Premier League Scores And Standings

Tired of opening several tabs in your web browser just so you can check scores and standings while you look for the lines you need? We’ve nailed it. For your convenience, we list scores and results from all Premier League fixtures and provide the latest standings. This is your one stop shop.

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Bet On English Premier League Games

The English Premier League is massive. Bigger than massive. We’re talking about the most-watched league in the world’s most popular sport. We’re talking about billions and billions of dollars in club expenditure, TV broadcast deals and player wages.

We’re also talking about a multi-billion dollar betting industry that you can be a part of, where you can make bank. The popularity of the EPL is such that millions of bets from every corner of the globe are placed on each fixture, and Canadians are among the highest punters per capita.

So how can we use this to our advantage?

For starters, it is important to understand that lines are based on the collective opinion of the sports-betting community. Odds for fixtures will always be skewed, as one-time, casual and ill-informed pundits dictate the prices. We need to look beyond the dollar value when evaluating the likelihood of a certain result. Research is the key here.

Experienced and well-disciplined bettors investigate trends, review history and bide their time. As soon as they can see that the public have missed a key statistic and jumped on the wrong team, they leverage this and capitalize on the opportunity to obtain great odds and a likely victory.

Additionally, it is important to tread carefully when using sources to place bets. We all know that Steve from the office talks big about his winnings from the weekend and how you should have been on the train with him, but unsurprisingly we never hear about his losses.

Don’t get caught up following a friend or website that claims to have the inside knowledge but does not have the track record to prove it. Only trust people who can back up their words with statistical and systematic evidence. The great news is that there are always hundreds of different betting options available every matchday, so if you have done your analysis and chosen your sources wisely, you’re likely in for a winning weekend!