FIBA Basketball World Cup Betting Odds 2020

FIBA Basketball World Cup is an international competition between the Senior Men's National Teams of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). China is hosting the great hoops betting action from August 31 to September 15, 2019. 

FIBA 2019 Championship Final: Spain Defeats Argentina

Congratulations to Marc Gasol (Raptors), Ricky Rubio (Suns) and the Men's Spanish National Basketball team who defeated Argentina 95-75 to claim the Gold Medal during the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Final!


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FIBA World Cup Championship Odds Bet365 Sports Interaction (SIA) BetWay
Spain 1.57 1.52 1.55
Argentina 2.55 2.42 2.45

"Bet365 odds are subject to change"

Who is Favorite to Win the Basketball World Cup

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As always, Team USA are big favourites to win the FIBA World Cup. The Americans have won the tournament five times (tied for most) and have a total of 12 medals. Team USA has won the last two tournaments (2010 and 2014) and boasts the best roster filled with NBA stars.

United States FIBA World Cup Odds

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Many of you will support Canada in the World Cup. And you should! Know the roster, the odds and the statistics in the Canada Basketball Team page.

What are the Basketball World Cup Odds

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The 2019 FIBA World Cup odds are plentiful. The outright odds are where you bet on which team wins the tournament. The moneyline odds are single-game bets picking the actual winner. And the point spread is like the moneyline but with a points handicap. 

Additionally, over/under or totals is where you bet on the total score between two teams while propositions or "prop bets" for short are side bets to make like "tournament MVP" or "team to score most points".

If you want to have a more detailed look on available basketball odds, check out our NBA odds page.

What are the Rules of Basketball World Cup

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The FIBA World Cup will be played in three stages. The first stage features all 32 teams divided into eight groups (A-H) where each team play the other three once each (round robin).

First Stage groups

  • Group A: China, Ivory Coast, Poland and Venezuela.
  • Group B: Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea and Russia.
  • Group C: Iran, Puerto Rica, Tunisia and Spain.
  • Group D: Angola, Italy, Philippines and Serbia.
  • Group E: Czech Republic, Japan, Turkey and United States.
  • Group F: Brazil, Greece, Montenegro and New Zealand.
  • Group G: Dominican Republic, France, Germany and Jordan.
  • Group H: Australia, Canada, Lithuania and Senegal.

The top two teams advance to the second group stage of four groups (I-L) with four teams each. They will play groupmates once each. 

The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage, where there will be eight of them in total. 

There are slight rule differences with the FIBA World Cup compared to the NBA (per official FIBA Basketball website):

Playing Time

4x10 minutes + 5 min OT

4x12 minutes + 5 min OT

Shot Clock

24 seconds (14 after off rebound)

24 seconds

3-point line

6.75m (6.60m on baseline)

7.24m (6.70m on baseline)


2 in first half

3 in second half (but only 2 in last two minutes of the 4thperiod)

1 per OT period

Always 60 seconds

Never carried over

6 regular

2 per OT period
= 60 or 100 seconds

+ 1 short time-out (20 seconds) per half

The second short time-out can be carried over to OT period
!!! additional regulations

Jump ball

Jump ball to start game

The one losing initial jump ball gets possession for the next jump ball situation

Alternating possession between teams thereafter for all jump ball situations

Jump ball to start game 

The one losing initial jump ball gets possession to start 2nd and 4th quarters

The one winning initial jump ball gets possession to start 3rd quarter

All other jump ball situations played as "real jump ball"

Individual fouls

Foul out on 5

Foul out on 6 or 2 technical

Team Fouls

2 free-throws awarded for each (non-shooting) foul after the 4th period (includes player technical fouls)

Does not include offensive fouls/fouls by team in possession

2 free-throws awarded for each foul after the 4th team foul or last two minutes of each quarter, whichever comes first

Does not include offensive fouls and technical fouls

Technical Fouls

1 free throw and possession of the ball at centre


1 free throw per technical foul; play resumes at the point of interruption; foul is charged to individual in question (and automatic fine assessed)

Zone defense Legal

Legal but…
defensive player may not stay in the lane (a.k.a. key, restricted area) for longer than three seconds if he is not actively guarding an opponent

Goaltending No blocking a ball in downward flight towards the rim.

No blocking a ball in downward flight towards the rim.

Basket interference Once the ball strikes the rim, any player can play the ball (i.e. swat it away or tap it in)  

An imaginary cylinder exists that has the basket as its base. Touching the ball while any part of it is in this cylinder (and still has a chance to go in) is a violation

How Often is the Basketball World Cup

FIBA Basketball World Cup Betting Odds 2019 04

The FIBA Basketball World Cup takes place every four years but with a few exceptions like this year. The tournament was delayed (originally planned for 2018) by a year. It usually occurs at the same time as the FIFA World Cup. 

When is the Basketball World Cup

This year's edition takes place from August 31 to September 15.

The FIBA World Cup usually takes place around late August to early September right during the final weeks of summer beginning in 2002. Earlier iterations had the tournament take place a few weeks earlier around late July to early August. 

Here is a table of the previous five tournaments and their start and end dates:

Year Host Start Date End Date
2019 China August 31 September 15
2014 Spain August 30 September 14
2010 Turkey August 28 September 12
2006 Japan August 19 September 3
2002 USA August 29 September 8


Where is the Basketball World Cup

This year's tournament takes place in China, the nation's first time hosting the event.

The FIBA World Cup has been held in 15 countries and close to a hundred cities.

In 2023, the tournament will be held in three different countries, Japan, Indonesia, and Philippines, for the first time in its history. Only three countries have hosted the tournament more than once: Argentina (2), Brazil (2), and Spain (2). Philippines will hold this honour in 2023.

Here is a table of the previous five tournaments, their hosts, and the number of venues:

Year Host Venues
2019 China 8
2014 Spain 6
2010 Turkey 5
2006 Japan 5
2002 USA 2

Who Won the Basketball World Cup

FIBA Basketball World Cup Betting Odds 2019 06

The USA has dominated the FIBA World Cup and has five championships. In recent tournaments, they are unbeatable thanks to their NBA players. But historically, the USA is only one of three powerhouse teams that included Yugoslavia (five) and Soviet Union (three).

With the dissolution of both Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, the USA stands as the lone superpower.

Year Champion Venue


TBD Indonesia / Japan / Philippines


TBD China


USA Spain


USA Turkey


Spain Japan


Yugoslavia USA
1998 Yugoslavia Greece
1994 USA Canada
1990 Yugoslavia Argentina
1986 USA Spain
1982 Soviet Union Colombia
1978 Yugoslavia Philippines
1974 Soviet Union Puerto Rico
1970 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
1967 Soviet Union Uruguay
1963 Brazil Brazil
1959 Brazil Chile
1954 USA Brazuk
1950 Argentina Argentina

Is There a FIBA World Cup for Women

FIBA Basketball World Cup Betting Odds 2019 07

The FIBA Women's World Cup just took place in Spain of September 2018, last year. Team USA won the tournament for the third straight time and tenth time overall. Australia (silver) and Spain (bronze) were the runners-up. American forward-center Breanna Stewart was named the tournament MVP.

The next edition will be held in Bulgaria in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • On August 31, 32 teams will be ready to battle it out across eight cities in China in the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

    The United States enter the tournament as monster favorites according to multiple different bookmakers. With Gregg Popovich coaching stars like James Harden, Anthony Davis and others, it’s no surprise the USA is expected to win it all.

    Fans looking to bet on the USA can visit any of our numerous partners here on Canada Sports Betting a little closer to the start date to get in on the action. While the USA is favored, it’d be foolish to sleep on teams like Serbia, Spain and France.

  • You better believe there are multiple different outlets for sports bettors to get in on the action for the 2019 FIBA World Cup. This includes the numerous partners we have here at Canada Sports Betting.

 Whether it be Sports Interaction, BETWAY, Spin Palace Sports or BET365, your options to put money down on the FIBA World Cup are either already waiting for you, or will be available shortly.

 As we stated above, the USA are heavy favorites, while Spain, France and Serbia are also expected to make plenty of noise. With the action set to begin in late August, more and more bets will be posted on different sites a little bit closer to first showdown.

  • Betting on the 2019 FIBA World Cup is completely legal for Canadian citizens. Should you decide to bet online to pick either the USA or Spain to win the championship, you’re more than in the right to do so.

    However, you must be at least 18 years old in order to place a bet. Anyone under 18 is still considered a minor, making gambling on this year’s World Cup completely illegal.

  • If bitcoin is your preferred way to place your wagers, fans are in luck heading into the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

    While most sites prefer not to go down this road, places like bodog, BetOnline, Tiger Gaming, 22Bet and Intertops accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

    Other places indeed prefer to go the traditional route of using debit/credit cards or inputting bank routing numbers, but there are several bitcoin options out there open for you.

    Click here to see all websites which accept Bitcoin.

  • Just like bitcoin, Paypal has seen an increase in outlets allowing their gamblers to use it as a form to put down money on sports bets.

    Here at Canada Sports Betting, we’ve openly encouraged our users to go the Paypal route. Why? Because of its convenience and cost effectiveness.

    Sites like BET365, BETWAY and William Hill are highly recommended because the processing fees are either minimal or in some cases non existent. It’s truly a win-win for bettors out there to use Paypal for the basketball World Cup.

    Click here to see all websites which accept Paypal.

  • Odds for the 2019 FIBA World Cup have already been posted on some sites leading up to the tournament in late August.

    While more bets will be posted closer to the start date, there are options online if you can’t wait to put down your money on a bet you think could bring you home some dough.

    Early on, the smart and ‘safe’ bet would be to pick the United State to be crowned champions. Though Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and some other stars won’t be playing, this team is still absolutely stacked.

  • The odds for the 2019 FIBA World Cup will certainly vary depending on which site you visit. After all, there are hundreds of different places out there, where certain countries could have different odds.

    As it stands, the USA has 1.19 odds to lift the trophy when it’s all said and done. The next closest team would be Serbia, with 9.17 odds, while Spain has the third-best odds with 22.00.

As you can see, Gregg Popovich’s boys are expected to cruise to a title. Will we have a USA-Serbia championship final? That’s what the odds would have you believe, though Spain will be looking to put the kibosh on that.

    Click here to see a list of reliable sportsbooks.

  • As previously stated, many more odds and bets will be released for the 2019 FIBA World Cup a little bit closer to the start date. However, different odds you can expect include game-by-game spreads, a futures pick on who will win the championship, predicting how many points a star player will score in each game, the over-under for each game and others.

  • Once the FIBA World Cup gets underway, game-by-game bets will be among the most popular ones to be made.

    On the first day of the tournament, for example, Poland and Venezuela will square off. The Polish players will enter that game as huge favorites, as they hold 1.10 odds to win and Venezuela has 6.10 odds.
    Though the number isn’t listed yet, you’ll also be able to bet on the over-under for this game.

    Should that number be set at 220, this means if you take the under, the two teams will need to combine for 219 points or less for you to win. So, if Poland wins 130-78, the total is 218, meaning you’re victorious.

  • The 2019 FIBA World Cup odds, like virtually all sports events out there, can change due to a number of different reasons.

    For example, the USA enters the tournament with 1.19 odds of being crowned champions. However, if one or two standouts suffer injuries and their tourneys are cut short, this will result in their odds decreasing.

    At the same time, you can’t forget about the underdogs either.

    Right now, Argentina has a shocking 71.00 odds of winning the title. Virtually no one is giving them a chance. However, they could end up going on a run and reach the title game.

    Obviously, their odds will shoot way up midway through the tourney if they keep taking down teams and surprising people.

  • Moneyline odds would just match up two basketball teams against one another and then it’s up to you to decide who you think the winner will be.

    An example of this would be if you place a bet on Australia to beat Canada on the second day of the tournament. Australia has 1.41 odds to get the job done. If you were to place a bet of $100 on Australia to win, you’d make a profit of $41.

    However, if you were to take Canada (2.73 odds) and bet $100, you’d net $173 if they pull off the stunner.

  • Full 2019 FIBA World Cup odds will be released a little before the first game tips off in China.

    Different bookmakers out there release odds, but for the most part, the majority of different outlets are within spitting distance of one another if they’re not the same.

    You can find a boatload of different bookmakers, with all the odds you need, here at Canada Sports Betting.

  • Our partners here at Canada Sports Betting will have you covered for all your 2019 FIBA World Cup odds needs both leading up to the tournament and after things get underway.

    Places like Sports Interaction, BET365, BETWAY, William Hill and others will provided up-to-the-second odds and updates for you to be fully prepared to make your best bests possible.

  • Though reading 2019 FIBA World Cup betting odds seems like it might be a bit tricky or confusing, that’s certainly not the case. It’s always smart to remember the lower the number is, the more a team is considered a favorite and vise versa.

    So, if the USA has 1.19 odds to win the title and Spain has odds are 22.00, you’d earn much less of a payout to bet on the USA than you would on Spain.

    At the same time, though, picking Spain would be an enormous risk, while going with the USA straight up would be a smart and safe play, though the profit you’d make on them winning wouldn’t be too high.

  • Once you lock in your bets for the 2019 FIBA World Cup, they can’t be changed.

    For example, if you picked the USA the day before the tourney starts at 1.19 to win it all, but then their odds dropped to 1.25 on Day 2, you can’t go back and expect to be paid out with the 1.25 number. You’re locked in with your 1.19 wager as soon as you submit and your bet goes through.