Lacrosse Betting NLL And NCAA: Bet on Canadian teams

      A fair share of Canadians isn’t aware of the fact that lacrosse is one of our national sports. In fact, Canada is one of the best countries in the world at lacrosse because of our indigenous population.

      The odds for the NLL and NCAA are available right now. However, keep checking back with this page and we will provide you with the latest odds and insights. This page was last updated on June 16, 2022:

      NLL Cup 2021/22 bet99 sportsinteraction powerplay
      Halifax Thunderbirds 3.50 3.50 3.50
      Saskatchewan Rush 4.00 4.00 4.00
      Toronto Rock 5.50 6.00 5.50
      San Jose 7.00 8.00 7.00
      Philadelphia Wings 9.00 9.00 10.00

      Fans can bet on Canadian lacrosse teams in the NLL and Canadian players in the NCAA through sportsbooks that are available to access across all provinces.

      In fact, SportsInteraction is an official partner of the NLL!

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    • National Lacrosse League Betting Odds

      The NLL has grown from four teams playing six games each in 1987 to a total of 13 games competing over an 18 game regular season. A passionate fanbase continues to drive the NLL, with clubs located across the United States and Canada from coast to coast.

      The NLL is the most popular pro league in North America for lacrosse betting.

      Teams are arranged into three divisions – the east, north and west divisions. The east features American teams mostly from the northeast. The north includes the Halifax Thunderbirds and Toronto Rock, along with Snowbelt teams in Buffalo and Rochester.

      The west division is dominated by Canadian clubs, including the Calgary Roughnecks, Saskatchewan Rush, and Vancouver Warriors, with teams from Colorado and San Diego joining the fray.

      NLL betting has grown in popularity along with the league continues to expand. Canadian cities like Winnipeg, Montreal, Edmonton, and Ottawa would be prime locations for new teams, creating additional rivalries across provinces.

      However, the Toronto Rock have been the most successful team in Canadian pro lacrosse history with six championships since the beginning of the Champion Cup era.

      NLL odds have leaned towards Canadian teams as of late, especially those from the western provinces like Alberta, who dominated much of the previous decade. Many underestimate the popularity of this blue-collar sport: the NLL boasts the third-best average attendance of any pro indoor sports league, behind the NBA and the NHL.

      Lacrosse Lines Betting

      NLL Betting

      The divisional structure of the National Lacrosse League is arranged mostly according to geographic categories, with the west division containing an additional team compared to the east and north division. As such, competition is slightly more fierce in the west, even if the NLL seeds teams according to merit in the playoffs.

      East Division

      east Division  Town  Province / State

      New England Black Wolves

      Uncasville CT

      Georgia Swarm

      Duluth GA

      Philadelphia Wings

      Philadelphia PA

      New York Riptide

      Uniondale NY

      North Division

      West Division  Town  Province / State

      Halifax Thunderbirds

      Halifax Nova Scotia

      Toronto Rock

      Toronto Ontario

      Buffalo Bandits

      Buffalo NY

      Rochester Knighthawks

      Rochester NY

      West Division

      West Division  Town  Province / State

      Saskatchewan Rush

      Saskatoon Saskatchewan

      Colorado Mammoth

      Denver CO

      San Diego Seals

      San Diego CA

      Calgary Roughnecks

      Calgary Alberta

      Vancouver Warriors

      Vancouver British Columbia

      Canadian Lacrosse League Betting Odds

      The Canadian Lacrosse League competed between 2012 and 2016, focusing on teams from the Ontario region. After folding in 2016, the CLL changed over into a non-profit organization that promotes the sport across the nation in a more grassroots manner.

      Certainly, there’s a chance for a CLL revival at some time in the future. However, the relative success and stability of the National Lacrosse League, and the Canadian teams that play in the NLL, make a revival a bit more difficult.

      As such, there are no CLL betting odds to be found.

      NCAA Lacrosse Division I Betting

      When their season is in full swing, NCAA lacrosse lines betting becomes a hot topic, especially for Division I competitions. This includes both the men’s and the women’s game. A top twenty ranking is an easy way to keep track of contenders, although the top four or five usually stand out in terms of being much stronger favourites than the rest of the field.

      The biggest competition is the NCAA D1 men’s lacrosse championship, which features a single-elimination tournament that narrows 16 competitors down to a single champion similar to the NCAA basketball championship. You can bet on individual games, and the outcome of the tournament as a whole, along with a large variety of other NCAA lacrosse games throughout the season.

      NLL Betting

      Lacrosse Betting Types

      Similar to other pro leagues and college associations, the NLL and NCAA lacrosse competitions typically result in a wide variety of wagers made available through online sportsbooks. Typically, lacrosse betting can be broken down into three different types: standard bets, futures, and props.

      Standard Lacrosse Bets

      Betting on the winner of an individual game, also referred to as a moneyline bet, is the most popular type of wager that lacrosse fans place. A spread bet would be another popular type of standard lacrosse bet, involving the size of the winning margin for the game. Over/unders on the total number of goals per game is the third type of standard wager.

      Lacrosse Futures

      Betting on the team that will eventually win the National Lacrosse League championship, or wagering on the college that will take the NCAA Lacrosse Championship, are two popular examples of a futures bet in lacrosse. Essentially, betting on an event that takes place in the distant future is the crux of this wagering type. This includes betting on division winners, or teams that finish the regular season with the most points.

      Lacrosse Prop Bets

      Prop bets typically focus on a specific aspect within a game or a season. For example, the team that scores the first goal in a game is a relatively popular prop bet. Whether or not a team will make the playoffs is another type of prop that focuses on an entire season. Pretty much any imaginable scenario can be put forward as a prop bet as long as a sportsbook backs the bet with odds.

      Best Sportsbooks For Lacrosse Bets

      Plenty of sportsbooks offer a full range of odds for lacrosse wagers, including the NLL and the NCAA. When choosing from different sites, it’s important to consider the factors that are important to the way that you wager on sports.

      Some of the good examples are:

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    • For example, if you’re interested in placing a few bets, but you’re not a frequent bettor, you might prefer a sportsbook that offers a free bet instead of a deposit bonus because the bonus requires a considerable rollover. We provide in-depth reviews for sportsbooks, including the different types of promos offered by more than a dozen sites.