Red Dog Sports Betting Tips

Red Dog Sports betting tips have been in play for more than 20 years, providing picks to those who subscribe to their service. The home webpage happens to be a barebones site that doesn’t offer too much information other than signing up. Other than the home page, you’ll be able to find their picks on other sports handicapping sites, although they don’t offer too much in detail about this tipster company either.

Red Dog Sports Picks

Similar to many American handicappers, Red Dog Sports picks focus on the most popular sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA and NHL, as well as soccer and WNBA wagering.

Red Dog Sports Betting Review

Unfortunately, details behind Red Dog Sports are a bit difficult to come by, which means that you have to rely on tipster networks to find out more about this site. For example, AAA Sports give you some details on his betting records, but nothing much else. After a little digging, you’ll find that Tim Nolan is behind the Red Dog.

Red Dog Sports Specialty

When taking a look at the percentages of Red Dog Sports, it appears that basketball tends to be the sport that they most effectively handicap. Over the past year, he finished with a very decent 62% win ratio for the WNBA and a 59% win ratio for NCAA basketball.

Red Dog Sports Achievements

The top achievement of Red Dog Sports would be finishing at the top of the WNBA betting list when compared to other handicappers. Many tipsters and handicappers have difficulty with longevity, which could be considered an achievement of sorts for this company.


Red Dog Sports Tipsters and Handicappers

It’s always tough to get a good read on companies that don’t publish a lot of information about themselves. As such, Red Dog Sports tipsters and handicappers may only be judged through the network of betting experts that vouch for him. One of the main features touted by this handicapper is the willingness to explain picks to his subscribers, which allows them to learn more on how to make wagering decisions on their own.