Printable NHL Schedule

As the most popular sport in Canada, every season people go crazy for the National Hockey League. With a large presence in Canada and over a hundred years of traditional there are few who do not have an allegiance to some team or hometown players. The NHL season is long and demanding – both physically and mentally. Luckily, for the fans and bettors out there, this page has an easily accessible schedule for the entire season.

NHL Schedule 2018

Starting in early October, the NHL regular season schedule may be the most gruelling of any sport, as the players endure 82 games of punishment packed in six months. After the regular season ends, the NHL playoffs commence – running for an additional two months, ending in June. The regular season calendar is different every four seasons.

NHL Regular Season

NHL Schedule Release

After the Stanley Cup victor has been the crowned, the schedule makers get to work finalizing the schedule for the next season. The schedule – once completed in its entirety – is released to the public in late June. Every regular season game – including “The Winter Classic” series has a date, time and location set – with rarely any changes unless there are unforeseen circumstances. [+]

As the NHL takes a nearly three-week hiatus during the Winter Olympics, the season runs later into April. The NHL Calendar may be full of over 1200 games, the biggest matchups often are scheduled on Saturday nights in primetime on “Hockey Night in Canada.” Other notable events on the calendar include the outdoor games scheduled every season. Beginning with just a season game on New Year’s Day, the NHL now schedules multiple games outdoor every season – typically between rivals and broadcast on either a weekend or statutory holiday.

NHL Schedule Today

With up to 15 games on the busiest days of the year, hockey often dominates the Canadian sports landscape from October to early June. Here bettors and fans can find the schedule for all of the games today with updated NHL odds and links to the best betting sites for Canadians. Grab the latest offers such as the Sports Interaction bonus and start betting on the NHL with lower risk!

NHL TV Schedule

Since 1952, the NHL has been broadcast into the homes of Canadians. The tradition continues today as CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada” gives Canadians a double header of hockey action every Saturday night. While CBC broadcasts games on Saturday, they do not do the majority of hockey throughout the season, that task is carried out by Sportsnet and TSN. Even Sportsnet holds a majority stake in the broadcast rights, with over 1200 games per season – there is plenty to go around. Any Canada who cannot get their fix of hockey from CBC, Sportsnet and TSN can subscribe to “NHL Center Ice” for dozens of out of market games each week.