Motor Sports Betting Odds

The world of motor sports betting features some of the most complex technology, piloted by the most talented drivers and riders in the world. Canada Sports Betting breaks down the biggest, most popular motor sports scenes to bet on, including Formula 1, Nascar and MotoGP racing.,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/
Betting Odds & Insights: Motor Sports
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    Betting Odds & Insights: Motor Sports
    Formula 1: 2020 Sports Betting Odds
    Moto GP 2020 Betting Odds

Motor Sports odds for the main competitions

Formula 1 

Globally, the most popular motor sports odds tend to be Formula 1 racing, the most prestigious competition in the world. This sport features some of the best pilots in existence, along with bleeding edge racing technology limited only for safety purposes.

Typically, motor sports betting fans attempt to pick the winner of individual races, including the driver and the constructor. The F1 season features 21 races, beginning with the Australian Grand Prix and finishing with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

Racers and constructors attempt to win championships by accumulating as many points as possible. Points are earned according to the positioning at the end of each race, with the best racer and constructor awarded the F1 Championship at the end of the season.

Formula 1 odds also include free practice and qualifying sessions, such as betting on the driver with the fastest lap of the day. Popular prop bets for F1 racing often involve predicting the winning margin or the first driver to retire.

Motor Sports Odds


Nascar is the most popular racing car championship to bet on in the United States. This motor sport has roots in the bootlegging era, when prohibition forced smugglers to avoid the authorities by driving like maniacs on southern back roads. 

These daring drivers were among the first heroes of American stock car racing. which now features the Monster Energy Cup Series and the Xfinity Series, with the latter serving as the “minor league” of Nascar.

Similar to Formula 1, the more frequently placed bets involve the winners of individual races and predictions for driver and constructor championships. A slew of prop bets are made available for each racing, including pre-race activities.

Nascar odds include 36 races for the Monster Energy Cup series and 33 events for the Xfinity Series. Unlike other motor sports, Nascar also features “road course ringers” who specialize in races which require turning in both directions. Teams hire these drivers to help win constructor champions.


Considered the most extreme high level motor sport by many, MotoGP features the finest motorcycle racers on the globe. MotoGP is completely unforgiving, with a significant gap between winners and losers. Most riders struggle for a single victory, while an elite few tend to dominate the podium.

Single races make up the majority of betting volume for MotoGP odds, along with futures wagers for driver and constructor championships. The MotoGP season features 19 races, beginning in Qatar and finishing in Valencia, Spain.

Since a few drivers dominate the scene, upsets tend to pay extremely well compared to other motor sports events. As such, MotoGP’s combination of extreme skill and tough competition creates one of the most exciting niche sports to bet on.

What are the motor sports betting odds

There’s a large variety of motor sports betting odds available for Formula 1, Nascar and MotoGP, including standard bets for individual races, championship futures and a diverse group of prop bets for all competitions.

Motor Sports Betting

Individual Race Winner

Predict the driver who will win an individual race.

Individual Race Winning Constructor

Predict the car manufacturer ot team which will win the individual race.

Pole Position

Select the driver who earns pole position during qualifying.

Individual Championship Winner

Bet on the driver who will win the championship over an entire season.

Constructor Championship Winner

Wager on the manufacturer or team that will win the championship over the season.

Practice Winner

Predict the winner of a practice session.

Qualifying Winning Constructor

Select the manufacturer or team which wins the qualifying session of an individual race.

Winning Margin

Predict the winning margin in terms of seconds ahead of the next car to pass the finish line.

Top Three/Six/Ten Finish

Bet on whether a driver will finish within the top three, the top six top ten in a single race.

Fastest Lap

Select the driver with the fastest lap in a race or qualifying session.

To Finish The Race

Predict whether a driver will finish a race or not.

First Car To Retire

Wager on the first car to retire during an individual race.

Driver Hat Trick

Predict whether a driver will earn pole position and fastest lap while winning the race.

Now that you've learnt how to bet, it is time to see below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:

Motor Sports betting tips

Drivers Can't Win Without Great Constructors

Regardless of the motor sport that you're betting on, you'll find that knowing the details of each manufacturer will help you predict drivers and riders who perform well.

Teams that provide their drivers with consistent cars give their pilots a shot at winning each race. Even the greatest driver can't win if their car breaks down on Sunday.

Motor Sports Betting Odds

Drivers Don't Perform Well At Certain Tracks

Pay attention to driver history when wagering on individual races. Some drivers simply don't perform well on certain tracks, able to dominate some races while finishing poorly in others. Betting against favorites who tend to perform less successfully in specific tracks is an excellent method of hunting for upsets.

Nascar Features Ringers, Unlike Formula 1 And MotoGP

Most Nascar courses feature an oval which requires drivers to turn one way throughout the entire race. Road courses for Nascar requires the ability to command a variety of different corners throughout the competition.

Teams that provide their drivers with consistent cars give their pilots a shot at winning each race. Even the greatest driver can't win if their car breaks down on Sunday.

Always keep a look out for Nascar ringers, especially for road races. The best road course specialists have the ability to upset favorites.

Motor Racing Is A Team Sport

Since individual racers are members of a team, they must follow the directions of team leaders, who determine the strategy for every single race.

In some cases, the team will direct one driver to help their teammate win an individual race, a fact which motor sports betting fans should always consider before placing a wager.