Basketball World Cup Betting Lines

Pushed back one year to 2019, the Basketball World Cup is an entertaining tournament where the top basketball nations congregate to determine who is king of the hardwood. Full of stars and top flight hoops the tournament gives fans what they want and with basketball World Cup betting lines, bettors can get their fill of hoops at the end of the summer. Canada has a chance at the next Cup and bettors and fans can expect to see the tournament reaching fever level popularity in the Great White North for the first time ever. 

Basketball World Cup Betting Trends

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As the table is set months and years in advance, there is plenty of build-up to the World Cup and time to check out every team’s roster, coach, and history before the tournament begins. The next tournament is not until 2019 – in Beijing, China – meaning the field is currently being set and nations have time to build their rosters.

The last champion – winning in both 2010 and 2014 – the United States are a basketball juggernaut and always a favourite in any international basketball game they play in. The US is the most successful team in the tournament’s history winning gold 5 times and medaling a total of 12 times. The next most successful nation is the former Yugoslavia/ Serbia. Serbia began participating in the tournament in 2006 and has medalled two out of three times. Before then, Yugoslavia was the most successful nation in the tournament winning five gold medals – which is tied for the most with the US. Spain, Lithuania, Greece, and Argentina over the past decade and a half have been the largest threats to the US’ throne. In fact, Greece pulled off quite an upset in 2006 – beating the US 101-95 in the semi-finals. Greece would go on to lose in the finals against Spain.

As basketball continues to grow around the world the US’ stranglehold on the sport should begin to dissipate. Two strong examples of countries on the rise are Australia and Canada. Each country is beginning to produce NBA-level talent making and with that a few more years before the next tournament, it would not be surprising to see each either nation challenge the US and some of the other top nations by the 2019 World Cup. Of course, both nations need to qualify and nothing is a certainty in the world of sports.