Copa del Rey Predictions 2021

Saturday, Apr 17
15:00 EDT
Athletic BilbaoAthletic BilbaoBIL
15:30 EDT
Athletic BilbaoAthletic BilbaoBIL
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Copa del Rey 2021 Futures Odds

The 119th Copa del Rey knockout stages will get underway in January and we will have all the coverage right here. The Copa del Rey 2021 Final Winners odds are subject to change and will be updated accordingly. The odds were last updated on April 14, 2021:

 Copa del Rey Final odds 2021  BetWay sportsinteraction 888sport

Athletic Bilbao

3.55 3.50



1.28 1.30 1.28
Barcelona To win Copa del Rey 2021
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Copa del Rey Betting

The Spanish La Liga is very interesting this season, with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid tussling at the top of the table. The Champions League is very much underway, and the Copa del Rey reached its quarter-finals stage.

We saw the underdogs Valencia win the Cup last year, so we know that anything can happen. That's the beauty of cup competitions and we'll likely see a few more upsets before we reach the finals.

Betting Options

There are a number of Copa del Rey betting options available, and the moneyline market is the first place to start. Remember, this market is all about the 90-minute result, so it includes the draw. The Copa del Rey final may go to extra time and penalties, although the moneyline option asks you to pick the regulation time result. 

In the Copa del Rey outright winner market, you'll have the simple task of determining which team will win the trophy. 

Barcelona is aiming will look to make it their 31st win this year. The 2017/18 final saw them thrash Sevilla 5-0, so there's a good chance they will turn it on. However, the freak loss to Valencia last year does upset their run of great performances in the Final. For that reason, we recommend betting on the overs in the over/under market

valencia copa del rey winners

Similarly, Barcelona's previous four victories in the Copa del Rey final have all featured a margin of at least two clear goals, so the Asian handicap line comes into play. If you select Barcelona with a handicap of -1.5, it means they would need to win by 2 goals or more for you to win your wager. This market is great value, you will get 2.56 for Barcelona to win with a -1.5 handicap.

Finally, don't forget to check out the player props. Expect one of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez or Antoine Griezmann to get on the scoresheet - all three are more than capable of coming up with the goods when Barcelona needs them. You can bet on the anytime goalscorer or the first goalscorer, and odds will become available as the match approaches.

Copa del rey final over under barcelona

Spain Copa del Rey Predictions

The remaining contenders for the 2020 Copa del Rey title are not your usual suspects. The big guns in Real Madrid and Barcelona are now eliminated, while the other big players in Sevilla, Valencia and Atletico Madrid are also out

Real Sociedad are the favourites in the bookmakers' eyes, given that they are in a better position in La Liga than any other team left in the competition. However, we fancy the second-place favourite in Athletic Bilbao. The Basque giants are veterans of Spanish football and their team of homegrown players is full of excellent young talent. 

Take Athletic Bilbao to win. 

Athletic Bilbao To win 2021 Copa del Rey

barcelona vs valencia prediction

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    How does the Copa del Rey work

    The Copa del Rey features teams from Spanish soccer's four highest leagues, meaning 126 clubs participate each year.  The teams enter the competition at various stages depending on their level, culminating in the La Liga giants entering the round of 32 stage.

    The 2019/20 tournament is a straight knockout competition and features a mixture of one-leg and two-leg ties. The early stages of the tournament (round 1-3) are decided by one-off fixtures, while the round of 32, round of 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals are decided by home and away fixture between the two teams. The final is then played at a neutral venue and consists of a solitary match to decide the title.

    Copa del Rey revamps its format for 2019-20

    The Copa del Rey is expanding in 2019-20 and will feature 126 teams - this is because entries will now be open to Spain's fifth tier league.

    The other big change will see a reduction of matches - all matches before the semi-finals will now be decided by just one match, and in all cases where teams from different divisions play against each other, the match will be hosted by the team in the lower tier. This increases the chances of a small club hosting a giant like Barcelona or Real Madrid.

    When and where is the Copa del Rey final

    We are still waiting for the Real Federación Española de Fútbol to confirm the date and the venue.

    real mallorca stadium

    The winner of the tournament gains automatic qualification to the next season's Europa League (unless they have already gained entry to the Champions League via their position in La Liga).

    Who will broadcast the Copa del Rey final

    The match will be broadcast on beIN sports in Canada.

    Copa del Rey list of winners

    Barcelona is the most successful club in the history of the Copa del Rey, with a remarkable 30 victories. Athletic Bilbao is next on the list with 23 wins while the two main Madrid clubs Real and Atletico have 19 and 10 respectively. Here we list all of the Champions with their total Cup title wins in brackets:

    Year Copa del Rey Champions
    2020 Real Sociedad (3)
    2019 Valencia FC (8)
    2018 FC Barcelona (30)
    2017 FC Barcelona (29)
    2016 FC Barcelona (28)
    2015 FC Barcelona (27)
    2014 Real Madrid (19)
    2013 Atlético Madrid (10)
    2012  FC Barcelona (26)
    2011 Real Madrid (18)
    2010 Sevilla FC (5)
    2009 FC Barcelona (25)
    2008 Valencia CF (7)
    2007   Sevilla FC (4)
    2006 Espanyol Barcelona (4)
    2005 Real Betis (2)
    2004 Real Zaragoza (6)
    2003 RCD Mallorca (1)
    2002 Deportivo La Coruña (2)
    2001 Real Zaragoza (5)
    2000 Espanyol Barcelona (3)
    1999 Valencia CF (6)
    1998 FC Barcelona (24)
    1997 FC Barcelona (23)
    1996 Atlético Madrid (9)
    1995 Deportivo La Coruña (1)
    1994 Real Zaragoza (4)
    1993 Real Madrid (17)
    1992 Atlético Madrid (8)
    1991 Atlético Madrid (7)
    1990 FC Barcelona (22)
    1989 Real Madrid (16)
    1988 FC Barcelona (21)
    1987 Real Sociedad (2)
    1986 Real Zaragoza (3)
    1985 Atlético Madrid (6)
    1984 Athletic Bilbao (23)
    1983 FC Barcelona (20)
    1982 Real Madrid (15)
    1981 FC Barcelona (19)
    1980 Real Madrid (14)
    1979 Valencia CF (5)
    1978 FC Barcelona (18)
    1977 Real Betis (1)
    1976 Atlético Madrid (5)
    1975 Real Madrid (13)
    1974 Real Madrid (12)
    1973 Athletic Bilbao (22)
    1972 Atlético Madrid (4)
    1971 FC Barcelona (17)
    1970 Real Madrid (11)
    1969 Athletic Bilbao (21)
    1968 FC Barcelona (16)
    1967 Valencia CF (4)
    1966 Real Zaragoza (2)
    1965 Atlético Madrid (3)
    1964 Real Zaragoza (1)
    1963 FC Barcelona (15)
    1962 Real Madrid (10)
    1961 Atlético Madrid (2)
    1960 Atlético Madrid (1)
    1959 FC Barcelona (14)
    1958 Athletic Bilbao (20)
    1957 FC Barcelona (13)
    1956 Athletic Bilbao (19)
    1955 Athletic Bilbao (18)
    1954 Valencia CF (3)
    1953 FC Barcelona (12)
    1952 FC Barcelona (11)
    1951 FC Barcelona (10)
    1950 Athletic Bilbao (17)
    1949 Valencia CF (2)
    1948 Sevilla FC (3)
    1947 Real Madrid (9)
    1946 Real Madrid (8)
    1945 Athletic Bilbao (16)
    1944 Athletic Bilbao (15)
    1943 Athletic Bilbao (14)
    1942 FC Barcelona (9)
    1941 Valencia CF (1)
    1940 Espanyol Barcelona (2)
    1939 Sevilla FC (2)
    1938 No Champion
    1937 Levante UD 
    1936 Real Madrid (7)
    1935 Sevilla FC (1)
    1934 Real Madrid (6)
    1933 Athletic Bilbao (13)
    1932 Athletic Bilbao (12)
    1931 Athletic Bilbao (11)
    1930 Athletic Bilbao (10)
    1929 Espanyol Barcelona (1)
    1928 FC Barcelona (8)
    1927 Real Unión (3)
    1926 FC Barcelona (7)
    1925 FC Barcelona (6)
    1924 Real Unión (2)
    1923 Athletic Bilbao (9)
    1922 FC Barcelona (5)
    1921 Athletic Bilbao (8)
    1920 FC Barcelona (4)
    1919 Arenas de Getxo (1)
    1918 Real Unión (1)
    1917 Real Madrid (5)
    1916 Athletic Bilbao (7)
    1915 Athletic Bilbao (6)
    1914 Athletic Bilbao (5)
    1913 Racing Club Irun (1)
    1913 FC Barcelona (3)
    1912 FC Barcelona (2)
    1911 Athletic Bilbao (4)
    1910 Athletic Bilbao (3)
    1910 FC Barcelona (1)
    1909 Real Sociedad (1)
    1908 Real Madrid (4)
    1907 Real Madrid (3)
    1906 Real Madrid (2)
    1905 Real Madrid (1)
    1904 Athletic Bilbao (2)
    1903 Athletic Bilbao (1)