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Not quite at the level of the top European and South American teams, the USA soccer program is still feisty and rarely a pushover. Though the team has never won the World Cup and only has a single medal – in 1930 – bettors can still find USA soccer team odds were they are the favourites. The sport’s popularity is growing in the third biggest nation in the world and there is definite potential for the US to one day join the top ranks, but for now they shall toil in the realm of average. 

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Outside of a Bronze medal at the 1930 World Cup, the USA has not experienced much success at soccer’s biggest event. From 1954 to 1986 the USA failed to qualify for each running of the Cup which can be attributed to the sports slow rise in popularity. The US eventually snapped the streak in 1990 and have qualified for every Cup between then and 2014. Their top finish was in 2002 when they managed to make it to the quarter-finals.

The United States has a handful of rivals – including Canada – but none compares to that they share with Mexico. The rivalry began in 1980's, around the same time the US saw their team make major improvements. Mexico leads the series by a fair margin, but since the turn of the millennium, the United States have won more matches in the series including a victory against Mexico in the 2007 CONCACAF finals. The US also has a rivalry with Panama, whom they beat in the 2013 and 2005 CONCACAF Gold Medal game. The US has a growing rivalry with Costa Rica – one of the CONCACAF nations that consistently challenges them for the top spot in the region.

As the sport's popularity grows due to a combination of the globalization of sports and Major Leagues Soccer’s surge in fans, the US has potential to one day join the world’s soccer hierarchy – as they have in just about every other major team soccer.