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Flames' Odds

When betting on Calgary Flames, there are multiple different options to consider. Canadians will find Stanley Cup odds on the Calgary Flames throughout the NHL season until the Flames either win the Stanley Cup or are eliminated from the playoffs.

There are also plenty of NHL betting odds on the Calgary Flames hockey games.

Prematch odds on the Flames include NHL moneylines, NHL game total odds, the puck line (a 1.5-point spread on NHL games) and plenty of NHL prop bets.

These options are available on every Calgary Flames game, including the NHL playoff odds and preseason.

Canadians will also see futures on Calgary Flames players to win specific NHL awards (with NHL MVP and NHL Rookie of the Year often gaining the most attention).

Live betting is also available on Calgary Flames games after the puck drops. Live betting adjusts in real-time to reflect the Flames chances of winning the game, scoring the next goal or the Flames and their opponent combining to score a certain amount.

How to Get the Most out of Calgary Flames' Betting Lines?

To get the most out of Calgary Flames betting lines or any other NHL teams betting odds is to know what to look for in an online sportsbook.

First, Canadians should consider welcome bonuses or other promotions available. New users are eligible for welcome bonuses, while additional bonuses and rewards (which often pop up at the start of the NHL season) may be available for all users.

Also knowing what online sportsbooks offer the best NHL markets and highest NHL betting odds.

Different online sportsbooks specialize in various types of bets. This means when looking at online sportsbooks that some may have a bigger selection of NHL betting props. While others may offer higher odds (in return for fewer rewards or less reliable customer service).

Vegas Odds Flames

It is also good to know before signing up and betting on Calgary Flames odds, what online sportsbooks have mobile websites or a mobile betting app. Most of our partners offer a mobile betting experience that is similar to their desktop version (although usually scaled drop to fit on a smaller screen).

How to Find the Best Welcome Bonus for Flames' Vegas Odds?

When Canadians signup for an online sportsbook, they are often eligible for a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus they receive is useable for betting on Calgary Flames hockey games.

Sportsbooks offer two main types of online betting deposit bonuses to their customers. They are initial deposit bonuses and free bets.

Initial deposit bonuses are the most popular option. When Canadians signup and make their first deposit, online sportsbooks will match the amount of their first deposit (usually believe $20 and $200).

The bonus has to be used for betting and withdrawals cannot be processed until the users have hit their rollover requirement. The rollover requirement is the amount that needs to be bet (usually between six and ten times the initial deposit and bonus amount) before full withdrawals are eligible on the account.

Calgary Flames Betting

The other option available is a free bet. After a user makes their first deposit, they will receive $5 to $10 free bet. Users can use this free bet on Calgary Flames as long as they met the minimum odds requirement (usually odds of at least 1.40 are required for a free bet to be valid).

Which Sportsbooks has the Highest Flames' Odds?

Here at Canada Sports Betting, our dozens of partners all offer Calgary flames betting odds, similar to Vegas Flames odds.

To compare odds for today’s games, Canadian can open up and check online sportsbooks individually, or they can check out our Flames odds widget above, which shows NHL betting odds from a couple of our top-rated partners side-by-side.

Our focus here is on NHL moneylines, but we will highlight other betting options including NHL puck lines, NHL game totals and NHL prop bets when there is good value.

Smart bettors will shop around for the best betting odds available. While many are happy to stick with one or two online sportsbooks, sometimes looking around will lead bettors to better odds or more NHL markets for betting.

Live betting on Calgary Flames games is best done on a single online sportsbook. Once you have decided on a favourite place to bet on the Calgary Flames, you should do the majority of your live betting on their website.

Which Sportsbook has the Most Current Flames' Betting Lines?

The majority of online sportsbooks will only release odds for the Calgary Flames next game. This means, on average, most online sportsbook will release their odds around the same time. Usually, odds are available shortly after the team’s last game is done.

Odds will be delayed due to injuries or if the starting goaltender is not yet finalized. Some of the larger online sportsbooks like William Hill and Bodog may release lines a bit sooner, even if they are still waiting on decisions by the team.

Calgary Flames prop betting is also prevalent on some websites. Betway and PowerPlay offer a wide variety of Prop Bets.

In fact, PowerPlay is currently offering a US sports parlay promotion (which includes the NHL and Calgary Flames). When Canadians bet on 5+ US sports  (what team will win the match), they will get 10% free.

Flames Vegas Odds


This is How You Make the Best Calgary Flames' Bets Tonight?

Canadians need to research to make the most out of their Calgary Flames NHL bets. Luckily, here at Canada Sports betting, our team of betting experts make it easy for Canadians to bet on the Calgary Flames.

We research the NHL every week to help make the best Free NHL picks every week. We also routinely update our NHL power rankings, so Canadians can see how every team is doing and whether they want to bet on or against the Calgary Flames in their next game.

Our betting picks on the Calgary Flames run throughout the regular season into the playoffs as long as the Flames make the playoffs.

We also have picks on Calgary Flames futures, highlighting what to expect from the team in the upcoming NHL season and what players on their roster have a chance at winning different NHL awards.