NHL Playoff odds and Predictions 2020

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Tuesday, Oct 15
19:00 EDT
Tampa Bay LightningTampa Bay LightningTBL
Montreal CanadiensMontreal CanadiensMTL
21:00 EDT
Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphia FlyersPHI
Calgary FlamesCalgary FlamesCGY
22:00 EDT
Nashville PredatorsNashville PredatorsNSH
Vegas Golden KnightsVegas Golden KnightsVGK
22:00 EDT
Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red WingsDET
Vancouver CanucksVancouver CanucksVAN
22:30 EDT
Carolina HurricanesCarolina HurricanesCAR
Los Angeles KingsLos Angeles KingsLAK
Wednesday, Oct 16
19:00 EDT
Colorado AvalancheColorado AvalancheCOL
Pittsburgh PenguinsPittsburgh PenguinsPIT
19:00 EDT
Dallas StarsDallas StarsDAL
Columbus Blue JacketsColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ
21:30 EDT
Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphia FlyersPHI
Edmonton OilersEdmonton OilersEDM
22:00 EDT
Buffalo SabresBuffalo SabresBUF
Anaheim DucksAnaheim DucksANA
22:30 EDT
Carolina HurricanesCarolina HurricanesCAR
San Jose SharksSan Jose SharksSJS
Thursday, Oct 17
19:00 EDT
Tampa Bay LightningTampa Bay LightningTBL
Boston BruinsBoston BruinsBOS

NHL Playoff Betting Odds

For NHL fans out there, perhaps there's no better time of the year than when the NHL postseason arrives. And when it comes to making different wagers, Canada Sports Betting will always have NHL playoff odds ready for you. 

The odds of making the NHL playoffs will surely vary from team to team, with the NHL playoff odds calculator working overtime throughout the year. When you get ready to make your bets, remember you can pick the different NHL Playoff Vegas odds for action before the game, during the game, as well as prop bets out there. 

Interested in a futures bet? You can pick the winner of the Stanley Cup, MVP of the league and much more. 

When it comes to Sports Betting Odds, we pride ourselves on delivering the most up to date numbers possible. This will 100 percent be the case for your NHL betting odds and the NHL playoff betting odds. 

How to get the most out of NHL Playoffs betting lines?

Before you make your wagers, it's always going to be important to open up multiple tabs and check out the best hockey playoffs odds that are available to you. 

Say you're a fan of Toronto, you're going to want to find the best numbers for your Leafs playoff odds.

Fortunately, all of our partners offer up up-to-the-minute odds as they come in. This includes Stanley Cup Betting Odds. In addition to that, they also have different welcome bonuses for our users. 

For the bonuses, they're different depending on where you go. One of our partners may offer you a $100 welcome bonus, while the other could offer up $200. It's up to you to decide which deal you want to take advantage of.

Remember, too, you can't simply make a deposit into your account then cash out. Sportsbooks will require you to make a certain amount of wagers for your account to be valid. 

Whenever you are ready to bet, you'll see different sportsbooks will have different odds. The higher the odds, the more you'll receive for a payout should your team deliver for you. If you're interested in mobile betting, this is also an option for you. 

While some users may prefer to bet from their computers, many of our parnters have an app, allowing you to place your bets while on the go. It offers the same kind of simplicity and user experience from your desktops. 


How to find the best welcome bonus for NHL Playoffs Betting Odds

If you're on the fence about signing up with one of our partners, perhaps one of their free welcome bonuses will be enough to sway you. As we mentioned above, all of our parters offer welcoming bonuses for when you sign up.

There are different ones out there, though. For example, Sports Interaction may offer you a $200 welcome bonus, while William Hill will offer $100. It's up to you who to go with.

Once you have your bonus, you're free to place bets on whatever you choose within the sportsbook. This obviously includes NHL action. 

So, when NHL Playoffs 2020 odds come out, you'll be able to place a bet without hesitation. Again, you must make wagers in order for your bonus to be active.

You cannot simply put in $200 into an account, receive your $200 bonus and then cash out. Depending on which sportsbook you go with, there will be a number of wagers you must meet. 

With that being said, with all of our partners putting a welcome bonus on the table, your options to increase your accounts are through the roof. 

Which sportsbook has the highest NHL Playoff odds

With dozens of partners we work with here at Canada Sports Betting, you're always going to find different odds when it comes to NHL action. Whether it be NHL playoffs first round odds or a second-round showdown, things will always be changing up.

So, who do you go with? That will be your call. The biggest thing we try to encourage is to open up as many sportsbooks as possible to see which outlets have the best odds.

In addition, you can also take a look at our odds widget, which showcases the different odds delivered by the different sportsbooks side by side. 

Whether you're looking at a pre-match bet, right in the middle of the action, or a futures pick, shopping around and seeing what's out there will always be your best choice. Then, you'll find the best odds and move forward with the bet you hand in mind. 


Which Sportsbook has the most current NHL Playoff Odds?

While you're checking out all of the different sportsbook and their odds, some may have higher odds than others. However, they'll always be within spitting distance of one another. It's tough to pick one as the best for your best NHL odds, so checking out as many sportsbooks as possible will be necessary. 

However, go into this knowing our partners will always provide the latest NHL odds as soon as they're available. If you check for a line and it's not up, it could simply be that the latest odds have not been released out of Vegas yet. 

Also don't forget that odds typically won't go up until a batch of games are done from a previous night.

So, if you're looking to bet the Leafs against the Sharks for example and the game is on a Friday night, it'd be best to check the odds on Thursday evening after the games that day are done. 

However, this isn't the case for prop bets and futures bets. If you have a player in mind for who will win the MVP, that will be available much earlier. Think you know who will score the most goals in the Stanley Cup Finals?

That's something you can also take a look at. For prop bets, Sports Interaction typically has the best up-to-date odds up in a timely fashon. 


Who has the best app for NHL Playoffs Betting

When life comes at you, there's always going to be times where you've got to fly out of your house and will be away from your computers for hours and hours. When it comes to NHL betting, this is no longer a problem. 

Many of our partners now offer all of its users the abilities to place their wagers via their phones on a mobile app.

The benefits of the mobile app is that you can place your bet from wherever you might be. Say there's an injury on the New Jersey Devils, but you still they think they'll win the Stanley Cup.

Well, on multiple sportsbooks, their 2020 NHL playoff predictions for their odds have dropped tremendously. You don't care and still want to bet on them despite their 2020 NHL Playoff predictions taking a hit. You can now do that from your phone. 

At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide which betting option you prefer: desktop or mobile? They both provide the same odds when you're searching. If you're more on the go, perhaps mobile is best.

But, if you're at home and in front of your computer a lot, desktop could be your best decision in this case. 

While not all of our partners offer an app, a good chunk do. On those apps, you have the ability to make bets, check live scores and in some cases even watch games live. 

This Is How You Make The Best NHL Playoff Predictions tonight

Got a bet you're hoping to make before a big game? Well, you should never pull the trigger and make that bet if you don't know exactly what's going on with each team.

And let's be real, you may not have enough time to due your research to be best prepared.

That's where Canada Sports Betting steps in. 

On our site, we provide fans with quality research from our expert writers. This includes releasing our NHL Power Rankings and our NHL Free Picks. With the power rankings, we take a look at which teams have been on a hot streak and which teams have been on the decline. 

In these rankings, we'll always provide context as to why we have teams ranked so high or so low.

Say for example the Dallas Stars go on a four-game winning streak, and take down the Devils, Penguins, Avalanche and Rangers in process. Then, their status in our rankings will certainly go up. 

When it comes to our free NHL picks, we take a look at some of the biggest games on the schedule and discuss why we think a certain team will come out on top.

Whether it be injuries, players in a slump or more, we do the research and let you know why a certain team might be a favorite over the other. 

So, before you're getting ready to place your different bets, be sure to check in with us at Canada Sports Betting to see who we think can help deliver you some happiness leading up to your wagers. 

NHL playoff bracket predictions

In the highly competive NHL postseason, NHL Playoff predictions for 2020 will be all over the place, as the league is stacked with talent across the board. 

We'll always do our best to pick the right matchups as the playoffs go on, by taking a look at how things will play out starting with NHL playoff first-round predictions.

This will be followed by NHL round 2 predictions, NHL round 3 predictions plus NHL conference finals predictions. 

As the postseason goes on, different odds will be presented and more teams will see their positions move forward. And when the Stanley Cup Finals arrive, you better believe the excitement and areas to make bets will only increase. 

NHL Game 7 Predictions

Is there anything more exciting in all of sports than a Game 7 in the playoffs?

You enter this game knowing your season is on the line. Win and you move on, but if you lose, your season ends in heartbreaking fashion. 

Well, imagine the excitement of betting on a Game 7 as part of your NHL series predictions? You'll be even more fired up as you're glued to your seat waiting to see if your team will be able to come away with a timely victory. 

Leading up to the Game 7, you already know research and analysis will be delivered on Canada Sports Betting before the puck is dropped too. 

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NHL Second-Round Predictions

While some fans may be looking ahead to the conference finals and the Stanley Cup finals, don't sleep on second-round action. This is the opportunity where some mid-ranked postseason squads have the opportunity to shock us all and take down a top dog. 

We've seen this happen before and don't be totally stunned should it happen this season as well. There are superstars stacked on every team in the NHL. On any given night, any team could beat another. 

And in the second round of the postseason, updated odds and prop bets will be enticing to bet on. Why not make a move if you're confident in an underdog or favorite? It could really pay off.