Orlando City's Betting Odds

      Throughout the season you will find information regarding Orlando’s next fixture right here, with direct links to the numbers that the popular sports books have published. Be sure to check that you have got the odds you are looking for before you place your wager.

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      Orlando City SC is one of the newest members of the MLS, with owners Flavio Augusto da Silva and Phil Rawlins being granted a Florida franchise on November 19th, 2013. Looking to bet on Orlando SC fixtures? This page provides a comprehensive wrap of all things Orlando: result history, statistical analysis, future matches and most importantly, the best odds and lines from a selection of recommended betting sites.

      Orlando City's Standings

      Below you will find Orlando's current MLS standings, updated after every matchday. You can toggle home and away fixtures, review offensive production, view defensive statistics and even check out how Orlando's first and second half performances differ. There is a wealth of information available to you right here. Get the best out of it to make successful bets.


      Bet On Orlando City's Games

      Orlando SC plays in the MLS, the premier North American football league (that’s right folks, not soccer!). Those that have followed the competition from its early days will know of the rapid acceleration in growth and popularity in the last decade, including the addition of multiple expansion teams. As a relatively new addition to the league, fans will be hoping the club hits the ground running during its first few seasons.

      In terms of betting potential, the MLS presents punters with a wealth of choice, with several games throughout a season that runs from March to October. The most notable difference between football and other North American sports is that there are three possible results in every regular season fixture - win, loss and draw - so odds for your team’s victory will always be a great value.

      Leverage your knowledge of past performances, historical matchups and current form to reap rewards. If you’re not as confident putting your money down on three-outcome wagers, the best sites will offer a “draw no-bet” option.

      This may be the best choice when you are certain your team will not lose, but may not necessarily win. Another option is the "both teams to score" line. You are normally offered close to even money for this wager, and in a league where high-scoring affairs are reasonably common, it is definitely one worth persisting with.

      Orlando has not yet established any major trends having been in the league for such a small amount of time, however, this gives you as the punter an advantage. It is difficult for betting companies to accurately price teams with little to no historical reference and will often resort to odds that you can take advantage of. Pay close attention to the results that Orlando conjures up and you may be able to stay one step ahead of the game.

      The great news is that there are always hundreds of different betting options available every matchday, so if you have done your analysis and chosen your sources wisely, you're likely in for a winning weekend!