NHL Playoff odds 2021

Check out the latest NHL Playoffs betting information for the 2021 season below.

NHL Odds to win the Stanley Cup

The odds to win the new Divisions, as well as the Stanley Cup 2021 odds and NHL playoff odds, are constantly changing so we'll keep you updated as the bookmakers submit odds. The odds were last updated on June 15, 2021: 

NHL Stanley Cup Winners Odds 2021BetwayBet99Sports InteractionPowerPlay
Vegas Golden Knights1.801.801.801.80
Tampa Bay Lightning4.
New York Islanders5.
Montreal Canadiens18.0018.0018.0018.00

Vegas Golden Knights To win the Stanley Cup 2021
Sports Interaction


2021 NHL Playoffs teams

Many things are different when it comes to the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2021. The regular season was only 56 games and the divisions were reorganized to eliminate travel across the US - Canadian border.

Ten teams have clinched the playoffs birth as of May 3rd which leaves six spots to be filled. The new Canadian Northern Division remains the most competitive at this point with three Playoffs spots up for grabs.

We’ll list the new divisions and their respective Playoffs situations below.

Northern Division - Scotia North

Toronto Maple Leafs are the only team to qualify for the Playoffs already. Edmonton Oilers are going to do it next and I would be surprised if Winnipeg Jets didn’t qualify too. Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks will decide the last spot in Scotia North.

After 50 games played, the Canadiens are sitting at 55 points, a comfortable eight points on top of the Flames when each team can still get 12 points. What makes this interesting is this: the Flames will play the Jets once, the Senators once, and then Vancouver Canucks four times. The Canucks have only played 45 games and could still technically make it, but that would mean winning a minimum of ten games out of their remaining 11. The Canadiens are the likeliest to grab the fourth spot, and if it’s not them, it’s probably the Flames.

North Division Playoff teams 2021:

Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets, Montreal Canadiens

(continues below the odds table)

The next match will be displayed here once announced.

Central Division - Discover Central

The NHL leading Carolina Hurricanes look like the strongest candidate to win the new Discover Central Division. Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers have both already qualified for the playoffs, and Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars are fighting for the last spot.

Central Division Playoff teams 2021:

Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Nashville Predators

Western Division - Honda West

The playoffs picture is starting to be clear in the West; Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild have all already qualified for the playoffs, and St Louis Blues only need five points in their last six games to deny Arizona Coyotes the last spot (and that’s if the Coyotes win their last four matches).

West Division Playoff teams 2021:

Colorado Avalanche, Vegas Golden Knights, Minnesota Wild, St. Louis Blues

Eastern Division - MassMutual East

We already know all four playoffs teams from the MassMutual East Division. Pittsburgh Penguins are leading the division and Washington Capitals and New York Islanders are really close behind - this trio has already officially qualified for the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The fourth team will be Boston Bruins, who only need one more point in their last six matches to officially clinch the spot. New York Rangers still have a mathematical chance of qualifying, but absolute miracles will need to happen for them to make it to the playoffs.

East Division Playoff teams 2021:

Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, New York Islanders 

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    NHL playoff bracket predictions

    In the highly competitive NHL postseason, NHL Playoff predictions for 2021 will be all over the place, as the league is stacked with talent across the board. The NHL playoffs odds 2021 will heat up around the end of April start of May.

    We'll always do our best to pick the right matchups as the playoffs go on, by taking a look at how things will play out starting with NHL playoff first-round predictions.

    This will be followed by NHL round 2 predictions, NHL round 3 predictions plus NHL conference finals predictions. 

    As the postseason goes on, different odds will be presented and more teams will see their positions move forward. And when the Stanley Cup Finals arrive, you better believe the excitement and areas to make bets will only increase. 

    NHL Game 7 Predictions

    Is there anything more exciting in all of the sports than a Game 7 in the playoffs?

    You enter this game knowing your season is on the line. Win and you move on, but if you lose, your season ends in a heartbreaking fashion. 

    Well, imagine the excitement of betting on a Game 7 as part of your NHL series predictions? You'll be even more fired up as you're glued to your seat waiting to see if your team will be able to come away with a timely victory. 

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    NHL Second-Round Predictions

    While some fans may be looking ahead to the conference finals and the Stanley Cup finals, don't sleep on second-round action. This is the opportunity where some mid-ranked postseason squads have the opportunity to shock us all and take down a top dog. 

    We've seen this happen before and don't be totally stunned should it happen this season as well. There are superstars stacked on every team in the NHL. On any given night, any team could beat another. 

    And in the second round of the postseason, updated odds and prop bets will be enticing to bet on. Why not make a move if you're confident in an underdog or favourite? It could really pay off. 

    NHL Playoff Odds FAQ

    • NHL playoff odds are a variety of markets that deal with the prediction of the NHL playoffs (Stanley Cup playoffs) that will unfold. To begin, they are a form of a Futures bet and deal with an outright prediction of who wins the Stanley Cup or who makes the playoffs. Individual games are also bet on when the playoffs come. 

    • The NHL playoff odds to win series projects what both teams' chances are at winning their seven-game playoff series. These become available as soon as the matchup is determined and are available for most of the series even if a team goes up 3-0 (depending on the book). 

    • The NHL playoff odds to win Stanley Cup estimate what chances each team has at winning the Stanley Cup. These odds become available as soon as the Stanley Cup Finals end. But they constantly change as the season goes on. 

    • The NHL playoff odds to win the Stanley Cup are released right after the NHL season. And the other NHL playoff odds, such as each team's chances of making the playoffs, are released throughout the offseason. The Stanley Cup odds are available all year long.

    • You can keep track of the NHL playoff odds by constantly being updated with the NHL season. You can also search for them online via sports blogs and betting sites. Also, check the sportsbooks for any changes to odds. A cue would be when a team goes on a winning or losing streak, makes big roster changes, and/or has players injured.

    • NHL playoff odds are determined by the bookmakers for the sole purpose of getting players to bet. Ideally, they indicate the probability of a team to make the playoffs. But that is part art and part science. While there are advanced statistics used to gauge this, a lot of it is human intuition.

    • Sometimes some books take down NHL playoff odds temporarily. This could mean they are changing the odds or are waiting for more information so they can more "accurately" line the odds. Some books also don't offer NHL playoff odds, but rarely. Most of the top books do.

    • You can bet NHL playoff odds in most online sportsbooks, especially if they cater to Canadians. These books usually have NHL and/or ice hockey odds promoted so it's hard to miss. Check them under the "NHL" and/or "Ice hockey" categories. 

    • You can bet on NHL playoff odds by signing up on online sportsbooks. Many of the best books are open for Canadians and promote the NHL. These books also offer sign-up bonuses and some offer NHL-specific betting promotions.

    • There are two ways to find the best NHL playoff odds. The old-fashioned way is to go to every sportsbook you know and check which offers the best odds. The easier method is to find a site, like Canada Sports Betting, which creates a table comparing the different odds side by side.

    • After 56 games of regular season play, the three teams with the most points from each division qualify for the playoffs. Two wild card spots are reserved within each conference for the teams with the best records outside the top three in the division. Each conference has eight playoff spots, consisting of the top three from each division and two wildcard entrants.

    • In the first round, the first seed in the conference faces the second wildcard team, and the division winner with fewer points goes up against the first wildcard entrant. Second and third-seeded teams in the division meet each other. Teams are not re-seeded in the second round, keeping the competition mostly within the division before the conference finals, which determines the teams that play in the Stanley Cup. All rounds are best-of-seven series.

    • Standard bets for NHL playoff games include straight up moneylines, puckline spread wagers, and over/under on total goals. A wide variety of prop bets are available, where you predict outcomes for aspects of the game. NHL Stanley Cup futures involve predicting the winner before the finals begin. You can also bet on individual series and the outcome of conference playoffs.

    • Throughout the NHL season, sportsbooks publish odds for each team, representing their chance to win the Stanley Cup. As teams are eliminated from playoff contention, or lose their playoff series, the list of teams you can bet on for Stanley Cup futures shrink. Futures odds change often throughout the regular season and playoffs.

    • Predicting the entire bracket of the NHL playoffs, whether a single round, conference, or the Stanley Cup playoffs as a whole, has become a more popular type of wagering pursuit, reflecting the influence of March Madness brackets. Bracket betting is more difficult than other types of NHL bets because you must correctly predict the outcome of multiple series.

    • Canadians can place wagers on the NHL playoffs through two providers: sportsbooks and provincial betting lotteries. Sportsbooks give you full access to individual game bets, futures, props, and other types of hockey bets. Provincial sports lotteries mostly restrict bets to individual games, while requiring a minimum of three bets per ticket to win.

    • All major sportsbooks accept bets for NHL playoff action. Check out our list of detailed sportsbook reviews to find one that works best for your betting preferences.

    • NHL playoff odds change frequently, responding to changes such as injuries, roster moves, and the amount of money wagered on different outcomes. For example, if a team is a popular bet to win the Stanley Cup, the odds for betting on that team will become more expensive.

    • The regular season often finishes on the first Saturday of April, with the playoffs beginning on the second Wednesday of April.

    • Henri Richard, also known as the “Pocket Rocket”, won 11 Stanley Cup rings with the Montreal Canadiens, scoring the last goal of the last game twice in his career.