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Futures lines, offered by top online sportsbooks everywhere these days, add excitement to a sports season and can be very profitable. That is true in the National Football League and odds to win the Super Bowl after posted shortly after the Vince Lombardi Trophy is hoisted on Championship Sunday. The numbers can change rapidly and this page will be updated regularly during the exciting NFL season.

Super Bowl LIII Futures 2019

Part of the sports wagering landscape, 365 days a year now, the NFL has become a twelve month passion for pigskin prognosticators. From Super Bowl and Team Win Total odds, to prices on the MVP and Rookie of the Year, top ranked CSB bookmakers keep their betting boards well stocked with NFL futures options. Our odds display “week over week” changes and CSB readers are invited to check back anytime for regularly updated NFL Championship lines – plus postseason predictions.

Please Note: All Suggested Wagers are 100 Units unless otherwise noted.

Previous Super Bowl LIII Refresh 11:30 PM ET on September 12, 2018.

NFL Futures Line Movement: Gain: Return Rose Drop: Return Fell: Steady: No Move

Last SportsInteraction Super Bowl 53 Futures Update: 1:00 AM ET on September 19, 2018.

NFL Bold Selection Status: Kicked Off Sacked – Touchdown

Hot and Not: Week 3 NFL 2018 Futures Odds Refresh

We are two weeks into the 2018-19 NFL season and a Bizarro World theme continues to filter through the league. First is last, up is down, good is bad, plus wrong is right, can all be pointed to during the first 32 games of the new campaign. While a few things are playing out as perceived in the preseason, the Rams and Jaguars are playing at a playoff caliber level, can we get a show of hands from anyone who thought Miami, Cincinnati and Tampa Bay would all be undefeated and leading their respective divisions? Anyone? We highly doubt it.

With early uncertainty circulating through the NFL – bookmakers have been careful about moving their Super Bowl 2019 odds too much. That is evident by the fact that the Dolphins (+5000) Bengals (+4000) and Buccaneers (+3300) are all still tagged with highly inflated NFL Championship prices. Following their second loss over 14 regular season matches, during which they were largely dominated by Jacksonville who were without RB Leonard Fournette, New England (+600 to +650) has company in the top chalk slot at SportsInteraction.

Though not vs skilled squads (Oakland + Arizona) Los Angeles is 2-0 as the Rams D hasn’t allowed a point since the Raiders kicked a field goal to close the first half in Week 1. While some aren’t sold on the Rams, SportsInteraction oddsmakers have slashed their price as LAR opened with a +1800 SB LIII line that has now shrunk to a (+650) tie with the Patriots. After a sister-kissing tie vs Green Bay, Minnesota (+850 to +900) experienced a slight increase and the Vikings are joined by Jacksonville (+1400 to +900) in a second chalk tie.

Super Bowl 53 Observation: We are still high on Jacksonville, Minnesota and LA Rams.

Week 3 Parlay Pick: Miami (-155) vs Oakland + Pittsburgh (-120) vs Tampa Bay

Final Scores: Dolphins 28-20 + Steelers 30-27

NFL 2018-19 Super Bowl LIII Futures Movements

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20/09/18 AFC Championship Week 3 Futures Update

Strange is the best way to describe the American Football Conference standings as we head into Week 3. There are surprises, at the top and the bottom, with Cincinnati and Miami leading the former while Pittsburgh and Houston fit the latter. Back on 24/08/18, with their division titles odds in brackets, the Bengals (+900 to +215) and Dolphins (+850 to +450) were both projected to win 6.5 games at the Bet365 sportsbook. While season win total lines have disappeared – both teams have had their division wining prices slashed considerably. 

AFC Championship prices have changed dramatically for several teams with Kanasa City being the most inpacted as the Chiefs Week 1 line (+1400) has fallen to a (+600) best value at Betway. Led by QB Patrick Mahomes (10 TD 0 INT) Kansas City slipped past the Chargers and Steelers, by a combined 80-65 count, but the Chiefs have a tougher road ahead and their defense needs be better. We aren’t sold on the KC Crew. Overall, New England continues to lead though their price did rise for a second straight week.

Heading the other way, Jacksonville (+850 to +450) has fallen to their lowest level of the season and they are clear second favorites. The Jaguars have snuffed out the Giants and Patriots while allowing a 68 yard TD run by RB Saquon Barkley and two second half TD receptions by WR Chris Hogan as the only three major scores. Kansas City sits in the third chalk slot as their (+600) Betway line is slightly better than the Steelers (+750) fourth ranked odds available at Bodog. Los Angels rounds out the current top five AFC contenders.

AFC Week 3 Play: New England -6.5 (-110) over Detroit – Final Score: Lions 26-10

20/09/18 American Football Conference Division Winnings Odds From Bodog

AFC East  Odds  AFC North  Odds  AFC South  Odds  AFC West  Odds
New England -500 Pittsburgh +130 Jacksonvile -170 Kansas City +120
Miami +450 Cincinnati +215 Indianapolis +500 Los Angeles +225
New York +1100 Baltimore +240 Tennessee +550 Denver +250
Buffalo +10K Cleveland +1160 Houston +550 Oakland +1400

Previous American Football Conference Odds: 3:30 PM ET on September 13, 2018.

2019 AFC Championship Odds Table: Teams are listed by the current AFC standings.

Latest AFC Price Update: 1:00 AM ET on September 20, 2018. Shaded Green: Best Price!

Week 3 AFC Championship
Cincinnati Bengals  +2800 to +1800   +2800 to +1800   +2800 to +1800   +2800 to +2000 
Miami Dolphins  +4000 to +2500   +4000 to +2500 
 +4000 to +2500   +4000 to +3300 
Kansas City Chiefs  +1200 to +550   +1200 to +550   +1400 to +550 
 +1000 to +600 
Jacksonville Jaguars  +650 to +400   +600 to +400   +650 to +400  +800 to +450 
Denver Broncos  +1600 to +1400   +1600 to N/C   +1600  to +1400  +1400 to N/C 
Baltimore Ravens  +1200 to +1600   +1200 to +1800   +1200 to +1600 
 +1400 to +1600 
Los Angeles Chargers  +1200 to +900   +1200 to +900   +1200 to +900   +1100 to +1000 
New England Patriots  +175 to +275   +200 to +290   +200 to +275   +175 to +250 
Tennessee Titans  +2800 to +2500   +2800 to +2500   +2800 to +2500   +2800 to +2200 
Indianapolis Colts  +3500 to +3000   +3500 to +3000   +3500 to +3000   +3300 to +2800 
New York Jets  +5000 to +6000   +5000 to +6000   +5000 to +6000   +5000 to +6600 
Cleveland Browns  +4000 to +6000   +4000 to +6000   +4000 to +6000   +4000 to +5000 
Pittsburgh Steelers  +500 to +700   +500 to +750   +500 to +700   +500 to +650 
Oakland Raiders  +2500 to +4000   +4000 to N/C   +4000 to N/C   +2800 to +4000 
Houston Texans  +1200 to +2000   +1200 to +2200   +1200 to +2000   +1100 to +2000 
Buffalo Bills  +12.5K to +20K   +12.5K to +20K   +12.5 to +20K   +6600 to +25K 

2018-19 AFC Championship Futures Movement

20/09/18 NFC Championship Week 3 Futures

Messing with one of our preseason predictions, it doesn’t look like our call of Dirk Koetter being fired early during NFL 2018 is going to produce any fruit. Tampa Bay have been the Shock Jocks of the Year so far as the Buccaneers are 2-0 following wins against New Orleans (48-40) on the road and defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia 27-21 during their home opener. Despite the surprise wins, the Bucs are still longshots to win the NFC South (+300) the NFC Championship (+2000) and the Super Bowl (+3333). Stay away.

Beyond the Bucs, things are shaping up pretty much as we expected – in the standings and on NFC Championship future boards. Los Angeles is new overall chalk as the Rams line sunk consistently across the board with Bet365 and Bodog posting the SoCal Crew with a (+333) best price while SIA and Betway (+330) are smidge lower. After their fortunate tie versus Green Bay, Minnesota pulled away from the Packers slightly as the Vikings are consensus second favorite with a (+450) low price at three sportsbooks and (+500) best price at Betway.

Philadelphia and Green Bay are battling for the third and fourth chalk slots as the Eagles have a (+650) line at Bodog while Betway and Bodog have pumped the Packers price up to (+700). The Champs are living on reputation as they are 1-1 after their loss in Tampa Bay and have not looked good in either of their matches. Green Bay struggled to beat the Bears but were jobbed out of win in Minnesota and settled for a tie last week. We are happy with our early NFC futures picks and looking forward to more success from the Vikings and Rams.

NFC Week 3 Play: Chicago -6 (-110) over Arizona – Final Score: Bears 16-14

20/09/18 National Football Conference Division Winnings Odds From Bodog

NFC East  Odds  NFC North  Odds  NFC South  Odds  NFC West  Odds
Philadelphia -150 Minnesota +100 Atlanta +175 Los Angeles -350
Dallas +300 Green Bay +150 New Orleans +240 San Francisco +333
Washington +650 Chicago +600 Tampa Bay +300 Seattle +1200
New York +700 Detroit +1600 Carolina +400 Arizona +5000

Previous National Football Conference Odds: 3:30 PM ET on September 13, 2018

2019 NFC Championship Odds Table: Teams are listed by the current NFC Standings.

Latest NFC Price Update: 1:00 AM ET on September 20, 2018. Shaded Green: Best Price!

Week 3 NFC Championship
Tampa Bay Buccaneers   +3300 to +1800   +3300 to +2000   +3300 to +1800    +3300 to +1800 
Los Angeles Rams  +500 to +330   +550 to +333   +500 to +333   +400 to +300 
Green Bay Packers  +600 to +650   +600 to +700   +600 to +650   +600 to +700 
Minnesota Vikings  +500 to +450   +450 to N/C   +500 to +450   +550 to +500 
Dallas Cowboys  +2200 to +1800   +2200 to +2000   +2200 to +1800     +2200 to +1800 
Washington Redskins  +2200 to +3300   +2200 to +4000   +2200 to +3300   +2200 to +3300 
Philadelphia Eagles  +500 to +600   +500 to 650   +500 to +600   +500 to +600 
Atlanta Falcons  +1000 to N/C   +1000 to N/C   +1000 to N/C   +1100 to +1000 
Carolina Panthers  +1400 to +1800   +1400 to +2000   +1400 to +1800   +1400 to +1800 
Chicago Bears  +2500 to +1800   +2500 to +1800   +2500 to +1800   +2800 to 1800 
San Francisco 49ers  +1600 to +1400   +1600 to N/C   +1600 to +1400   +1600 to +1400 
New Orleans Saints  +1000 to N/C   +1000 to N/C    +1000 to N/C   +800 to +1000 
Seattle Seahawks  +3300 to +4000   +3300 to +4000   +3300 to +4000   +2800 to +4000 
New York Giants  +3300 to +4000   +3300 to +4000   +3300 to +4000   +3300 to +4000 
Arizona Cardinals  +8000 to +12.5K   +8000 to +12.5K   +8000 to +12.5K   +9000 to +12.5K 
Detroit Lions  +4000 to +5000   +4000 to +5000   +4000 to +5000   +5000 to N/C 

2018-19 NFC Championship Futures Movement

Best Online Sportsbooks Available in Canada

Undeniably The King of sports betting in North America, the NFL is far from alone when it comes to exciting wagering action at the sportsbooks recommended here at CSB. While we don’t like to brag, as is tradition, Canucks of proud of their longer fields and bigger balls. CFL handicapping action is first served up in mid-June and runs all the way to Grey Cup Sunday in late November.

Prior to, and then running in tandem with the NCAAF and NFL seasons, baseball lines numbering in the thousands are splashed across online betting boards daily. That includes MLB World Series futures lines and thrilling LIVE in-game wagering. Though they join the live action frey when the NFL hits Week 4 in October – futures odds for the NHL and NBA are also prevalent all year long.

NFL 2017-18 Super Bowl 52 Futures Movements 

2017-18 AFC Championship Futures Movement