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Argentina’s Betting Odds

Let’s have a look at the betting odds for Argentina’s next game.

The team matches will be displayed here once available

Current Argentina’s World Cup Standings

Online betting options are open on every Argentina soccer match. Whether it is friendlies played through the year, qualifying games for the most important international tournaments or matches in the World Cup and Copa America, there is never a shortage of odds on the Argentinian men’s national soccer team.

There are three primary groups of bets available on Argentina. One is pre-match odds. These are betting lines on which country will win (or if the game will end in a draw), over/under lines,) on total goals, point spreads (often called Asian handicaps on soccer) and prop bets.

Prop bets make up the most significant portion of markets on a soccer match. Some of the most popular Argentina soccer prop bets include the first team to score or betting on the correct final soccer.

Another betting option, continuing to grow in popularity, is live betting. Live betting involves betting on the game as it is played. Popular live betting includes betting on what team will score next or what team will win. Live betting odds adjust as the game progresses.

The last is futures markets. Futures involve betting on whether Argentina will win a tournament such as the World Cup. Futures odds are open the longest, with World Cup futures on Argentina available years ahead of the competition.

Canadian sports betting fans can check the latest odds and picks on Argentina through our website. Here, Canadian bettors can find every great betting options available on the Argentinian men’s national soccer team.

Betting Sites with Best Odds for Argentina

The first step when betting on the Argentina men’s soccer team is deciding what market to bet. As mentioned early, the three primary markets with Argentina betting odds are pre-match odds, live odds and futures odds.

After determining the types of bet to place, the next step in the betting process is finding the right online sportsbooks. As Argentina is one of the best soccer countries in the world, any online sportsbooks worth their salt will offer betting odds on every market on Argentina soccer.

If you are new to online betting or just looking for a new online sportsbook to use, consider the different bonuses and promotions they offer.

There are plenty of different bonuses out there for all types of Canadian bettors.

The biggest challenge facing Canadians looking for Argentina odds is finalizing on an online sportsbook. For those who need some help, our online sportsbook reviews help Canadians find the best sports betting sites for wagering on Argentina soccer matches and Argentina futures.

How to Find the Best Argentina Winning Odds

As one of the best soccer countries in the world, finding Argentina winning odds with good betting value is a challenging endeavour. As Argentina often opens as the favourite betting on single match odds does not offer the return most bettors want on a wager.

There are ways to get better odds when betting on Argentina. One way to get a higher return on a wager is to handicap Argentina (when they open as a heavy favourite, usually in the range of 1.10 to 1.35).

Handicapping involves betting on a point spread (often called an Asian handicap when betting soccer markets) that increases the winnings on the favourite.

For example, say Argentina opens as the outright favourite with odds of 1.40. Odds of 1.40 are relatively low and may not entice every bettor to wager on Argentina to win outright. In the same game scenario, punters can handicap Argentina to get better odds (although at higher risk).

Odds for Different Handicaps

  • Argentina -1 (1.73)
  • Argentina -1.5 (2.25)
  • Argentina -2 (4.20)
  • Argentina -3 (8.50)

Handicapping Argentina is not the only way to get higher soccer odds when betting on the Argentinian men’s soccer team. Parlaying wagers is another method to increase odds (but once again with an increased risk). Popular parlay options include betting on Argentina to win and one of their best players to score a goal that victory.

Using the same example as before (where Argentina was 1.40 favourites), then betting Argentina to win outright and top goal scorer to hit the back of the net offers odds of 4.00. These types of combination bets or parlays are smart (even if riskier) to make in the Group Stage of tournaments or on friendlies.

To find today’s soccer odds on Argentina and many other countries, click on the link. Otherwise, keep reading for more information on betting on Argentina’s men’s national soccer team.

How to Choose the Best Bonus for Betting on Argentina Odds

Whether you are new to online sports betting or just looking to try out different online sports betting website, bonuses and promotions are a great welcome gift.

The majority of online sportsbooks offer some form of promotion to new customers, with the most popular being initial deposit bonuses and free bets after making the first deposit. We have done the research and know the sites offering the best bonus bet offers to Canadians. 

Bonuses come with some restrictions or limitations.

Initial Deposit Bonus: The most popular option, initial deposit bonuses are when online sportsbooks match a new user’s first deposit (usually up to $200, matching 50% or 100% of the first deposit).

These bonuses come with a rollover requirement, where bettors must spend a minimum amount (on average between six and ten times their first deposit plus bonus) before they can make withdrawals.

Free Bet Bonus: The other bonus bettors will commonly see when betting on Argentina is a free bet. These free bets usually range between $5 and $10. There are minimum odds requirements on these bets (on average at least 1.50).

Therefore, bettors would not be able to bet on Argentina to win outright at 1.40 odds. Instead, they would need to handicap Argentina, make a parlay wager or bet on some other single bet with higher odds.

What are Argentina’s Odds to Win the World Cup?

With soccer dominating the sports landscape in Argentina, the South American country is often amongst the top half-dozen nations to win the next World Cup. The futures markets that deal with the World Cup often open Argentina along with Brazil and the best European countries to win the tournament.

As the biggest sporting event in the world, online sportsbooks have the latest World Cup odds on Argentina. Alternatively, if Argentina is not your top choice to win, you can check out one of our many other pages to find odds for your home country.


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What are Argentina’s Odds to Win the Copa America?

Along with Brazil, Argentina is often the favourite or co-favourite to win the Copa America. The tournament pits the best South American countries (plus a few other invitees from around the world) in the three-plus weeklong tournament to decide the top team in CONMEBOL (South America’s soccer region).

Typically held every four years (although some exceptions have been made to celebrate milestones or to have an expanded tournament), the Copa America brings in eyes from all over the world to watch great soccer and wager on the best Copa America odds.


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What are Argentina’s Odds to Win the Confederations Cup?

While the scale of the Confederations Cup lacks when compared with the biggest soccer tournaments in the world, few events (outside the World Cup) draw in as much soccer talent. The event, which was held the year before the following World Cup, featured eight of the best soccer nations in the world.

The tournament had the six winners of the continental championships, the reigning World Cup champion and a host nation. Argentina needed to win the Copa America to guarantee themselves a spot in the prestigious tournament. 

FIFA cancelled the 2021 edition. If this tournament is to be played again, bettors will find the Confederations Cup odds here.


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