Simply stated, Knowledge is King. It always will be and that applies to everything in life – fantasy sports betting included. From understanding what is involved while playing fantasy games, to researching the various sports and players who battle in the matches, the more knowledge bettors gain – the more success they are bound to enjoy on a regular basis. Sweetening the pot substantially, fantasy sports research, along with the knowledge attained through playing the contests, can be transferred and help handicappers develop sportsbook betting success. Although the correlation is not always guaranteed, if you are winning fantasy contests, you should also be cashing winning bets at the banking section at online sportsbooks. Sports betting and fantasy games are like buttered pancakes and warm maple syrup – now let’s answer a few fantasy sports frequently asked questions.

Fantasy Sports Guide

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Are season long and daily fantasy sports contests legal in Canada?

Let’s address the elephant in the room straight away shall we? North American sports betting laws are the most archaic on the planet. We discussed this in our NHL fantasy hockey betting article, so we’ll let that rant suffice, but governments continuing to stack the deck against sports bettors is not right y'all. The only answer we have, related to whether fantasy sports are legal or not, is yes and no. For instance, Scout FFWC NFL contests are illegal in Quebec but legal across the rest of Canada. As we always advise, please check the laws within your specific jurisdiction.


Since time is money, is there a quick and easy way to bet on fantasy sports?

Depending on what “quick and easy” means to you - the answer is yes and no. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to win fantasy drafts, by avoiding a proper research path, the answer is no. If you are familiar with season long contests, but the length of the sports season is a concern, then the answer is yes. Drafting daily MLB fantasy squads, as opposed to playing in 162 game season long drafts, is an example. Bettors can jump into exciting daily baseball contests anytime during the season and enjoy new battles from MLB Opening Day to the World Series.


What does “FADE” mean in daily fantasy sports compared to sportsbook betting?

A fade is similar across all gambling genres. Just as sportsbook bettors may stay away from favourites that the public is hitting heavily - fantasy owners may choose to avoid top priced fantasy players. This applies more to daily fantasy contests as owners may decide to fade a high priced stud who will be drafted by many of the league participants. NBA fantasy players who decided to fade Stephen Curry at home vs the Utah Jazz, in favour of Russell Westbrook vs the LA Clippers on March 9, 2016, were rewarded when Westbrook crushed Curry by 72-35 fantasy point margin.

What is the difference between playing daily and season long fantasy contests?

Finding contests that best suit your playing style -and wagering bankroll - is an important step when betting on fantasy sports. The differences between daily and season long fantasy games are similar to NFL single game betting and futures wagering. Season long fantasy contests begin with Game One of each sport and they play out until the end of the season. Daily games on the other hand, are one hit wonders as bettors pick players from all the games on one particular day. Full season drafts cost between $35 and $2,000 while daily drafts can cost as little as loonie.


Are fantasy points earned during matches that extend beyond regulation time?

Edge of your seat excitement, generated by sudden-death OT, is a sports landscape peak. Many fantasy sports award points that players post during extra time. Just as Detroit Tigers stud Miguel Cabrera earned ten points for each of his back-to-back jacks, in the first and third innings on September 5, 2016, versus the White Sox, OF Justin Upton fantasy owner’s bagged ten points for his game winning three-run blast in the 11th inning. An exception to the rule occurs in fantasy golf as all of the “per hole scoring” is suspended once tournament play goes beyond 18 holes.


What is the “FLEX” player designation and how relevant is it to fantasy sports success?

Adding a FLEX player designation, a fairly new fantasy sports scoring component, was a huge game changer. Similar across all contests, the FLEX position is an extra roster spot (sometimes two) in daily and season long contests. Most fantasy rules allow flex players to be from any position on offense except goaltender, quarterback and pitcher. NHL fantasy contests that allow two starting centers are a good example. Bettors torn between Sidney Crosby, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Joe Thornton, can simply select all three of those All-Star studs in drafts that offer a FLEX roster spot.

What are “Clean Sheet” points and which players earn them in fantasy soccer scoring?

Goalkeepers and defenders both receive points for a clean sheet in fantasy soccer contests. While there are some stipulations surrounding the category, that includes playing at least 60 minutes, goalies are awarded five points while defenders receive three points if their team doesn’t allow any opposition or own-goals during a match. A big part of the logic behind the generous points that are awarded for a clean sheet is to make goaltenders and defenders as relevant on fantasy squads as they are for their teams out on the pitch. Select these players with precision timing.

Is there a way to get some additional bang for my MMA sports betting buck?

Yes Virginia, thanks to exciting MMA fantasy options. Top fantasy sports suppliers, DraftKings rule the octagon, offer fight cards from UFC, Bellator and King of the Cage events all year long. We still love MMA sportsbook betting, whether it’s futures wagering or betting on individual combatants, but MMA fantasy contests bring excitement to the entire fight card. Due to a lack of big name stars - MMA fans sometimes skip undercard scraps. Having fighters on a fantasy MMA squad, from every level of a fight card, brings bettors excitement throughout every fight night.


What is “Place Differential” and how is it scored in NASCAR fantasy sports betting?

Being as point scoring categories can be somewhat limited, when it comes to NASCAR daily fantasy sports wagering, Place Different scoring is a very important aspect to motor sport fantasy betting success. These points are based on the drivers starting and finishing positions. Let’s say Kyle Busch runs slow in qualifying and ends up placed 30th on the starting grid of a race. If Busch runs a solid race, and finishes in third place, his backers receive 27 bonus points. That is more than enough to offset the extra points the top two drivers earned for finishing in first and second.


Fantasy Sports and Online Sportsbook Betting Similarities

Mentioned a few times, in our sports wagering articles, the line between fantasy sports contests and sportsbook betting is dental floss thin. That’s on every level there isn't much separation between these entities anymore. That includes a wide variety of betting options, type of sports covered, research required to cash winning tickets and build successful fantasy squads, plus the various government imposed restrictions. Being as we have over two decades of fantasy playing and organizing experience, and witnesses to wholesale industry changes, we are excited by the progress that fantasy sports continue to make along the path to full legalization. Fully aware of the twists, turns, and stops, that can occur during the journey to legalization, and more importantly respectability, Sportsbooks have been there – done that - and they have wins to prove it.

      From days when governments spent millions seizing sites, like, to online bookmaker William Hill acquiring a substantial stake in the Las Vegas and greater Nevada gambling scene, the circle is steadily moving towards being complete. There's work ahead, particularly in Canada due to the government’s iron fisted control of the sports betting ocean, but the progress continuing in a positive direction is certainly a good thing. While we don’t begrudge bettors who play the Provincial lottery schemes, which are forced upon them in the Great White North, we don’t understand why anyone would play under those crazy rules anymore. On top of that, why take just one slice of pizza when you can have the whole pie? Get it all as exciting sports, casino, poker and racebook betting options are offered all in one place at top online wagering websites.

      This is especially true with sports gambling. One game tickets, whether on money lines, against the spread odds or game total prices, plus single team and player proposition wagering, one-option futures forecasting and a multitude of additional one-bet options, can be bet on everyday at the sportsbooks we recommend here at Canada Sports Betting. Sadly, that buffet of options is not available through the provincial sports lottery dealers at local gas stations from coast to coast. While the top fantasy supplier is DraftKings, we have a much larger sportsbook recommendation list. Read our impartial sportsbook reviews, which include positives and negatives for every bookmaker, to determine which sportsbook fits your betting style. Times are changing and we are always on top of the innovations. Stick with us for comprehensive online betting information, tips and advice. If you have questions about fantasy wagering, or opening an online betting account, please feel free to email us at anytime.

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