Atlantic Lottery Proline Betting

Operating in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (often shortened to ALC) provides sports betting for residents of the three Maritime Provinces.

Those who use the service are able to bet on the outcome of most major sports such as hockey, football, basketball and golf. Those playing Atlantic Lottery Corporation Proline need to choose the result of at least two games (as is required under Canadian law).

The majority of sports betting done through the Atlantic Lotto Proline. Proline service is done at lottery centers (often found in convenience stores, gas stations and lotto kiosks).

Gamblers use a pen or pencil to fill in boxes on betting cards. The ALC does operate a website for betting, although it lacks the sports betting options CanadaSportsBetting partners such as Sports Interaction have on their websites.

Is it Legal to Bet on Atlantic Lotto Proline Online?

Betting online, whether it is through the Atlantic Lottery Proline website or using an online sportsbook, is legal.

However, anyone betting using the Proline betting service is required under the Canadian Criminal Code to bet on at least two events.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Betting on at least two event makes winning bets more difficult and puts bettors at an unfair advantage.

Bettors should not be discouraged, though, as betting on single events is possible using an online sportsbook. It is not only people in Atlantic Canada making the switch.

Sports betting in Canadian provinces from ocean to ocean is commonplace and legal, with the smartest bettors making the change to online sportsbooks. 

How to Bet on ALC Proline Online?

Betting on Proline involves making between two to six wagers with odds accumulating with each added bet. The best Canadian betting sites offer the same experience, with a broader variety of betting options and better odds.

It is easy to compare online sportsbooks such as Sports Interaction with ALC Proline.

You can do this by simply looking at the games list on the ALC Proline website and creating a bet card on an online sportsbook with the same games. Bettors do not need to create an account on a Canadian betting site to try this.

After creating a simulated bet card on one of our partner’s websites, bettors can compare the simulated card with the one they created on the ALC Proline site. While the two will have the same bets (for example four NFL moneylines), there will be a difference.

Since gambling in Canadian Provinces is controlled by the government, the simulated bet card on the online sportsbook will offer a bigger payout if the bets are all correct.

Proline Compared with Online Sportsbooks

The entire ALC Proline game lists for betting is available on our partner Sports Interaction’s website. Using the two services are similar. First users need to make an account with a valid email address, valid Canadian address and set up a form of payment.

After setting up and verifying an account, customers can scroll through the different betting options available to create betting cards. At this step of the betting process is when Canadians will see the differences (and advantages of online sportsbooks) between the two.

As mentioned earlier, online sportsbooks offer better odds equalling bigger payouts, but that is not the only difference between the two.

The first is the ability to make single wagers when using an online sportsbook. Online sportsbooks, since they do not operate directly on Canadian soil, allow for Canadian customers to wager on a single event.

While making multiple bets on a single card results in a higher payout, there are many times when bettors want to wager a single underdog to win without parlaying another wager.

Betting options available is another big difference. Even though the ALC has increased the options available, adding futures and eSports to their games list, the number of bets still pale in comparison to online sportsbooks.

Bettors will also find live betting online. Online sportsbooks do not close games from betting after they start. Instead, they have live betting lines that adjust in real-time, giving everyone a chance to get in on the action.

ALC Proline Odds

Alternative Options for ALC Proline

There are plenty of different online options for the bettors looking to ditch ALC proline. Before picking one option, Canadians should consider what they want from their online sportsbooks. Two of the factors readers need to compare before making a decision is bonuses and payment methods.

Bonus and Promotions

Online sportsbooks offer two primary forms of rewards to their users.

The first is a new user bonus, and the other is promotions (often linked to a specific sport such as the NFL season).

Canadians should know what bonuses are available and their terms before making their decision.

They should also see if there are any promotions or campaigns on their favourite sports to help make their experience better.

Method of Payment

Also knowing the best payment methods for Canadians is central.

Online sportsbooks accept multiple types of payment (although not every form of payment is accepted on every online sportsbook).

Know what sort of payment you wish to use and make sure the online sportsbooks you are considering accepts it.

Also, check out the time it takes to process deposits and withdrawals. There is nothing worse than waiting for deposits to process, or having withdrawal requests sit in limbo as the website approves your request.

Benefits of Playing ALC Proline Online

There are multiple reasons why Canadians are making the switch to online sportsbooks betting over the antiquated provincial ticket betting service.

Better In-touch with Consumer Demands

Online sportsbooks understand customer trends better than provincial sports lottery.

They have adapted to accept many more forms of payments than the traditional service offered by the province.

Some allow users to deposit with Bitcoin as long as they have an e-wallet and meet the other legal requirements to gamble online. Those that accept Bitcoin often offer a special sportsbook bonus for those using the payment method.

Bitcoin is not the only modern form of payment online sportsbooks accept. Some out there allow customers to use a PayPal account to make deposits and withdrawals.

PayPal is not universally accepted like bank transfers and credit/debit cards. However, if you want the security of PayPal, we can help you find places to deposit to with PayPal here.

Better Odds

The most significant benefit to betting using an online sportsbook over ALC Proline Stadium is the odds. Typically ALC proline odds on a point spread or game total on an ALC ticket is 1.5.

That is much worse odds than the average 1.87 to 1.95 found on the same bets when using an online sportsbook.

The difference in odds add up quickly.

For example, betting two games with odds of 1.5 equals an accumulator of 2.25. If one of the same games has odds online of 1.91, then the difference in payout on a $10 is only $3.40 on the accumulator despite your chances of winning being half as likely.

Parlaying two games with odds of 1.90 on online sportsbooks has a payout of $36.00 or over $13.00 then what you would win using ALC Proline.

For this reason alone, making the switch to one of our top-rated partners is a decision.