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Manchester City vs Chelsea Odds, Prediction and Live Score

Manchester City vs Chelsea Odds, Prediction and Live Score

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And while it is way too early for this 1 game to decide anything in terms of the title race, there is much that we will learn. How do these two very creative managers approach this game and one another? Pep Guardiola has a habit of out strategizing the opposing manager and comprising unique game plan. Who knows what formation and tactics we can expect to see come Saturday.

Antonio Conte doesn't need to come up with a new plan. He has what he wants with Chelsea at the moment and is only building upon it. Both men will be jumping around and screaming instructions for 90 minutes and that alone will provide great theatre.

Manchester City vs Chelsea odds on BODOG

Manchester City vs Chelsea odds on BODOG

But even though these are arguably the two best sides in England, last Saturday's games showed us that both still have flaws. Chelsea, one can argue, were outplayed by Spurs on their home pitch for most of the game. Man City are still very vulnerable when they don't have the ball. They give up too many chances and make silly defensive errors. The Citizens have only kept 2 clean sheets domestically this season.

Manchester City vs Chelsea Prediction

BET MANCHESTER CITY (+110) AT BODOGManchester City looked like run away title winners early this season. They need to make a statement. 

A couple of things would trouble me about Chelsea's performance against Tottenham.

  1. Playing the ball out from the back: Conte is insisting that his team do this, and as Chelsea are not proficient at it yet, this can lead to problems.
  2. Playing a high defensive line: Even down 2-1 in the second half, Spurs were not out of the game because there was space to exploit

And these are two things that Man City will be much more capable of exploiting at home than the Spurs were last weekend at Stamford Bridge. If Chelsea continue to implement a high defensive line, Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling can line up shoulder to shoulder with David Luiz and Gary Cahill and wait for a killer through ball to be played.

If Courtois passes the ball out from his feet to his defenders then Man City's high press can create the same turnovers that Tottenham did that allowed them to dominate the early part of the game.

Despite the flaws in Chelsea's evolving system, the most encouraging take away from last weekend was the resilience to come back and win against a tough opponent at home.

That's the mark of a Champion.

Chelsea and The Italian Job

Since Conte switched his team's formation to 3-4-3 Chelsea have only allowed 1 goal, but more importantly, once Chelsea were in the lead they kept it; a trend that followed Conte from Turin to London. Early in the season, Chelsea would allow their opponents to get back in the game when they were leading. This does not appear to be the case anymore.

Results / FixturesChelsea

Man City has not found this aspect of their game yet. They have conceded in the majority of the games they have played this season. Meaning that all that hard work to get the lead goes undone and they have to start over OR they now have to fight an uphill battle against a team that is most likely going to sit deep and defend.

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