NCAA Football 2021-22 Odds

2021-22 NCAA Football Outright Winners Odds

2021-22 NCAA Football National Championship odds are now available, as such we will keep this page updated using the best football-focused sportsbooks, to make you aware of the best wagers around. USA College pigskin title prices above were last updated on January 10, 2022:

NCAAF OddsPowerPlaySports InteractionBet99
Alabama Crimson Tide2.202.202.25
Georgia Bulldogs1.691.751.69

College Football Playoffs Final Results for 2019-20

Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide who have won the 2020/21 Championship, so well done to all the coaches and student-athletes! The game finished 52-24, as the Tide beat the Ohio State Buckeyes.,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/
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NCAA Football Picks

College football betting is generally a top-heavy proposition. Big-name programs get most of the public money and drive lines up higher than they would be in normal circumstances.

With two powerhouse schools maintaining at the top of the NCAAF hierarchy, if you wish to bet chalk you may as well grab them both at these prices before the season. If they meet in the finals again, you're freerolling for 1 unit.

But IF a team was going to upset the favourites - Who might take the crown? 


What Nick Saban's tenure at Alabama has shown us, is that once a program reaches the mountain top, they are there to stay for a while.

Clemson's coach, Dabo Swinney now understands this having made 3 of the last 4 title games, all against Alabama, and going 2-1. It's not going out on a limb to think two of the four playoff spots will be occupied by those two teams.

That means bettors need to decide which two schools will make up the Final Four. Heading into the season - here are three underdogs squads with a shot:

If you're looking for value, Oklahoma 15.00, Wisconsin 25.00 and Auburn 51.00  all qualify as good to great programs who are tagged as longshots. 

Oklahoma Sooners Underdog NCAAF Title Contender
15.00 Odds

How to Read NCAA Football Odds

College Football Odds for regular-season games are widely available across all popular online betting sites.

In fact, it's possibly right under the NFL as the most wagered on sports events in the United States. Oddsmakers and sharps pay careful attention to NCAAF lines as much as any to make sure they stay ahead of the curve.

  • NCAA Football Moneyline odds

    This is a simple propostion in the sense that it depends on who wins the game, and that's all. If you're betting on a favorite, you need to risk more to win less, meaning you need to be right much more often than you are wrong.

    NCAA Oddsmakers listed Alabama as roughly a -220 money line favorite in last season's national title game meaning that to win $1, one would have to risk $2.20.

    Conversely, Clemson was a +180 underdog, meaning that for every dollar risked, the return would be $1.80

  • NCAA Football Odds against the spread

    Spread betting means that you need a team to win or not lose by a certain amount of points. Point spreads are determined by oddsmakers whose job it is to try and produce lines that dont give any edge to the betting public.

    The four best teams in the nation last year were Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma. However in terms of ATS wagering, they went 31-25-1 against the spread, which is still profitable, but by no means a lock on a weekly basis to cover.

    Like anything else, it's a market that requires study to gain any significant edge.


  • NCAAF Football odds and predictions

    With 7 straight wins, the Ohio State Buckeyes have recently dominated their Big Ten arch rival Michigan Wolverines in their head to head series. 

    Will the Buckeyes continue to stick it to the Wolverines and ruin their hopes or will Jim Harbaugh finally get his first victory in this rivalry?

    Past history in big games matters, especially when the same coaches are going head to head. 

    In Bowl Games, important factors such as players decalring for the NFL draft and not playing may be the difference between victory and defeat.


NCAA College Football history

NCAAF Football odds of winning a national championship

Sportsbooks opened up last year much the same way they opened up this season, with Alabama as the favourite to win the National Championship. However, in an effort to cut down on losses, they've slashed the odds of the heavy favourites leaving little value for the teams who feel destined to take home the crown.

    How Does the 2029-21 NCAAF Season Work?

    The four best teams in the nation, determined by overall record and polling get put into a 4 team bracket and play a single-elimination playoff tournament, much the same way the NCAA Basketball Champion is determined. 

    In total there are 11 conferences that the various schools belong to and play the majority of their games within, with only a couple games each season being out of the conference.

    But during that College Bowl season, there will be many, many bowl games between teams from across the conferences that can all be wagered on.

    All-Time US College Football Champions

    The last decade of NCAA football has been dominated by the SEC. This is down to two factors mainly; recruitment and money. SEC schools invest more heavily in their football programs out of necessity.

    In order to compete, they need to match the commitment of their rivals, like any arms race. Similarly, prospects who wish to advance into the NFL often favour SEC schools, as these programs have a reputation for producing more NFL talent than the other divisions. As such, college football odds favour the elite SEC teams at this point in history.

    Leading the field in the modern era has of course been Alabama, who have 7 national Championships in the Nick Saban era, and 17 in the history of their school.

    NCAA Football Championship trophy

    But leading the way are two Ivy League institutions. Princeton who last won a Championship in 1950, lead the way with 28, whilst Yale who last won a title in 1927 is still in 2nd place with 27.

    Team  Titles
    Princeton 28
    Yale 27
    Alabama 18
    Notre Dame 11
    Michigan 11
    USC 11
    Pittsburgh 9
    Ohio State 8
    Harvard 7
    Oklahoma 7
    Minnesota 7
    Penn 7
    Michigan State 6
    Tennessee 6
    California 5
    Cornell 5
    Illinois 5
    Miami 5
    Nebraska 5
    Georgia Tech 4
    Iowa 4
    LSU 4
    Texas 4
    Washington 4
    Army 3
    Clemson 3
    Florida 3
    Florida State 3
    Lafayette 3
    Ole Miss 3
    SMU 3
    TEXAS A&M 3
    Auburn 2
    Chicago 2
    Columbia 2
    Georgia 2
    Penn State 2
    TCU 2
     Stanford  2

     Schools with 1 National Championship: Boston College, Arkansas, BYU, Centre, Colorado, Dartmouth, Detroit, Kentucky, Maryland, Navy, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, Syracuse, UCF and UCLA.

    NCAA Football Betting FAQs

    • You can bet on the National Championship all year. But you will see more bets during the regular season. 

    • Alabama is often considered the favourite, but this changes all the time.

    • Alabama Crimson Tide is last year's National Championship winner. 

    • One example is betting on how often a quarterback will be sacked. 

    • The most common NCAAF futures bet is choosing the winner of the National Championship.