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Breeders’ Stakes Odds

Our odds widgets are built to display the best odds for the most important horse racing events like the Breeders’ Stakes throughout the year. Let’s have a quick look at the current 2022 Breeders’ Stakes odds:

Current Breeders’ Stakes Odds on Race Day.Last updated on May 23, 2022:



To win the Breeders’ Stakes


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Congratulations to Belichick, who was ridden by Josie Carroll, claiming the $400,000 Breeders Stakes prize at the Woodbine Racetrack.

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With the Breeders’ Stakes odds published the Thursday before the race, the racing public has a few days to mull over the choices and decide exactly how they will invest their wagering dollars. 

It’s important to understand who can compete in the Breeders’ Stakes. The race is restricted to three-year-old runners who were born in Canada. It is open to colts, fillies and geldings, but no horse foaled (born) outside of Canada is eligible. 

There are no formal qualifying races, but owners must submit entry fees in order to become eligible for the race. For this reason, Breeders’ Stakes betting odds can feature a range of different prospects from the better-established runners to the true longshots. 

A heavy favourite in the Breeders’ Cup Stakes might be sent to post at “odds-on” which is any price lower than 1/1/ A horse that is 4/5, for example, would return four additional dollars for every five bet. Breeders’ Stakes odds can change drastically on race day up to the opening of the gates. 

The Breeders’ Stakes has been run since 1889, so, of course, more than a handful of horses have won at very generous odds. When considering Breeders’ Stakes horse racing odds, a short-priced winner like 2018 hero Neepawa is also a distinct possibility. The Mark Casse trainee returned just $6.80 on a $2 bet. 

Depending on the online racebook used, a player can bet the Breeders’ Cup in a myriad of ways. Conventional bets such as win, place and show are accepted, as are a full menu of exotic wagers such as the exacta, trifecta, pick 3, pick 4, etc. 

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Because the Breeders’ Stakes is the only grass race of the Canadian Triple Crown series, it’s important for beginning handicappers to remember that a horse that ran well over the synthetic in the Queen’s Plate, or the dirt in the Prince of Wales, may not handle the turf. Look for previous turf form and success in a horse’s past performance.

At the end of the day, the trainer with the fastest horse! All joking aside, certain trainers have excelled in the Breeders’ Stakes and against Canadian competition in general.

Roger Attfield, still active as of this writing, has won an incredible 9 Breeders’ Stakes.

Mark Casse is another Canadian ace who always seems to show up with a lively runner.

You’ve got to consider all opinions but bet with your own.

That said, the Breeders’ Stakes is a prime opportunity to cash a big exactor or triactor.

The fields are usually plentiful and the competition stiff. Have a strategy such as “keying” a horse in first and second in the exactor while using multiple horses in the other two slots.

For the Breeders’ Stakes odds 2019, be sure to bone up on the contenders and have a plan!

Playing the races from a reliable online racebook just makes sense. First, betting online allows busy players to enjoy the action from their laptops or mobile devices.

Secondly, in today’s competitive online gaming market, racebooks offer generous bonuses, loyalty and rebate programs that help players achieve profitability while enjoying the races from home.

With most countries offering a Triple Crown Series, the Canadian version is no different in that the notion of following a three-year-old horse from relative obscurity to champion status provides a compelling storyline for racing fans.

Queen’s Plate Stakes odds and Prince of Wales Stakes odds have been published by Canada Sports Betting and are constantly updated.

While only seven horses have managed to successfully complete the Canadian Triple Crown since its inception in 1958, five more horses have won the first two legs of the event before succumbing to defeat in the Breeders’ Stakes.

With each leg of the Canadian Triple Crown occurring over a different type of racing surface, the challenge is as substantial as any in racing.

The American Triple Crown is a lot different from the Canadian version. You can always check the latest Kentucky Derby oddsPreakness Stakes odds and Belmont Stakes odds at Canada Sports Betting.

Remarkably, Hall of Fame trainer Roger Attfield won the Canadian Triple Crown in consecutive years with With Approval (1989) and Izvestia (1990).

The legendary filly Dance Smartly completed the feat in 1990 and Peteski did the same in 1993 in a rare spree of Triple Crown winners. Wando was the last Canadian Triple Crown champion in 2003.

Beginning with the most obvious handicapping factor, players must determine which Breeders’ Stakes runners are the most capable on the grass.

In simple terms, some horses love the grass, some hate it and others merely tolerate it.

It is very rare in thoroughbred racing to find an animal that is equally adept on grass as dirt or synthetic – most show a preference for one surface or the other.

Always look at Canada Sports Betting for the latest Horse Racing Free Picks.

While synthetic form and turf form often translate to success on either surface, dirt and turf racing are quite different.

Thus, horses who have performed well in the Queen’s Plate often skip the Prince of Wales and return for the Breeders’ Stakes.

Astute horseplayers will focus on a Breeders’ Stakes runner who is best-suited to travel 12 furlongs on the grass.

The popular filly Dance Smartly enjoyed a brilliant career that included a successful sweep of the Canadian Triple Crown in 1991.

Racing in the pre-synthetic era, Dance Smartly was equally capable on the dirt of turf and parlayed her success to the biggest stage in racing to capture the 1991 Breeders’ Cup Distaff in the United States at Churchill Downs.  

The brilliant filly is one of the biggest Canadian stars to ever grace the track and was elected to both the Canadian and U.S. racing halls of fame.

breeders stakes betting

2019 Breeders’ Stakes Results

Congratulations to Tone Broke, Jockey Rafael Hernandez and Trainer Steve Asmussen, as the L and N Racing LLC stable horse won the 2019 Breeders’ Stakes on the E.P. Taylor turf course at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario.

He’s a Macho Man finished second, Avie’s Flatter was third and Encierro ran fourth. Here are the payouts for the final leg of the 2019 Triple Crown series:

  • Tone Broke: Win $6.80 Place $3.90 Show $3.00
  • He’s a Macho Man: Place $5.90 Show $3.70
  • Avie’s Flatter: Show $2.30
  • $2 Exacta (5 + 8) $39.60
  • $1 Trifecta (5 + 8 + 7) $48.00
  • $1 Superfecta (5 + 8 + 7 + 9) $185.70

Breeders Stakes Odds FAQ

When is the Breeders Stakes 2020?

The Breeders Stakes 2020 will take place on Saturday, November 7, starting at 12:00 PM. The final race for the Breeders Stakes typically begins around 5:40 PM.

Where is the Breeders Stakes?

The Breeders Stakes 2020 is at the Woodbine Racetrack, located about a half-hour north of Toronto.

What is the Breeders Stakes?

The Breeders Stakes 2020 is the third and final race in the Canadian Triple Crown. It features three-year-old horses foaled in Canada and is the longest of the three Triple Crown races.

Who won the 2019 race?

The winner of the 2019 Breeders Stakes was Tone Broke. Tone Broke’s odds to win were 2.50 at the start of the race, second best to Avie’s Flatter.

Is the 2019 winner, racing in 2020?

No, the winner of the 2019 Breeders Stakes will not race in the finals at the Breeders Stake 2020. Only three-year-old foals are eligible.

When are odds available on the Breeders Stakes 2020?

Full betting odds on the Breeders Stakes 2020 open closer to the start of the event, typically after the second leg of the Canadian Triple Crown – The Prince of Wales Stakes – concludes on July 23. Some early odds on winners guaranteed in the race may open earlier.

Where can I bet on the race?

You can wager on Breeders Stakes odds online through our partners’ sites. The top-ranked online sportsbooks to bet on the Breeders Stakes 2020 are found on our Horse Betting sites page.

What types of bets can I place?

The most popular type of bet to place on the Breeders Stakes is what horse will win the race. Bettors can also bet on a horse to place or show (finish top two or three), what horses will come first and second, first to third and first to fourth.

How many horses participate in the Breeders Stakes?

The number of horses at the Breeders Stakes differ yearly. The number of horses is capped at ten, with 2017 and 2018 seeing nine horses take the track in the Breeders Stakes.

How much does the winner of the Breeders Stake win?

The total purse or the Breeders Stakes 2020 is $400,000, with the winner receiving 60% or $240,000 CDN. The amount can change if less than eight horses enter the race.

Is it possible to bet on Breeders’ Stakes from your home?

It certainly is possible to bet on the Breeders’ Stakes from home. There are two main ways in which bettors can access the horse racing markets, which are via the racebook on the website or via a mobile phone app. Both are excellent betting avenues, though for both options to function users must have access to the internet.

Which are the best sportsbooks for betting on this race?

While there are many sportsbooks that claim to be the best out there. But, it’s difficult for a neutral to decide on the very best. However, the experts here at Canada Sports Betting made life easier for Breeders Cup bettors with our recommended list of sportsbooks. Also, In terms of the top-tier racebook providers, we’d have to recommend the likes bet365 and BetWay.

Do the bookies offer any promotions for betting this race?

Promotions vary from provider to provider, as they are always in competition to draw in as many players as possible. Around the time of big races, it’s worth shopping around the various sportsbooks and seeing which offers the best odds, markets and promotions before placing the first wager.

Do any of the bookies offer live streaming of it?

A common question among bettors and one which has led to major providers lobbying for the rights to show races. On the odd occasion, bookies will offer live streaming of races, but it’s not something to expect as the Breeders Cup approaches.

What types of markets are usually available?

Racebooks are for the purists, offering a true bettors market. The King of Sports has been around so long it offers a broad range of markets to players. The most common types of bets are still Moneylines and place bets, but there is a range of other bets. They are as follows:
– Place
– Win
– Quinella
– Exacta
– Trifecta
– Superfecta

Are there any prop bets?

The Breeders’ Cup is such a big meet it always has it’s own markets, which are sometimes known as exotic wagers rather than prop bets. We touched on it before, but the types of bets you’ll see are Trifectas and Superfecta, which involve placing numerous horses in order to payout.
Bettors can expect to see a variety of these types of exotic wagers for each individual race over the Breeders’ Cup weekend. So, shop around sportsbooks and keep your eye open for great props!