Check out the English Premier League Promotion Odds

Three teams will join the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season. Check out the best range of odds to be promoted from our partner online sports betting companies. The Odds to be promoted to the Premier League in 2020 are subject to change and were last updated on August 4, 2020:

Odds to be Promoted to the Premier League 2020 Sports Interaction (SIA)
Brentford 1.53
Fulham 2.37

Next matches odds:

The next match will be displayed here once announced.

Despite being a second-tier, the English Championship is one of the best soccer domestic competitions of the world. The best three teams are promoted at the end of the season to the Premier League. Let's check out these odds.

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    Premier League Odds

Odds For Promotion to the Premier League 2020/21

Leeds United have now been promoted to the Premier League, with just Fulham and Brentford battling it out for the final spot. 

The best value pick in this market is Brentford, who are best equipped to make it up to the Premier League.

Brentford To be Promoted Odds
Sports Interaction

Odds to win the English Championship

Leeds United are doing well for the 2019/20 season and are the favourites in the Championship odds race, at 1.01.

West Brom is the second favourite, priced at 1.20, while Brentford and Brentford are around 1.53 and 3.25 respectively.

Once again, the best value pick in this market is West Brom, as we're not convinced Leeds can hold their nerve. 

West Brom To Win the English Championship

Promotion odds

Top 2 Finish Odds

The same teams feature in this market, and odds are similar to the promotion market.

Although we're not convinced Leeds United will win the Championship, they should be up there competing for a spot in the top two and have a great chance of finally returning to the Premier League via a second place finish.

Leeds United Top 2 Championship Finish

Top 6 Finish Odds

This market throws up similar names again, and there's two ways to look at this market.

Leeds United and West Brom are our picks for the top 2 and so naturally should finish in the top 6. At odds of 1.01 and 1.04 respectively, they're not bad picks.

However, we have been tracking the progress of some of the outsiders like Cardiff, who were one of the best teams in last year's competition at home. They are our outsider pick to sneak into the six.

Cardiff Top 6 Championship Finish
William Hill

Championship Odds

Will Leeds United Be Promoted?

Leeds United fell short of promotion last season, although are a massive chance of returning to the Premier League as head coach Marcelo Bielsa agreed terms to stay another season.

With him at the helm, there is a good feeling at Elland Road, and you would have to imagine they will finally be promoted.

Leeds United To Be Promoted To The Premier League

Leeds United Odds

Promotion - How It Works

After a gruelling 46-match season, the teams that finish first and second gain automatic promotion, while teams who finish third down to sixth play-off for the final spot.

This means that two teams will play a do-or-die match at Wembley Stadium to either secure promotion or remain in the Championship.

That it's worth around $250 million to be promoted - imagine the pressure in that one game!

Championship Standings


How to get the most out of the English Championship betting lines?

There are so many sportsbooks out there with English Championship odds, and there are small differences that make some more suitable for your needs than others. So, how do you pick? It all starts with daring to compare.

Compare Bonuses + Promotions

Step one is to compare the offers that sportsbook provide. The welcome bonus is the first thing you will see when you enter a site and will normally feature a matched bonus bet to the value of whatever your first deposit is. You can find out more about the online betting bonuses here.

Compare English Championship Markets

Step two is taking a look through all the best Canadian betting sites that we have partnered with. Whether that be by opening a bunch of tabs and comparing them side by side or checking out our handy widgets that select two or more selected partners and show odds side-by-side, Canada Sports Betting has done all the hard work for you.

Our partner Bet365 has some of the best English Championship markets to choose from, so that's a great place to start.

odds on promotion to the premier league

Compare English Championship Odds

Step three is taking a look at the available odds. Every site is different, and odds will vary across the board. A great place to start is Sports Interaction (SIA), as they regularly update their odds and are always competitive.

Compare Mobile Sites

Our final tip is to take a look at mobile betting. This has been an absolute game changer for the gaming industry. Betting live on sport is now easier than ever and can be done wherever you are, even if you're nowhere near a desktop computer.

Yet, the experience between betting via desktop and mobile can be quite different, so it's important to keep a few things in mind.

The number one tip is to make sure your sportsbook has an app - there's nothing worse than searching through a betting site that is meant for a desktop but has been compressed into a small mobile screen.

William Hill is one of our partner sites that has a great mobile app, and this makes betting on the English Championship easier than ever.

Check out our extensive list of mobile betting apps, and download a partner betting app today.