Best Betting Odds for Today

Welcome to our selection of the most popular Canadian sports betting pages. Here you can place your finger on the pulse of the nation and get to know what Canadians love to bet on. Of course, there’s hockey, but there’s much more to it than just that. We’ve got a full rundown for you in terms of all of the sports as well as the best sportsbooks to get your action in for each respective sport.

Sports Betting Odds and Lines

All year round and 24/7 you can place bets online and cheer on your wager. The options within each sports are limitless when your consider combination, parlays or fantasy bets.

NHL Hockey BettingNHL Hockey

Clearly the sport that brings out the most passion in Canadians. Even those who don’t love the sport are attached to a team in some way. With 82 games played by all 30 teams, the online books are always ready for the action.

NBA BettingNBA Basketball

The Toronto Raptors represent Canada’s only NBA team and draw plenty of action at the best online sportsbooks. The OVER/UNDER is a largely popular bet on most games. We love the sport, especially since a Canadian invented it.

MLB BettingMLB Baseball

Great betting lines are offered for every regular season MLB game, including sides and totals. Join the action right through the playoffs to the World Series.

CFL BettingCFL Football

Our Canada born national sport, the CFL brings out our rowdiness as a nation and our knowledge of Canuck pigskin action. From Vancouver to St. Johns, Canadians love the CFL and love betting on it online.

NFL CanadaNFL Football

Millions of passionate NFL fans live north of the border and support teams across the league. We love Sundays on the couch and betting on the Super Bowl just as much our American neighbors – the sportsbooks love us too.