Canadian Sports Lotteries

Canuck sports bettors have been saddled with government regulated sports lotteries since 1976. The operators, plus options offered, differ from province to province but they all follow the same model when it come to return rates, betting odds, and wager permission structures. Bottom Line; Canadian sports schemes simply don't measure up when compared to the options available at top ranked online sportsbooks.

*** It should be pointed out that Canada’s provincial sports betting lotteries fall far short of offering the best wagering experience to sports handicappers in the Great White North.

Provincial sports betting schemes, they identify them as schemes right in the legal section on their various websites, hamstring sports bettors in Canada. Limited sports coverage, less than sharp odds, the inconvenience of heading to a store to purchase tickets, plus the dreaded three-bet wagering requirements, all back up our disclaimer above. Below we review the sports lottery offerings from coast-to-coast with an eye on how they stack up to the best sportsbooks available online today.

Lotteries In Canada

Government controlled sports lotteries spread from sea to shining sea in Canada. Whether you're in Cape Spear, Newfoundland, playing ACL ProLine Stadium games, or you hang your hat in Victoria, British Columbia, and bet on BCLC PlayNow contests, here is a preview of the lotteries in Canada.






Offshore Sports Betting vs. Canadian Sports Lotteries

When it comes to the Offshore Sports Betting vs. Canadian Sports Lotteries debate - established online sportsbooks consistently win the battle. From single bet wagering options, to vast amounts of betting choices, as well as convenience and ease of play, bettors get more bang for their buck at top rated online bookmakers. Here is out list of the best of the best in the sportsbook industry. 

There are key differences between provincial sports lotteries and the offshore sportsbook industry and what drives them matters. The online sports betting landscape is packed with competition and top bookmakers understand that they need to be user friendly, deliver a wide variety of quality products and respect their valued clients. As part of a complete package, handicappers receive sharp wagering lines with reasonable prices, a LIVE betting platform, simple account registration plus a secure bankroll funding environment. Bonus offers, valuable “pay for play” rewards and quality customer care, are bows that wrap the package. Top online bookmakers, like Canadian trailblazing legend Bodog, have been delivering a quality betting experience for decades now.

On the other side of the fence, two words sum up what bettors can expect from provincial sports lottery schemes – Government Control. Please don’t view us as anti-government; we realize it’s a necessary evil. Anyone who has dealt with bureaucrats understands that service is not their strong suit. In most instances, “it’s our way or the highway” prevails and that’s the case with their sports betting offers. While some provinces are more “evolved” than others, as long as two-bet minimums and HOME - TIE - VISITOR odds exist, provincial sports lotteries will always be a bad bet. Both of those stipulations tilt the odds away from bettors in Canada from coast-to-coast. Look to the online betting landscape, where the grass truly is greener, for the very best sports wagering experiences.