscape, and with it, Canadian sports betting. So let’s take a deep dive into all things Blue Jays, and more importantly, all things Toronto Blue Jays betting.

Toronto Blue Jays Team Info

Team NameToronto Blue Jays
LeagueMajor League Baseball
ConferenceAmerican League

Toronto Blue Jays (1977-present)

ArenaRogers Center
World Series Titles
2 (1992, 1993)
Conference Titles2 (1992, 1993)

Latest Blue Jays 2023 World Series Odds

Find the best, up to the minute Toronto Blue Jays World Series Odds plus futures and team history all here on this page, carefully prepared by Canadian sports betting experts. The Blue Jays betting odds were last updated onApr 15, 2024:

Latest 2023 American League East Odds

For a full breakdown of the 2023 MLB Odds check out our MLB Betting Sites page and World Series Odds page.

Toronto Blue Jays’ 2022 Season

Despite a 92 win season and home field advantage in the AL Wildcard round, the Blue Jays’ season came to a disappointing end in 2022 in the form of a 2 game sweep at the hands of the Seattle Mariners.

The Jays have re-tooled for 2023, bolstering their speed, defense and hitting from the left side of the plate. Despite playing in the ultra competitive American League East, hopes are high that not only can the Jays make the playoffs again this year, but be in for a long run once they do.

How to bet on Toronto Blue Jays’ Odds

Betting on the Blue Jays is simple and fun once you understand the basics of baseball betting. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways to place a bet on the MLB.

Betting the Blue Jays’ Run Line

When it comes to delving into the realm of baseball betting, bettors are presented with a trio of standard options: the moneyline, over/under, and the run line.

The run line is a bet that revolves around the margin of victory, much like a point spread in other sports. However, due to the inherent low-scoring nature of baseball, the run line tends to settle at -1.5 for the favored team and +1.5 for the underdog. The payouts for these selections are adjusted based on the perceived strength of each team.

For clarity, let’s examine a hypothetical scenario involving a Blue Jays run line scenario:

Cleveland Guardians (+1.5)
Toronto Blue Jays (-1.5)

As the matchup above portrays, the Blue Jays are favored by 1.5 runs against the Guardians. The minus sign (-) represents Toronto as the favorite, while the plus sign (+) denotes the underdog status of the Guardians. Those who back the Blue Jays would be “laying” those 1.5 runs. In essence, for their wagers to pay off, the Blue Jays must triumph by a margin of two runs or more. On the flip side, those who opt for the Guardians +1.5 would be victorious if Cleveland were to triumph outright or limit their loss to a single run.

In the 2022 season, the Blue Jays’ performance on the run line stood at 74-90, encompassing a modest 45.1 percent success rate. Regrettably, this positioned them as the fifth weakest in the MLB.

Bet on the Blue Jays Run Line

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Blue Jays Moneylines

For the cautious bettors of run line bets, particularly when pledging allegiance to their beloved hometown team, moneyline wagers often emerge as a safer harbor. A moneyline bet simply revolves around predicting the victor of the game, devoid of the complexities of the run line.

Let’s revisit our previous example to unravel the moneyline:

Cleveland Guardians +150
Toronto Blue Jays -180

As with the run lines, the minus sign (-) signifies the favored team, while the plus sign (+) symbolizes the underdog. The moneyline odds, inscribed in the American odds format, shed light on the magnitude with which a team is favoured, expressed in increments of $100. For instance, to secure a $100 reward from a Blue Jays triumph, a bettor would need to risk $180. Conversely, a $100 wager on the Guardians would yield a return of $150 if they were to emerge victorious in an odds upset.

The Blue Jays soared to a commendable record of 92-72 in 2022, securing second place in the fiercely contested AL East and earning them the prestigious eighth spot in the MLB.

Understanding Blue Jays Over/Unders

Beyond the realms of run lines and moneylines, bettors can also consider over/unders. Almost all sportsbooks give bettors the opportunity to wager on the total number of runs the two teams will combine to score in a game, known as the over/under. Sportsbooks set a predetermined number, and bettors can place their wagers on whether the total runs scored will exceed (over) or fall short of (under) that set figure.

If we envision a hypothetical Blue Jays-Guardians matchup with a total set at 8 runs, bettors who choose the over would require a combined total of 9 runs or more to win their bet, while those who opt for the under would be successful if the total runs remained at 7 or fewer. In the event that the two teams collectively score exactly 8 runs, the bet would result in a push, and all wagers would be refunded.

During the 2022 campaign, the Blue Jays excelled in the realm of over/unders, earning them fourth spot in the league. They accumulated a remarkable 84-76-4 record when betting on the over.

American League MVP – Bo Bichette


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Betting on Blue Jays Props

For some bettors, the allure lies not only in the outcome of the game but in the pursuit of more specific and diverse outcomes. Prop bets cater to this, offering a vast array of wagering options on player statistics, discrete in-game events, and various yes/no questions. Many props revolve around specific players and their performances, such as betting on Vlad Guerrero Jr. to achieve over 1.5 hits in a given night or predicting that Kevin Gausman will record more than 9.5 strikeouts. Some props may focus on shorter-term events, such as the number of runs scored in the first five innings or the player most likely to hit a home run. The offerings of prop bets may vary among sportsbooks, making it essential to leverage the guidance of sportsbook reviews to unearth the best wagers.

Looking ahead to Blue Jays Futures

With elevated expectations surrounding the current iteration of the Toronto Blue Jays, astute bettors must seek out the most favorable lines to secure the best odds on Blue Jays futures bets. Futures bets revolve around long-term outcomes, such as the Blue Jays winning the AL East, capturing the American League Pennant, emerging victorious in the World Series, or even individual accolades like winning the league MVP.

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The History of the Toronto Blue Jays

Throughout the captivating history of Major League Baseball, few teams have elicited the same level of excitement and devotion as the Toronto Blue Jays. From their inception in 1977 to their triumphs on the diamond, the Blue Jays have carved a unique path filled with memorable moments, passionate fans, and intriguing betting odds. Join us as we delve into the remarkable story of the Blue Jays while shedding light on their betting odds, including their chances of winning the coveted World Series and making it to the playoffs.

The Blue Jays’ tale began in 1977 when the team was introduced as an expansion franchise. Initially, they struggled to find their footing, enduring seasons of disappointment. However, in 1983, the team underwent a significant transformation with the arrival of General Manager Pat Gillick and manager Bobby Cox. Their leadership paved the way for a resurgence that would shape the future of the franchise.

It was during the 1980s and early 1990s that the Blue Jays truly rose to prominence. Led by a talented roster that included iconic names like George Bell, Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter, and Dave Stieb, the Blue Jays captivated fans with their exceptional performance on the field. In 1985, they secured their first winning season, and the following year, they clinched their first division title. The Blue Jays’ success continued to flourish, as they clinched five more division titles in the ensuing years.

With each passing season, the Blue Jays’ odds became increasingly favorable in the eyes of bettors. Their consistent success on the field translated into enticing betting opportunities, captivating both novice and seasoned bettors alike. Sportsbooks meticulously analyzed the Blue Jays’ performance, updating their odds to reflect the team’s potential and the competitive landscape of the league. Blue Jays odds, Blue Jays betting odds, and Blue Jays playoff odds became popular phrases among bettors seeking to capitalize on the team’s fortunes.

However, it was the magical seasons of 1992 and 1993 that etched the Blue Jays’ name into the annals of baseball history. In 1992, they captured their first American League pennant, setting the stage for an unforgettable World Series showdown against the Atlanta Braves. The Blue Jays prevailed in a thrilling six-game series, securing their first World Series championship. The following year, they replicated their success, triumphing over the Philadelphia Phillies in another six-game series and becoming the first team outside the United States to win back-to-back World Series titles.

The Blue Jays’ triumphs in the early ’90s solidified their status as a force to be reckoned with, further enhancing their betting odds. Betters eagerly wagered on the Blue Jays’ odds to win the World Series, recognizing the team’s winning pedigree and their ability to rise to the occasion on baseball’s grandest stage. Blue Jays World Series odds became a topic of fervent discussion among fans and analysts alike.

As the years passed, the Blue Jays experienced ups and downs, alternating between playoff appearances and rebuilding phases. The team continued to showcase their commitment to success, acquiring star players and developing promising talent through their renowned farm system. Each season brought new hope, and the Blue Jays’ odds to make the playoffs remained a tantalizing prospect for bettors seeking to capitalize on their potential postseason run.

In recent years, the Blue Jays have once again emerged as a formidable contender. With a talented roster led by stars like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette, and George Springer, the team has reinvigorated the spirit of the Blue Jays faithful. The odds of the Blue Jays making the playoffs and contending for a World Series title have steadily climbed, drawing attention from both casual and avid bettors.

As the Blue Jays’ journey unfolds, their odds continue to fluctuate. Sportsbooks meticulously assess the team’s performance, considering factors such as player injuries, managerial decisions, and the competitive landscape within the league. Blue Jays odds remain a captivating topic for bettors, prompting them to analyze the team’s strengths, weaknesses, and the potential return on their wagers.

The history of the Toronto Blue Jays is one of resilience, triumph, and captivating moments. From their early struggles to their back-to-back World Series championships, the Blue Jays have captivated fans and bettors alike. Blue Jays odds, Blue Jays betting odds, Blue Jays odds to win the World Series, Blue Jays World Series odds, and Blue Jays playoff odds have all played a significant role in shaping the narrative surrounding the team. As the Blue Jays continue to compete and chase their championship aspirations, their odds will remain a captivating aspect of the ever-evolving world of sports betting.

Blue Jays’ titles

After joining the MLB in 1976, the Toronto Blue Jays went through many lean years. The franchise missed the playoffs through its first nine years. The Toronto Blues Jays’ first Division title and playoff appearance came in 1985 when the team won a still franchise-record 99 games.

From 1985 to 1991, the Blue Jays were one of the more competitive teams in the American League. The team won between 86 and 99 games each season, winning two more Division titles. However, the Blue Jays would not win a playoff series until 1992.

The Blue Jays’ apex of success came in 1992 and 1993.

The Blue Jays won back-to-back World Series, beating the Atlanta Braves in 1992 (in six games) and the Philadelphia Phillies in 1993 (in six games). Following the Toronto Blues Jays victory in 1993, came the lockout-shortened season in 1994. The lockout year led to many changes in the MLB (the creation of three Divisions and the addition of the Wild Card team being the most significant changes).

The Blues Jays also went through a change in 1994 and entered their longest stretch of mediocrity. The Blue Jays would go from 1994 to 2014, without making the playoffs or ever winning more than 88 games.

In 2015, the Blue Jays won their sixth American League title and ended a 22-year long playoff drought. The Blue Jays would win their first-round matchup against the Texas Rangers (now synonymous with the Jose Bautista bat flip game) before eventually losing the Kansas City Royals in the ALCS.

The Jays would return to the playoffs again in 2016, winning their first Wild Card game against the Baltimore Orioles and sweeping the Rangers on route to their second straight ALCS appearance. The Jays would fall flat again in the ALCS, losing to the Cleveland Indians.

Franchise Accomplishments 

  • World Series 1992 & 1993.
  • American League Pennant Winner: 1992 & 1993.
  • East Division: 1985, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993 & 2015.
  • Seven playoff appearances
  • All-time playoff record 31-30

Toronto Blue Jays FAQs

Is Blue Jays betting legal?

Absolutely! Betting on the Blue Jays is not different than betting on any other MLB team, it’s entirely legal through online wagering sites. Always check what the legality of online wagering is in the place you reside for gambling.

What’s the best online provider for Blue Jays wagering?

This isn’t something we can advise on as it’s quite subjective. We do offer recommended sportsbooks, so we’d strongly advise checking with our list to find the right sportsbook for you.

Is Blue Jays betting profitable?

As always, wagering on the MLB is something that is down to the individual bettor. Sometimes bets come in and other times they’re unsuccessful. We’d strongly advise getting some background knowledge about the team you’re backing before you place a bet. 

Are the Blue Jays a successful team?

The Blue Jays enjoyed their best period of baseball during the early 90s, winning the 1992 and 1993 World Series Championships.

Are there many markets available for Blue Jays betting?

There certainly are. Betting on the MLB in general offers a broad range of markets to enjoy, the Blue Jays betting lines will be similar to what bettors find for the MLB; moneyline, parlays, over/under, player-specific wagers, & much more.