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      As the fastest-growing major pro league in the world, the number of MLS teams competing to earn the Supporters’ Shield and the MLS Cup continues to grow.

      Nashville SC joins the list of clubs available to bet on for MLS odds, including moneylines, over/unders, handicaps and a wide range of prop bets available before each game.

      MLS futures don’t tend to be kind to expansion clubs, but the recent history of the league has witnessed some improbable success stories of teams that have beaten the odds. Nashville SC looks to find the formula for quick glories, like Atlanta FC.

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      Throughout the MLS season, we keep track of Nashville SC standings within the league-wide table, refreshing this widget after the end of every game. In addition to the typical win-draw-loss, games played and points earned stats, we also keep tabs on goal differential, goals scored and goals allowed.

      Comparing the record and goal differential between Nashville SC and their opponent will help to reveal insight when placing a bet. Our Nashville SC table can be sorted into the home and away results, along with team performance during the first and second half of games, which is useful for MLS prop bets.

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      Nashville SC's Betting Odds

      Music City was clamouring for a Major League Soccer team of their own for years, after proving themselves to be some of the most passionate sports fans in the United States.

      In December 2017, the Nashville Soccer Club was accepted into the MLS as an expansion franchise. The club played in the United Soccer League from 2016 to 2018, leaving the USL to make its debut in the MLS in February 2020.

      The success of the Tennessee Titans and the Nashville Predators made Music City a prime destination for the top pro soccer league in the United States and Canada. Similar to Atlanta, Houston and Portland – a trio of MLS expansion cities that love soccer – Nashville SC has the rabid fanbase and momentum to quickly lift themselves into a position of power. 

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      Unlike many sports leagues, young franchises in the MLS have a greater chance of making an impact against long-established franchises, partly because of the strength of building a foundation through the expansion draft. Interestingly, Atlanta United FC serves as Nashville’s closest geographical rival. Nashville FC will try to repeat Atlanta’s feat of rapidly rising to the top.  

      Fans of betting on the MLS should pay close attention to Nashville SC because of the opportunities that present themselves with younger pro franchises. Some of the best wagering circumstances happen during uncertain scenarios. Teams that perform surprisingly well tend to provide the best payouts before everyone jumps on their bandwagon. 

      As such, it will be important to keep a close eye on Nashville, especially if they end up disrupting the balance of power in the eastern conference, just like Atlanta United FC. Nashville will do what it takes to avoid the rocky start of another local rival, FC Cincinnati, which started off their expansion history on the wrong foot.