Best Blackjack Online Casinos in Canada 2020
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Best Blackjack Online Casinos in Canada 2020

Blackjack, the most widely played casino banking game, is available through the best blackjack online casinos in Canada

Canadians won't need to look hard to find blackjack as it is featured extensively in every sportsbook's casino. Blackjack comes in many forms and the different casinos offer their own set of bonuses, gimmicks, and features to entice aficionados. With hundreds of books available for Canadians, we look at the best online blackjack casinos for Canada.

Blackjack is extremely popular for many good reasons. It's easy to play and there is a great chance for players to cash out using either their skills or just being plain lucky. Thanks to online casinos, Canadians don't need to travel to their local casinos just to play.

In fact, many of these online casinos in Canada offer features that brick-and-mortar casinos don't. And even if you're betting from your house or phone, the thrill of winning isn't any less than when you're sitting face-to-face with a casino dealer.

With the many online blackjack casinos available, we'll review which ones are worth your buck:

Best online blackjack casinos in Canada

When looking for an online blackjack casino, there are a few factors you need to consider. Through these online blackjack casino reviews, we break them down into several categories: 

  1. Best overall experience
  2. Best live betting experience
  3. Best bonuses

We looked at the following criteria in determining the best casinos for online blackjack:

  • Selection of blackjack games (including live blackjack)
  • Live betting platform performance
  • User interface/ease-of-navigation
  • Bonuses and promotions applicable to blackjack
  • Reputation of the sportsbook/casino

With these in mind, let's review the best online blackjack casinos for Canadians:

Best overall experience

When speaking about "overall experience", we took into account all the criteria above and regarded these two online casinos as checking off all those boxes or coming very close to doing so. When considering online blackjack casinos, give these two a look first:

William Hill's Blackjack Experience

William Hill has been in the online casino game for a while and they're the UK's most trusted book for a reason. They'll start you off with a welcome bonus that doubles your first deposit up to $250, which you can use on their blackjack games. These bonuses also have fewer conditions than competitors'.

The book also has an excellent lineup of 15 blackjack games and counting. These include no-nonsense blackjack games like Premium Blackjack and Blackjack Pro to more gimmicky ones like the Buster Blackjack and Speed Blackjack.

William Hill also offers blackjack on its live betting platform. Couple this with occasional free bet promos and an ever-improving mobile betting platform and you have one of the best online blackjack casinos for Canada.

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    William Hill Review
    BONUS $ 300
  • Playing Blackjack at PowerPlay

    True to its name, PowerPlay gives power to its players by also offering an extensive list of features to both new and longtime players. It begins with their deposit bonus, up to $200 for new players. It also features a VIP bonus of up to 10% when you make a deposit of $500 or more.

    PowerPlay also features one of the more, dare we say, advanced interfaces. Navigating their casino and finding and playing blackjack is fast and easy creating a fun experience.

    And of course, they have a smorgasbord of blackjack games: up to 14 in total. You'll find eight blackjack games from the Vegas series to the Classic and six live games including Ultimate Texas Hold'em and the Blackjack Party.

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    PowerPlay Casino Review
    BONUS $ 200
  • Best Blackjack live experience

    Online blackjack casinos in Canada also feature a live blackjack experience just like its live betting counterpart for sports. We considered how well the live betting platform is as well as the total user experience and found these online casinos the best:

    Bet365's Blackjack

    Bet365's amazing live betting experience extends to its casino and to blackjack. The site features live streaming of their casino, which also has an unparalleled user experience. Among some of the top live casino choices are blackjack and all bets blackjack.

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    Bet365 Casino Review
    BONUS -

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    Betway Review
    BONUS $ 300
  • Best Blackjack bonuses

    These books offer some of the best online casino blackjack bonuses. These bonuses, not exclusive to just blackjack, come from these books' casinos and can reward players free bets or "free rolls":

    Betway's Blackjack bonuses

    Betway is known for its plethora of features, which includes generous welcome bonuses. Signing up for Betway can yield up to $1,000 in deposit bonuses including $250 on your first deposit and $500 on your third. The opening deposit is a 100% match bonus (deposit $250 to earn $250).

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    Betway Casino Review
    BONUS $ 1800
  • Spin Casino's Incredible Bonuses

    Just like Betway, Spin Casino has one of the biggest welcome bonuses available for players. New players can avail of up to $1,000 in signup bonuses. This is also divided into three separate deposits with the first yielding up to $400 and the next two up to $300. All of these bonuses have 100% match bonuses.

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    Spin Palace Casino Review
    BONUS $ 1000
  • Other sportsbooks to consider

    We had a tough time categorizing the following sportsbooks here but couldn't leave them out of the list as their combination of features still makes them some of the best online blackjack casinos in Canada.

    Blackjack available on SportsInteraction (SIA)

    Canada's top overall sportsbook in terms of reliability is also a fine choice for playing blackjack online. SIA features a sleek interface and offers the essential blackjack games with live blackjack featured prominently. The only feature that SIA lacks is an abundance of bonuses and promotions.

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    Sports Interaction Casino Review
    BONUS $ 1000
  • 888Casino's Blackjack Games

    Last but certainly not least is 888Casino, which features an innovative lineup of blackjack games including a Super Stake and Low Stakes version perfect for different levels of players. 888Sport also has plenty of perks such as multi-level VIP membership and different sets of welcome bonuses and promos.

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    888 Casino Review
    BONUS $ 88
  • Whether you're signing up with these casinos to play blackjack or exploring the many ranges of games (like baccarat, bingo, poker, and slots) these casinos offer, it's best to determine what is most important to you: bonuses, blackjack game selection, or the online casinos' reputation then go from there.

    Once you've selected your casino/s, go have some fun and avail of those bonuses.