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NHL Power Rankings 2024

Latest NHL Power Rankings

Week 19 (March 30th – April 9th)

  • The Panthers are atop of the table in the Eastern Conference, closely followed by the Leafs this week.
  • The Lightning is in third, with the Bruins and Red Wings making up the top five.
  • In the Eastern Conference, the Hurricanes lead, followed by the Rangers and Penguins.
  • The Penguins, Capitals, and Islanders are the other top teams making up the top 5 ranked teams in the conference.

NHL Power Rankings tells you which is the strongest team to bet for and who you should probably avoid. You can check how teams from the Eastern and Western Conference match up against each other right now!

Click the ‘Rank Change’ and the ‘Rating Change’ tabs to see which teams are going up and which teams are on their way down. The team that has gained the most rating points is the hottest team and the team which has lost the most points is the coldest team.

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NHL Power Rankings archive

The archive is a record of the ups and downs of the 2021/22 season.

Last Season Finished

  • The Knights and Avalanche finish the league in 1st and 2nd place this season.
  • An excellent season for the panthers sees them finish the season in 3rd, with the Tampa Bay Lightning just behind them in fourth.
  • The Penguins have done well enough for a 5th place finish, climbing +1 in the rankings in the final week of the season.
  • The Oilers and Capitals had a great final week before going into the playoffs, both climbing +3 in the rankings.


Teams tend to play young players with rosters full of tryouts during the preseason, so let’s focus on the players who will make an impact during the 2021/22 season.

  • Jack Hughes cashed some of the checks written by the enormous expectations by scoring twice in his preseason debut against Boston Bruins.
  • Max Pacioretty had a great preseason with Vegas including a hat trick against the Coyotes.
  • Free agents Rantanen, Laine, Connor missed the preseason.
  • Henrik Lunkqvist started to show some signs of ageing in the preseason matches.

Week 1 (12th October – 18th October)

  • The first week is over and we’re looking at last seasons’ heroes the Florida Panthers atop the rankings.
  • The Carolina Hurricanes are just behind them, followed by the Wild, Blue Jackets and Devils to make up the top five.
  • The ever-present Boston Bruins are just outside sitting in 6th.
  • Towards the other end of the rankings, we have the Islanders, Canadiens and Blackhawks holding down the bottom end of the table.

Week 2 (19th October – 25th October)

  • The Florida Panthers have had an excellent start to the season, just above the Caroline Hurricanes who sit in second.
  • Beyond that we have the Blue, Oilers and Wild who make up the top 5 after week 1.
  • The New York Rangers are our most improved team this week, picking up +12 places in the rankings and sitting 9th overall.
  • At the other end of the scale, the Toronto Maple Leafs are now sitting 24th in the rankings having dropped -11 places in the rankings.

Week 3 (26th October – 1st November)

  • The Florida Panthers are well ahead this week, as they sit atop of the rankings and lead by a distance in the East.
  • The Oilers are leading things out in the West, picking up some excellent wins so far this season.
  • The Calgary Flames are also performing really well, sitting second in the rankings and picking up some big wins this season.
  • At the bottom of the rankings, we have the Canadiens and the Coyotes, who have really struggled to get going this year.

Week 4 (2nd November – 8th November)

  • The Florida Panthers are atop of the Regular Eastern Conference Atlantic this week, closely followed by the Detroit Red Wings.
  • Over in the Metropolitan Division, it’s the Carolina Hurricanes who lead the table, while the Penguins sit at the other end of the table.
  • In the Western Conference Central, it’s the St. Louis Blues who are leading the table, with the Jets and Wild right behind them.
  • In the Pacific, it’s Conor McDavid and the Oilers who are enjoying the best season so far.

Week 5 (8th November – 15th November)

  • The Florida Panthers carry on where they finished last season, playing excellent NHL regular season hockey and leading the rankings.
  • They are closely followed in the Eastern Conference by the Hurricanes and Capitals, who both have 22 points.
  • In the West we have the Edmonton Oilers leading the pack, closely followed by the Ducks and Wild.
  • At the bottom of the Conferences are the usual names and faces, in the form of the Coyotes and Ottawa Sens.

Week 6 (16th November – 22nd November)

  • The Hurricanes knock the Panthers off the top spot in the Eastern Conference, closely followed by the Capitals and Maple Leafs.
  • The Lightning is still struggling to find their feet, after winning back-to-back titles.
  • The Calgary Flames sit atop of the Western Conference, which means the high-flying Oilers now sit in second.
  • The Sens and Coyotes are the teams that still occupy the bottom of the league, struggling to make a start to the season.

Week 7 (November 23rd – November 29th)

  • The Capitals have claimed atop of the Eastern Conference after some fairly strong performances, while the Flames are atop on the West.
  • The Flames are battling it out with Conor McDavid and his Oilers for the top spot, with the Oilers second by only one point.
  • The Maple Leafs are on the same point as the Capitals in the East, both sitting on 33 for the season outright.
  • At the bottom of the rankings in each Conference, we have the Sens and Coyotes who continue to have dismal seasons.

Week 8 (November 30th – December 6th)

  • The Panthers, Capitals and Leafs remain atop of the rankings in the Eastern Conference.
  • Over in the West, we have last seasons’ shock team the Minnesota Wild atop of the rankings, closely followed by the Flames.
  • A few losses for the Edmonton Oilers see them drop to fourth in the rankings.
  • The Canadiens and Coyotes are the worst-performing teams this week and both sit bottom of their respective conferences.

Week 9 (December 7th – December 13th)

  • The top spot is split between three teams, the Florida Panthers, Washington Capitals, and the Toronto Maple Leafs all on 40 points.
  • All three of those teams sit in the Eastern Conference, while over in the Western Conference we have The Wild leading with 39 points.
  • It’s still the Cardinals and Canadiens suffering the most, as they both occupy the bottom spot in their respective leagues.
  • The Edmonton Oilers started the season excellently, but have since dropped off and now find themselves down in 7th.

Week 10 (December 14th – December 20th)

  • The Carolina Hurricanes continue with an excellent season, now sitting atop of the tables in the Eastern Conference.
  • Making up the top 5 in the East, we have the Capitals, Lightning, Leafs and finally the Rangers in fifth.
  • The Minnesota Wild remains the team to beat in the Western Conference. They sit atop the rankings on the same points as the Knights and Ducks.
  • It’s still the Coyotes and Canadiens who cannot get their season going and occupy the bottom spot in their respective conferences.

Week 11 (December 21st – December 27th)

  • Last season’s champions the Tampa Bay Lightning are sitting atop of the Eastern Conference, tipping the Panthers.
  • The other three teams in the top 5 in the East are the Rangers, Capitals and Hurricanes.
  • While over in the Western Conference, the Golden Knights lead the way, with the Predators, Blues, Ducks, and Avalanche just behind them.
  • A tragic season continues for the bottom of the pile in each Conference, the Montreal Canadiens and Arizona Coyotes.

Week 12 (December 28th – January 4th)

  • A strong week for the Golden Knight sitting on top in the Western Conference, edging out the Nashville Predators.
  • Over in the East, a rampant Lightning team is looking to make it three consecutive Stanley Cup wins.
  • The Oilers are still not showing the consistency we had hoped for when the season began, now sitting 8th in the rankings.
  • The Blues, Ducks, and Avalanche still look like strong Playoff candidates.

Week 13 (January 5th – January 11th)

  • The Vegas Golden Knights lead in the West, while it’s still the Tampa Bay Lightning who lead things in the East.
  • The Panthers are still up fighting it out with the Lightning, as are the Rangers, Capitals, and Hurricanes.
  • The Nashville Predators are giving the Knights trouble for the title in the West, with some games still left to play.
  • Sadly for the Canadiens and Coyotes, it’s still bottom of the pack in week 13.

Week 14 (January 11th – January 17th)

  • Tampa Bay Lightning remains the team to beat in the NHL this week, atop of the NHL rankings outright.
  • The Vegas Knights are the best team in the Western Conference this week, just ahead of the Predators and Blues.
  • The Ducks and Avalanche make up the top five in the West, while it’s the Panthers, Rangers, Capitals, and Hurricanes making the top 5 in the East.
  • The Bruins and Oilers need to up their game if they want to make it to the Playoffs, sitting in 8th of their respective Conferences.

Week 15 (January 18th – January 25th)

  • The Lightning remain on top in the Eastern Conference, with the Panthers on the tail just a few points behind them.
  • The Panthers share points with the Rangers and Capitals, with the Hurricanes just behind them making up the top 5.
  • In the Western Conference, it’s the Vegas Golden Knights who stand atop of the pile.
  • The Predators, Blues, Ducks, and Avalanche are the other teams occupying the top 5 in the NHL power rankings this week.

Week 16 (February 26th – February 2nd)

  • The Knights and Lightening are the teams atop their respective conferences as move into week 17.
  • In the East, we have the Panthers, Rangers, Capitals and Hurricanes making up the top 5 places in the Conference.
  • While over in the West, we have the Predators, Blues, Ducks, and Avalanche making up the top 5 alongside the Knights.
  • Across both conferences, it’s the Canadiens and Coyotes who have really failed to make an impact this season and sit at the bottom of their respective conferences.

Week 17 (March 3rd – March 14th)

  • The Vegas Golden Knights and the Nashville Predators are battling it out at the top of the Western Conference, with the Knights on top.
  • Just behind them are the Blues and Ducks, with the Avalanche dropping down into fifth.
  • Over in the East, we have the Lightning looking likely to finish this season at the top.
  • The Panthers, Rangers, Capitals, and Hurricanes make up the top 5 teams in the Western Conference this week.

Week 18 (March 15th – March 29th)

  • Vegas’s dominance in the Western conference continues, as they sit atop of the pile with the Nashville Predators just behind them.
  • The Blues and Ducks have shown great performances in the latter stages of the season and sit joint third in the rankings.
  • The Lightning and Panthers continue to battle it out at the top of the Eastern Conference, just ahead of the Rangers, Capitals and Hurricanes.
  • The Bruins are still struggling, despite showing some good performances of late.

Who’s hot and who’s cold in the hunt for the Stanley Cup? 

The division leaderboards don’t always tell the whole story, so make sure you check out the Power Rankings to see who you should bet on tonight. Our rankings are updated after each NHL Regular season match and after every NHL Playoff game. How does it work? We base our Power Ranking model on an improved version of Glicko (Glicko-2) that values ​​the strength of a team fighting for the Stanley Cup week after week, based on a rating, deviation and volatility.