Stanley Cup Finals Betting Lines

Donated in 1892, by Governor General of Canada Lord Stanley of Preston, the Stanley Cup is the oldest and most iconic trophy in North American pro team sports. With plenty of good reasons, Lord Stanley’s mug is also the toughest trophy to capture. First awarded to “amateur” Canadian hockey clubs, the Stanley Cup became the symbol of professional hockey dominance when the Toronto Arenas claimed it during the first official NHL season in 1917-18.

Odds On Stanley Cup Finals

Having played up to 21 matches during the first three rounds of the NHL playoffs, and needing to win twelve of those contests, a Western and Eastern Conference squad are left standing to battle for the NHL Championship. Normally the tightest of any pro hockey lines, odds on the Stanley Cup Finals are LIVE, and continuously updated below, once the two conference champs are crowned.  

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 15 January
AOT Dallas Stars 3 - 2 Boston Bruins +145 -154 Odds
FT Anaheim Ducks 1 - 3 Colorado Avalanche -110 +102 Odds
FT San Jose Sharks 4 - 1 Los Angeles Kings +113 -114 Odds
AOT New York Islanders 5 - 4 Montreal Canadiens +135 -145 Odds
Tuesday 16 January
AOT St. Louis Blues 2 - 1 Toronto Maple Leafs +113 -123 Odds
FT New Jersey Devils 4 - 1 New York Islanders -110 +105 Odds
FT Philadelphia Flyers 1 - 5 New York Rangers +105 -110 Odds
FT Dallas Stars 4 - 2 Detroit Red Wings -125 +116 Odds
FT Knights 0 - 1 Nashville Predators +115 -118 Odds
PEN San Jose Sharks 3 - 2 Arizona Coyotes -119 +120 Odds
Wednesday 17 January
FT Montreal Canadiens 1 - 4 Boston Bruins +175 -185 Odds
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - 5 Anaheim Ducks +107 -110 Odds
Thursday 18 January
AOT Washington Capitals 3 - 4 New Jersey Devils -108 +100 Odds
FT Boston Bruins 5 - 2 New York Islanders -125 +115 Odds
AOT Toronto Maple Leafs 2 - 3 Philadelphia Flyers -103 -103 Odds
PEN Dallas Stars 1 - 2 Jackets -115 +106 Odds
FT Buffalo Sabres 3 - 4 New York Rangers +172 -185 Odds
FT St. Louis Blues 4 - 1 Ottawa Senators -122 +135 Odds
FT Knights 4 - 1 Tampa Bay Lightning +153 -161 Odds
PEN Arizona Coyotes 2 - 3 Nashville Predators +189 -200 Odds
FT San Jose Sharks 3 - 5 Colorado Avalanche -106 -103 Odds
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - 1 Los Angeles Kings +127 -127 Odds
Friday 19 January
Knights 19:30 Florida Panthers -102 -106 Odds
Montreal Canadiens 19:30 Washington Capitals +155 -185 Odds
Los Angeles Kings 22:00 Anaheim Ducks +115 -137 Odds
Saturday 20 January
Dallas Stars 13:00 Buffalo Sabres
New Jersey Devils 13:00 Philadelphia Flyers
New York Rangers 15:00 Colorado Avalanche
Winnipeg Jets 15:00 Calgary Flames
Boston Bruins 19:00 Montreal Canadiens
Toronto Maple Leafs 19:00 Ottawa Senators
Carolina Hurricanes 19:00 Detroit Red Wings
Pittsburgh Penguins 20:00 San Jose Sharks
Arizona Coyotes 20:00 St. Louis Blues
Florida Panthers 20:00 Nashville Predators
New York Islanders 20:30 Chicago Blackhawks
Tampa Bay Lightning 21:00 Minnesota Wild
Vancouver Canucks 22:00 Edmonton Oilers
Sunday 21 January
Philadelphia Flyers 12:30 Washington Capitals
Knights 18:00 Carolina Hurricanes
Vancouver Canucks 20:00 Winnipeg Jets
San Jose Sharks 21:00 Anaheim Ducks
New York Rangers 22:30 Los Angeles Kings

NHL Stanley Cup Betting Trends

After the 82-game regular season, and then three rounds of intense Fire on Ice playoff action, puck wagering fans should be well tuned in to NHL Stanley Cup betting trends. By understanding and recognizing those trends, Canuck ‘Cappers can capitalize on the knowledge gained when placing NHL Championship bets at any of these CSB recommended Canada specific online sportsbooks.

Stanley Cup Puck Lines

Consistent with prices offered during the NHL regular season and playoff rounds, Stanley Cup puck lines favour one side with -1.5 odds while the other squad hits the ice with a 1.5 goal lead. There is one major difference however as betting on the underdogs comes with rather steep prices while laying pucks has the potential of rather generous returns. The 2015-17 San Jose vs Pittsburgh Cup Final is an example of that as laying pucks came with average (+213) price while taking goals cost (-260) over the six game series. Giving up pucks didn’t work out very well as the chalk teams went just 1-5 against the spread. Top squads contend for the Cup so be cautious when laying puck lines.

Stanley Cup Money Lines

While puck line odds can balloon during the NHL Championship chase, since the best of the best are battling for the Stanley Cup, money lines tend to remain tight. There are exceptions though as illustrated during the 2014-15 NHL postseason. That year, the average Western (-139) and Eastern (-147) Conference favorite prices rose to (-151) during the Tampa Bay vs Chicago 2015 Stanley Cup clash. That was a rollercoaster duel as the dogs and favorites alternated wins through the six game series. Puck betting specialists, Bodog is a Canadian classic, also offer money line odds as part of their LIVE in-game wagering package that is available during every Stanley Cup playoff contest.

Stanley Cup Over Under

Whether if it’s the NFL Super Bowl or game seven of the MLB World Series, sports fans generally crave action packed and high scoring championship contests. That can certainly be applied to NHL title game fights but bettors need to be careful when betting on Stanley Cup Over/Under odds. The numbers can be fairly shocking when on considers that five goals were scored just six times during the 29 contests played over five years from 2012 to 2016. Even more surprising, four or less goals were scored during 17 of the matches and three was the top end during 12 of those contests Don’t get caught up in the hype for action as goal totals often come in low during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Stanley Cup Futures And Props

During the first six plus months of the NHL title chase, Stanley Cup futures and props betting odds are always plentiful. Prior to the Western vs Eastern Conference clash, the outright Cup winner odds become the Stanley Cup futures price. Other futures, like how many games the series will go and the Stanley Cup MVP, come into play on betting boards at top rated online sportsbooks posted above. Game by game prop wagering is also a hot commodity as just about every player on both rosters will have some sort of scoring prop bet attached to them. YES or NO to score a goal or register an assist are the most prevalent offers. Top CSB sportsbooks are a Stanley Cup best bet.