MuchBetter Betting Sites in Canada

MuchBetter Betting Sites in Canada
  • Available Across Canada
  • Use With iOS and Android Devices
  • Streamlined Deposits and Cash Outs

MuchBetter Betting Sites

Modern technology keeps making life simpler. That is evident at top online betting shops as wagering has never been easier. The same holds true for banking as bookmakers offer a variety of popular payment options that help bettors fund their account quickly.

Here we discuss the MuchBetter smart payment app which is now commonly accepted by many highly sportsbooks we recommend here at Canada Sports Betting.

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What is MuchBetter?

Deciphering lines, researching team trends, and then picking winning sides, can be a challenge. Funding a betting account never should be. Tech advancements have helped make online banking fast, simple and secure at respected offshore wagering websites.

Fairly new to the global financial landscape, “What is MuchBetter?” is a fair question some bettors may have. First launched in July 2017, MuchBetter corporate head office is based in Reading, UK, and they are licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What Is MuchBetter App

MuchBetter is a member of the Electronic Money Association, which is a well-respected trade body in Europe. Winners of industry awards like Best Startup Innovation (2019) and Payment Innovation of the Year (2018), MuchBetter is now available in Canada.

While new to the electronic banking business, MuchBetter has grown by leaps and bounds in popularity. A large part of their growth is a partnership they have with credit card giant Mastercard International. 

Dedicated to providing their clients a slick experience, Canadian ‘Cappers will find that registration is a quick and simple process. Available on most popular mobile devices, an app download is required to gain access to MuchBetter.

What Is MuchBetter

Once the app is in place, customers simply need to enter their phone number and a four digit passcode to secure their account. Basic information, name, address and cell number, is then added and a code is sent to the clients phone.

After the code is entered, registration is complete and players are able to fund their eWallet in mere minutes. Interact bank cards, Visa and Mastercard credit cards, plus Bitcoin, are the main account funding methods available in Canada.

Using the MuchBetter app to stock a betting account is a very smooth process. Simply check the Canada Sports Betting deposit method page to find bookmakers that accept MuchBetter. More deposit and withdrawal information is outlined below.

What are the main benefits of using MuchBetter?

Online bettors have a variety of choices when funding their private accounts. Add MuchBetter to the list as there are several benefits to using this dynamic payment method. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for choosing MuchBetter.

Everyone wants the piece of mind that comes with knowing they are dealing with a reputable payment provider. With the backing of Mastercard – players can fund their betting account quickly and safely with MuchBetter.

What are the main benefits of using MuchBetter

When using MuchBetter there aren’t any redirects or difficult passwords to remember. That makes deposit and cashout requests lightning fast at a variety of top ranked sportsbooks that accept this rising star in the payment industry.

MuchBetter rewards their clients with up to $100 in a random weekly draw. For every $10 spent at an online betting site, plus each $20 deposit, MuchBetter users receive one point and are automatically entered in the weekly draws plus a year-end draw for a trip to Las Vegas.

No one likes “user fees” and MuchBetter understands that as their customers enjoy some of the lowest gambling fees in the eWallet industry. Client care is also important and we found MuchBetter customer service to be fast and efficient.

How to use MuchBetter to deposit money to a sportsbook?

Growing in popularity across Canada, and around the globe, using MuchBetter to deposit money at online sportsbooks is fast becoming a “go-to” account funding option. Simplicity counts and this award winning payment app is about as simple as they come.

We are MuchBetter clients ourselves and used our account to top up our bankroll at Betway recently. Sending a normal everyday eTransfer was all that was needed to fund our MuchBetter eWallet and the transfer to Betway was complete in mere minutes.

Once players have created a MuchBetter account, and loaded funds into their personal eWallet, they log in at any betting site that accepts MuchBetter. Being as it is now such a mainstream option – MuchBetter often appears at or near the top of many banking sections.

How to use MuchBetter to deposit money to a sportsbook

Bettors click on the MuchBetter icon from the cashier page and are asked how much they want to deposit. Once the amount is entered they select OK. From there, a notification is sent to their app and players confirm the payment request with a quick click.

If bettors don’t have enough funds to cover a deposit request, they can top up their MuchBetter balance and then confirm the payment. Bookmakers leave account funding requests in banking section until they are confirmed or declined by the player.

As long as everything is in order, though there are a couple of steps involved, account funding with MuchBetter is complete and funds are available in very short order. MuchBetter guarantees a 1-hour maximum email response time should their clients have any questions.

How to use MuchBetter to withdraw money from a sportsbook?

Whether betting on sports, enjoying Las Vegas style casino action, or playing poker, when players win – they deserve to be paid promptly. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a winning NFL parlay ticket and then having a long wait before receiving your cash.

As is the case with deposits, using MuchBetter to withdraw money from a sportsbook is very simple, quick and convenient. The first step to cashing out with MuchBetter is making sure you are playing at bookmakers who accept this account funding option.

Players who use MuchBetter, when funding their bankroll, are able to request a cash out just as easily. Simply log into the sportsbook, head to the cashier withdraw section, and then click the MuchBetter icon. Bettors are then asked to enter their phone number.

How to use MuchBetter to withdraw money from a sportsbook

Make sure the phone number entered matches the digits used to register. Take your time as being off by just one digit will void the cash out request. Once correctly initiated, withdraw requests are sent to bookmaker bankers for their review and approval.

Another withdraw request tip is making sure you stay within your MuchBetter deposit limits. Clients can request limit increases at any time but if they attempt an over-limit withdraw/deposit, they may be asked additional verification (KYC) checks.

Although often complete in about ten minutes, in some instances the withdraw approval process can take up to five business days – depending on the betting site. Once a cash out is approved, by the bookmaker, the funds are transferred to your MuchBetter account.

Deposit with confidence when using MuchBetter as an account funding method!