ALC Pro Line Stadium Sports Betting

Established in 1976, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation delivers gambling action to the residents of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. Regulated by the four Maritime Provinces, the ACL Pro-Line Stadium sports wagering platform is somewhat better than some of the systems available in Canada. Here we look at how the ALC products compare to offshore sportsbooks.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Gaming

Laying claim to being the first of it’s kind in North America; the ALC Pro-Line Stadium system was launched online in 2004. In addition to sports wagering, all online and land based casino action, plus Coasters lounges, horse betting and Bingo, are controlled by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation gaming group. There is a bottom line though as Provincial Sports Lottery agencies across Canada deliver an inferior product when compared to established offshore sportsbooks. The bookmakers listed below have delivered top quality sports and entertainment betting experiences for decades.

Pro-Line Stadium is a suite of four betting choices that includes Pro-Line Futures, Pro-Line Fantasy, Stadium Bets and Pro-Line. Those platforms offer wagering on a wide variety of professional and college sports and are available online to residents who are at least 19 years old and located within the Atlantic Canada region. That means if you make a 20 kilometre journey from Grand Falls, New Brunswick to Hamlin, Maine, to do some cross-border shopping, access to your Pro-Line Stadium account will not be available. The top bookmakers above are accessible anytime – from anywhere.

ALC Pro Line Stadium Sports Betting Review

Kind of clunky looking at first glance, the Atlantic Lottery Pro-Line Stadium website is fairly easy to navigate as the game list for each platform is posted on one page. That is one of just a very few features that bettors may prefer over offshore websites where players have to click from sport to sport to view the various options. On the day we performed our review, ALC Pro-Line was offering odds on the NFL, NBANHL plus American Hockey League and Major League Soccer handicapping action. Superior to the WCLC and OLG betting systems, bettors still face barriers with the Atlantic Lottery Pro-Line Stadium wagering platform including but not limited to the following restrictions.

  • All Wagers Require a Minimum Two-Game Parlay Selection
  • TIE Odds Are Added to the Standard Home and Visitor Options
  • ALC Pro-Line Stadium Prices are Substandard Compared to Online Sportsbooks

ALC Pro Line Stadium Odds

Home to just under 2.5 million people, Atlantic Canada residents have something that that almost 20 million other Canadians do not have – access to “local” online sports betting. Although we do applaud the progress Atlantic Lottery has made, they still have a ways to go as the Pro Line Stadium odds and options are far from ideal. In addition to misleading, the Pro-Line odds rarely stack up to the prices offered by online sportsbooks. Ignoring the unfair forced parlay restriction, the NFL Week 12 Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings odds can be used to illustrate the difference in value.

Dallas was posted with a -2.5 (-143) spread price on the Pro-Line betting board and Bet365 had the Cowboys as -3 (-110) road chalk. While Bet365 bettors had to give up an extra half point, one has to remember that Dallas needed to win by at least four points to make the Pro-Line ticket a winner. That is due to the added TIE price that bettors need to negotiate as a Cowboys 24-21 win would be a loss betting with the Atlantic Lottery platform.  While the same wager at Bet365 wouldn't cash as a win - receiving a PUSH, meaning the original investment returned, is certainly better than a loss.

On top of that, bettors could buy the half point at Bet365 and a 24-21 win by the ‘Boys would be a winning wager. Although it may not seem like a big deal, all ALC betting lines are presented in a decimal format – which can be (are) difficult to decipher. Call us crazy but it’s a lot easier to figure out that a +160 money line will pay a $160 return than it is to determine what a 2.60 decimal line returns – which also happens to be $160. Even if handicappers prefer decimal odds, all top online bookmakers offer their prices in Fraction, Decimal and American formats. It is another small touch that helps make offshore sportsbooks a smoother and much more enjoyable wagering experience. 

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