Cycling Betting Odds

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Cycling main competitions

The Grand Tour is the top three racing events on the cycling circuit. The Grand Tour is comprised of the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana. All three races last multiple weeks, offering a great mixture of betting opportunities on cycling futures and individual stage betting props.

Biggest Cycling Competitions

  • Tour de France
  • Giro d'Italia
  • Vuelta a España
  • Olympic Games
  • UCI World Championship
  • Milan-San Remo 
  • Paris-Roubaix
  • Amgen Tour of California

cycling odds

What are the types of cycling odds

Cycling Futures

The most popular futures bet on cycling is the outright winner of the race. As some cycling races features over 150 riders, the odds available have considerable range. There is often a few heavy favourites on cycling races. For example, Chris Froome leads the way at the 2019 Tour de France with odds of 1.75 to win.

Futures on cycling usually see a few other riders within the 2.0 to 10.0 odds range.

After that, the majority of the remaining riders are considerable longshots, with odds ranging between 75.0 to over 300.0. Cycling is not known for many upsets, but in the event of big crashes or players skipping races, they still occur.

One example of a big upset at a Grand Tour event was when Canadian Ryder Hesjedal won the Giro D'Italia in 2012.

When picking the outright winner at a race, the best all-around cyclist is the best bet to place. For example, Chris Froome is arguably the best cyclist in the world and the best bet to win the Tour de France. However, it is important to remember, due to the intensity of many races, cyclists will opt to skip events (even events part of the Grand Tour such as the Giro D’Italia and Vuelta a Espana).

When the overall field at an event is weaker, look for specialists (whether it is climbers or puncheurs) with good endurance to pull out a victory.

Cycling Betting Odds

Some online sportsbooks also offer futures on the best overall performance time by a team. At a race like the Tour de France, the field features between 20 and 22 teams with eight riders in each.

Betting on Team to Win

Although cycling at its heart is an individual sport, in multiple-week races it takes an entire group with chemistry to win. Groups of riders with plenty of experience together do the best at the major events. They know their responsibilities, strengths and weakness and play off each other to maximize their team performance.

Cycling Prop Bets

For bettors not wanting to wait for a three-long cycling tournament to end before collecting a bet, cycling prop bets are the way to go. The most common prop bet is the outright winner of the day.

Some tournaments draw more significant interest on certain stages. For the Tour de France, many Canadian betting sites offer odds on the multiple mountain climb stages. When betting on these stages, picking the favourite to win the race (or the current overall leader) is not always the best bet.

In cycling, some riders excel much more at climbing stages (referred to as climbers) but lack the abilities to win the whole event. Understanding the different styles of riders is essential when picking the winner of a stage.

Styles of Riders

  • All-Around – The best overall riders, these cyclists typically are the favourites to win the overall race. They have the ability to win enough stages and keep pace in others in most other parts of the race. They are often the team captain and work with the other members of their team to maximize their performance. Chris Froome, four-time Tour de France winner, is arguably the best all-around rider.
  • Sprinters – The end of the race heroes, sprinters, rarely do much until the end of the race, where they are tasked with winning the final stage for their team.
  • Time Trialist – The endurance king of the team, the job of a time trialists is to gain time for their team during trial time stages and help the team leader during other stages. Due to their size, these riders struggle in uphill stages.
  • Puncheurs – When the stage is noted for rolling terrain, filled with quick but steep climbs, puncheurs are at their best. Most puncheurs lack the endurance to win big events, but the few that have it, such as Peter Sagan, are worth betting at shorter races.
  • Domestiques – While this group is near as talented as all-around riders, they are reserved individuals, often shying away from the spotlight and individual accomplishes. Instead, they focus on helping the team leader. While betting on one of these individuals to outright win the race is not recommended, knowing the best domestiques, how healthy they are, and their relationship with their team captain helps when picking the winner.
  • Climbers – Climbers are the riders that excel the most on long and mountainous climbs. They are the smallest riders in the race, using their stature and endurance to pace these stages and tire larger opponents. Due to their size, these riders often struggle in sprints and flatter stages. However, their performance in the uphill climbs is significant for what team wins the overall race.

Picking a Winner of a Stage

Knowing the stage and the style of the rider is best for success when betting on the winner of the stage. Also, make sure the team is working well together (if it is later in the race) to ensure a rider’s talent is not thwarted by some lackadaisical effort from his teammates.

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