Soccer Free Picks 2019

Use our Soccer Picks and Predictions to make the best football bets every day during the season.

November 15th 2019

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English Premier League Odds & Insights
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    English Premier League Odds & Insights
    La Liga: Best Odds, Picks & Insights

Soccer Predictions

On this page, Canadians will find fresh soccer picks on the biggest soccer matches of the week.

We have the best free Premier League predictions here, with odds from the best online sportsbooks, including Bodog, available in Canada.

We also cover the MLS, Champions League and biggest matches and best futures from other leagues around the world.

Canadians visiting this page can also head over to our soccer betting odds page for more odds on the biggest games coming up on the soccer schedule.


November 7th 2019

November 4th 2019

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Soccer News - for historical and current soccer betting news and betting tips. 

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How do Our Free Soccer Picks Work?

Our free soccer picks are easy to use and follow.

Our team of experts in gambling and sports start by finding the best matches of the week and grabbing the best soccer betting odds from the top-rated sports betting websites, including Sports Interaction (SIA) and Bet365.

After finding the best odds, we present Canadians with weekend soccer predictions and picks that are easy to understand.

We showcase on this page a mixture of soccer moneyline, soccer over/under lines, soccer props and soccer handicaps, so every style of bettor is provided with great betting options every week!

Check back often to find the best free soccer picks on the biggest soccer leagues and matches, or check out our free sports picks page for even more betting options on the most popular sports in Canada.

Free Champions League Picks

Free Soccer Picks are Sometimes Called Predictions

In our free soccer picks, Canadians will often see the terms free soccer predictions or soccer betting tips.

Don’t worry as these terms are interchangeable.

For example, if we say the odds for our free soccer predictions are on Spin Sports, it means the same as if we say to check out this weekend’s free picks at Spin Sports.

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Soccer Picks and Parlays

If you feel confident with our free soccer picks or see some more options available for betting, you may want to parlay multiple bets.

Parlaying bets increases your potential payout. Parlaying multiple home favourites is one way bettors increase their bankroll during the soccer season.

Other bettors prefer to parlay prop bets, which often offer a higher return than merely betting favourites on the moneyline.

Betway is one of the best online sportsbooks for soccer props, making it an excellent choice for Canadians looking to parlay multiple bets.

Free EPL Picks

Canadians should also know they can parlay picks from different leagues and even different sports.

See a great favourite on a La Liga match and a juicy over/under line on an MLS match, no problem, just select the two options and parlay away!

Premier League Predictions

As the biggest soccer league in the world, Canadians love themselves some English Premier League.

Here at Canada Sports Betting, Canadian will find free soccer betting tips on the English Premier League, to help them maximize their soccer betting experience.

Our tips and picks on the EPL run all year and include predictions on all the big derbies, big four matches, relegation and promotion battles.

Check out our English Premier League betting page for the best soccer betting odds and picks of the week.

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MLS Predictions

While we offer plenty of picks on Europe soccer, we also provide Canadians with great betting options on Major League Soccer.

As the most extensive season in North American sports, running from March to November and an ever-increasing number of teams, soccer fans will find plenty to bet on the MLS every week.

Free MLS Picks

Our MLS predictions focus on everything, from the best weekly bets to soccer futures on who will win the MLS Cup.

Our free MLS predictions run throughout the season, into the MLS playoffs and MLS Finals, as soon as the MLS odds become available.

When the Finals roll around in November, we up the number of free picks on the game to increase more options.

Champions League Predictions

With clubs from all over Europe battling for soccer supremacy, no team-based sports league draws in as much international interest as the Champions League.

PSG 3 0 Real Madrid

That is why here on Canada Sports Betting, Canadians will find free Champions League picks for the whole season, playoffs and finals.

We also provide Canadians with the best Champions League futures on group winners, teams to advance and on the overall winner of the tournament.

Head over to our free Champions League soccer betting page for the best free picks and futures to bet.