Odds To Win Super Bowl

Futures lines, offered by top online sportsbooks everywhere these days, add excitement to a sports season and can be very profitable. That is true in the National Football League and odds to win the Super Bowl after posted shortly after the Vince Lombardi Trophy is hoisted on Championship Sunday. The numbers can change rapidly and this page will be updated regularly during the exciting NFL season.

Super Bowl LIII Futures 2019

Part of the sports wagering landscape, 365 days a year now, the NFL has become a twelve month passion for pigskin prognosticators. From Super Bowl and Team Win Total odds, to prices on the MVP and Rookie of the Year, top ranked CSB bookmakers keep their betting boards well stocked with NFL futures options. Our odds display “week over week” changes and CSB readers are invited to check back anytime for regularly updated NFL Championship lines – plus postseason predictions.

Next Important Date:  July 26, 2018, Veterans begin reporting and training camps open.

Previous Super Bowl LIII Refresh 6:00 AM ET on May 25, 2018.

Last SportsInteraction Super Bowl 53 Futures Update: 4:30 PM ET on June 18, 2018.

NFL Futures Line Movement: Gain: Return Rose Drop: Return Fell: Steady: No Move

NFL Bold Selection Status: Kicked Off Sacked – Touchdown

Hot and Not: Post Mandatory Minicamps Futures Refresh

2018 NFL mandatory minicamps, which ran from June 5-7 or June 12-14 depending on the team, have now ended and top online bookmakers have adjusted their Super Bowl 53 futures lines accordingly. Value gains out numbered price drops (17 to 12) while three squads (Minnesota, Cincinnati and Chicago) saw their lines hold steady. Gains were prevalent at the top of SportsInteraction’s futures board as the Patriots (+500 to +550) Eagles (+650 to +850) LA Rams (+700 to +850) and Packers (+1000 to +1200) all had price increases.

Despite still not expecting to see stud RB Le’Veon Bell in camp until NFL Week 1, which also happened last season, Pittsburgh lost one-tenth of their value as the Steelers line dipped form +1000 to +900. Losing one-fifth of their value, since our last update on 25/05/18, Atlanta had the largest odds cut (+2000 to +1600) of any top ten team. At the other end of the spectrum, over-valued preseason darlings San Francisco saw their price inflated from +1300 to +2000 while Dallas had their line pumped up (+2500 to +3300) considerably as well.

Super Bowl 53 Best Price Alert: LA Rams (+825) odds at SportsInteraction will not last.

NFL 2018-19 Super Bowl LIII Futures Movements

2018-19 AFC Championship: Mandatory Minicamp Update

Satisfied that their numbers are in line, or possibly waiting for additional news, CSB top rated UK bookmakers have left their AFC and NFC Championship prices largely unchanged since our last update 0n 25/05/18. It’s a different story at Canada based sportsbooks though as Bodog and SportsInteraction both moved their lines. New England, who are rebuilding on the fly (again) continue to lead the pack as the Patriots are priced from +175 at Bet365 to a best value of +250 at Bodog. Pittsburgh, with a +450 top price at SIA, are second chalk.

Looking past the perennial favorites, with best odds in brackets, Jacksonville (+900) Houston (+1000) Kansas City (+1200) and Los Angeles (+1500) are second tier AFC contenders. Of that group, if you believe in Los Angeles, we suggest grabbing them now as their +1500 price at Bet365 won’t last long. Led by ageless pivot Philip Rivers, the Chargers have what appears to be a gift schedule and they closed their 2017 slate on a 6-2 roll. We see the Bolts 9.5 (-110) win total at Bet365 going OVER and a 11-5 finish would not be a surprise.

AFC Best Price Alert: LA Chargers (+1500) AFC title price at Bet365 is very generous.

2019 AFC Championship Odds Table: Teams are listed by the final 2017 AFC Standings.

Latest Price Update: 6:00 PM ET on June 18, 2018. Shaded Green: Best Price!

2019 AFC Championship
New England Patriots  +240 to +235   +260 to +250   +175 to N/C   +187 to N/C 
Pittsburgh Steelers  +450 to N/C   +450 to +400   +450 to N/C   +400 to N/C 
Jacksonville Jaquars  +850 to +900   +900 to N/C   +800 to N/C   +900 to N/C 
Kansas City Chiefs  +1000 to +850    +1200 to +1100   +1200 to N/C 
 +1200 to N/C 
Tennessee Titans  +1800 to +1500   +2000 +1500   +2000 to N/C  +2000 to N/C 
Buffalo Bills  +3300 to N/C   +3300 to N/C   +3000 to N/C   +4000 to N/C 
Baltimore Ravens  +2000 to N/C   +2000 to +1500   +2000 to N/C 
 +2000 to N/C 
Los Angeles Chargers  +1000 to +950   +1000 to +950  +1500  to N/C   +1000 to N/C 
Cincinanati Bengals  +4000 to +3300   +3000 to N/C   +4000 to N/C   +4000 to N/C 
Oakland Raiders  +1500 to N/C   +1500 to N/C   +1500 to N/C   +1600 to N/C 
Miami Dolphins  +4000 to N/C   +3500 to N/C  
 +4000 to N/C   +4000 to N/C 
Denver Broncos  +1500 to +1600   +1500 to N/C   +1500  to N/C   +1600 to N/C 
New York Jets  +5000 to +6000   +4500 to N/C   +6000 to N/C   +6600 to N/C 
Indianapolis Colts  +3300 to N/C   +3000 to +2500   +4000 to +3000   +4000 to N/C 
Houston Texans  +1000 to N/C   +1000 to +850   +1000 to N/C   +900 to N/C 
Cleveland Browns  +3300 to +3000   +4000 to +3000   +4000 to N/C   +4000 to N/C 

2018-19 AFC Championship Futures Movement

2018-19 NFC Championship: Mandatory Minicamp Update

Bunched tighter at the top, when compared to AFC prices, four teams are fighting for top favorite status in National Football Conference. Almost carbon copies of each other, with their line shifts in brackets, Philadelphia (+400 to + 550) Green Bay (+500 to +650) plus Minnesota and Los Angeles both at (+550 to +700) continue to crowd the top of our NFC futures board. There is certainly a lot to like amongst the favorites as the Packers will improve on their 7-9 record and we don’t see the other three crews falling far off their 2017 pace.

That said, of the top chalk squads, Packers pivot Aaron Rodgers is the lone QB constant. The Eagles have a Carson Wentz vs SB LII MVP Nick Foles controversy, the Vikings are embarking on the Kirk Cousins era and Jared Goff will be looking prove his sophomore surge wasn’t a fluke – we feel he will. Lurking just behind the leaders, a pair of NFC South squads enter the 2018 season with their field generals firmly in place. New Orleans (+900 to +1200) and Atlanta (+1000 to +1100) deserve respect with Drew Brees and Matt Ryan leading the way.

NFC Best Price Alert: Vikings and Rams, both (+700) at Bet365, are solid NFC title buys.

2019 NFC Championship Odds Table: Teams are listed by the final 2017 NFC Standings.

Latest Price Update: 6:00 PM ET on June 18, 2018. Shaded Green: Best Price!

 2019 NFC Championship
Philadelphia Eagles  +500 to +400   +500 to +400  +500 to N/C   +550 to N/C 
Minnesota Vikings  +700 to +575   +700 to +550   +700 to N/C  
 +650 to N/C 
Los Angeles Rams  +625 to +575   +600 to N/C   +700 to N/C   +550 to N/C 
New Orleans Saints  +1050 to +900   +950 to +900   +1200 to N/C   +800 to N/C 
Carolina Panthers  +1400 to +1500   +1400 to N/C   +1200 to N/C   +1400 to N/C 
Atlanta Falcons  +1100 to N/C   +1100 to +1000   +1000 to N/C   +1100 to N/C 
Detroit Lions  +1600 to +1800   +1800 to N/C   +2000 to N/C   +2000 to N/C  
Seattle Seahawks  +2000 to +2500   +2000 to N/C   +1500 to N/C   +1600 to N/C 
Dallas Cowboys  +1400 to +1500   +1400 to N/C   +1000 to N/C     +1400 to N/C 
Arizona Cardinals  +4000 to +5000   +4500 to N/C   +3300 to N/C   +4500 to N/C 
Green Bay Packers  +600 to N/C   +650 to +600   +500 to N/C   +650 to N/C 
Washington Redskins  +2500 to +3000   +2500 to N/C   +2500 to N/C   +3300 to N/C 
San Francisco 49ers  +1100 to +1200   +1200 to N/C   +1000 to N/C   +1000 to N/C 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers   +2800 to +4500   +2800 to +2500   +2800 to N/C   +3300 to N/C 
Chicago Bears  +4000 to +4500   +4000 to N/C   +5000 to N/C   +5000 to N/C 
New York Giants  +2500 to N/C   +2800 to +2500   +2800 to N/C   +2800 to N/C 

2018-19 NFC Championship Futures Movement

Best Online Sportsbooks Available in Canada

Undeniably The King of sports betting in North America, the NFL is far from alone when it comes to exciting wagering action at the sportsbooks recommended here at CSB. While we don’t like to brag, as is tradition, Canucks of proud of their longer fields and bigger balls. CFL handicapping action is first served up in mid-June and runs all the way to Grey Cup Sunday in late November.

Prior to, and then running in tandem with the NCAAF and NFL seasons, baseball lines numbering in the thousands are splashed across online betting boards daily. That includes MLB World Series futures lines and thrilling LIVE in-game wagering. Though they join the live action frey when the NFL hits Week 4 in October – futures odds for the NHL and NBA are also prevalent all year long.

NFL 2017-18 Super Bowl 52 Futures Movements 

2017-18 AFC Championship Futures Movement

2017-18 NFC Championship Futures Movement