NHL Playoff Odds 2018

Following a two week preseason, and then a long six-month 82-game regular season run, hockey handicappers are well primed for NHL playoff betting lines that arrive during the second week of April. We want to be your go-to source when it comes to wagering on the race to the Stanley Cup Finals. This page is always packed with LIVE odds for every matchup as well as real time scoring updates throughout the always exciting National Hockey League postseason. 

Best NHL Playoff Betting Odds and Lines

Everyone has an opinion on the best NHL playoff betting trends to follow. Whether it’s home ice advantage, teams running hot heading in the postseason, solid goaltending wins titles or Stanley Cup experience, key wagering trends are just as numerous as the top rated offshore sportsbooks recommended here at Canada Sports Betting. These bookmakers respect Canadian puck punters.

NHL Playoffs Puck Line

What is a bettor to do? NHL playoff puck line odds give a very good team a 1.5 goal lead over their opponents, who are also a highly skilled crew, before the game even begins. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the teams, who are already familiar with each other from Eastern and Western Conference regular season meetings, plus they clash night after night for up to seven games in their playoff series. It is not talking out of school to say that the level of play ramps up considerably in the postseason. When it comes to NHL playoff betting against the spread, our best tip is to make sure a proper research path is followed. That includes looking at the statistical history between the teams, comparing the two goaltenders and examining both teams most recent results.

NHL Playoffs Money Line

Regular season results send 14 teams to the sidelines prior to the start of the National Hockey League postseason. With the weak links out of the way, inflated straight up wagering prices are also put on the shelf. Being as the remaining talent are all on a fairly even level, odds that can rise above (-300) for a first versus worst battle during the regular season disappear from betting boards. That is evident when one considers that the Washington Capitals (-265) versus the Philadelphia Flyers was the largest money line during the 2015-16 NHL playoffs. Odds of -200 or greater were posted on seven of the 84 matchups during the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship in 2016. Properly planned research will help bettor’s cash in on the reduced NHL playoff prices. 

NHL Playoffs Over Under

Similar to the money line odds, bettors are presented with a slight conundrum when wagering on playoff game total prices. NHL 2015-16 NHL offers a good example as 503 of the 1,230 regular season contests (41%) were tagged with a game total of 5.5 pucks or more. When all was said and done, five goals or less won the season series by a 712-518 count. During the playoffs, Over/Under odds of 5.5 or more were placed on just eight of the 91 contests or just 8.8% of the games. Five scores or less posted a 56-35 record during those matches and the margin was 53-36 during the 2014-15 playoffs. That is a two-year trend after the 2013-2015 contests saw six goals or more with a 48-45 margin on the average prices at the CSB recommended online sportsbooks. Our top tip when wagering on any NHL game total lines is give the UNDER due consideration and respect. Over Under NHL playoff prices are available around the clock courtesy of the LIVE odds feed above.

NHL Playoffs Futures And Props

Bettors are sorted into two groups prior to the NHL playoffs when it comes to futures wagering. On one side we have bettors who head into the postseason with regular season futures tickets still alive. On the other side we have ‘cappers who enter the fray with 16 teams on the betting boards. The first group needs to monitor their tickets carefully as teams still need to win 12 games before a guaranteed Stanley Cup Finals pay day can be set up. Both groups have a variety of postseason futures that includes the first six series, plus the two conference championship rounds, as well as the playoff MVP. Once the second season begins, online sportsbooks like SportsInteraction will post player and team props that are offered on every match. The recommended bookmakers here at Canada Sports Betting have Canadians covered during the thrilling race to the Stanley Cup.