Serie A Betting Odds 2022

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Odds to Win the Serie A 2021/22

It’s still all to play for in the 2021/22 season, with Inter Milan looking favorites to win it this year after winning 2021/22 title. However, one slip-up and there are a number of teams right on their tail.

There is also a range of other betting markets, including the likes of Serie A top scorer odds, odds to make the Champions League places, and odds for teams to be relegated.

The odds for the 2021/22 Serie A winner are available. We would advise that our readers keep checking back with this page, to receive the latest news as we move through the final games of the season. The odds were last updated on January 10, 2022:

2021/22 Serie A Winners Odds BetWay sportsinteraction powerplay

Inter Milan

1.25 1.30 1.25

AC Milan

6.00 6.50 6.50 


10.00 10.50 10.00


12.00 12.00 12.50
AC Milan To win Serie A 2021/2022

Current Serie A Standings

The new season is due to begin on the 1st of September, 2020. It’s easy to make predictions about who’s going to win the league in the 2020/21 campaign - given Juventus have won nearly every year for the past decade. For now, the season isn’t over so check out the standings below.

StandingsSerie A

How to Make Money with Serie A betting

The Italian football league has been around for well over a century and is steeped in a rich history. The traditional 20 team premier league in Italy hosts some of the top footballing talents on display in Europe.

Serie A betting odds will fluctuate throughout the year, which is to be expected from one of the most competitive leagues in European football. Serie A hosts teams like Juventus, Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio, Napoli and many more.


With so many world-class teams, the soccer betting odds are particularly interesting for players that enjoy the Italian market.

Much like what we see in other mainstream American sports markets, Serie A betting odds will contain a favourite and underdog. The vast majority of bettors are concerned with match betting, which can be put into a parlay bet - for those that like the risky game!

The team here at Canada Sports Betting is committed to providing the very best odds for each Serie A season. As such, we strongly advise taking a look at our list of recommended soccer betting sites, such as PowerPlay and Bodog to ensure our readers have access to the most competitive odds.

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      It can be difficult to find the best fit among the various betting sites in operation. All our recommended betting sites offer odds on a variety of soccer leagues, including the Bundesliga, The English Premier League, the MLS and the CPL.

      How to make the most of Serie A Outright Odds

      For those bettors that think it’ll be another year of success in Serie A for Juventus or the rise of Napoli and Inter once again may challenge them, it’s important to ensure bettors choose the right bonuses from sportsbooks.

      Each sportsbook will offer its own bonuses and promotional offerings, but regardless of that, it’s important to ensure that the sportsbook in question offers the right Serie A odds. Laying down money on a new sportsbook account is useless if the odds aren’t interesting to the bettor.

      Another very popular betting line among soccer bettors is to play the In-play or live odds. Betting on live soccer games offers unique opportunities, as bettors are more likely involved in their bets and can make wagers based on their own intuition.


      One of the greatest things about wagering on live-betting markets is the fact bettors can “cash-out” at any point during the bet, with major providers giving live updated odds to allow this service.

      Soccer betting involves making accurate Serie A betting predictions about how things will pan out over the course of the season, or from game to game. Welcome bonuses can vary based on which sportsbook is being used and the deposit method in question.

      There are a variety of great bonuses available, it’s well worth checking out our list of recommended providers to ensure our readers make the most of the Serie A odds.

      Which is the Best Sportsbook for Serie A Odds?

      For all the Italian soccer fans out there, the experts here have you covered. We will provide coverage of the very best odds available, checking in with the dozens of partners and ensuring the best Serie A odds are at your fingertips.

      The odds we display aren’t just competitive, but these oddsmakers will provide futures bets, money lines and prop betting markets.

      Much like in MLS betting, Serie A betting odds change by the minute, so it’s worth looking into checking with different sportsbooks. Each sportsbook will offer their own take on each particular betting market.

      Another feature, which is quite modern, is mobile betting. Many of the sportsbooks we advise our readers to look at are the desktop and mobile versions, in some cases even offering downloadable software for users to access.

      For our readers that simply want to get the most up-to-date Serie A odds, we’d strongly advise checking back with this page to find the most up-to-date Serie A betting odds. A player injury or a poor run of form can massively affect the odds, so be sure to check back with us.


      Our recommended sportsbooks don’t just offer markets on domestic leagues, but also for European club competitions like the Champions League and Europa League.

      Serie A Betting Tips

      The soccer experts here at Canada Sports Betting will be making soccer free picks throughout the year to ensure our readers know exactly what’s going on when the season gets underway.


      We will provide Serie A betting tips throughout the domestic season, as well as for all other European competitions to ensure our readers get full coverage of Italian soccer teams competing in Europe.

      Serie A betting isn’t any more complex than any other league, it’s just a case of tracking the major teams and seeing how far they go in domestic cup competitions, the league and in International and European club competitions.

      Either way, as long as our readers keep checking back with this page they’ll be sure to maximize their profits and won’t miss out on the very latest Serie A odds.