Online sports bettors are always searching for tips, advice and tools that can help them cash winning tickets on a more consistent basis. That is due to the fact that nothing comes easy and regularly entering the winner’s circle is impossible without performing proper research. That includes tracking teams recent form, reviewing trusted free picks, understanding the magnitude of a match, plus checking weather and injury reports. Power Ranking tables also deliver valuable insights that give bettors a leg up when building a sports betting bankroll.

Sports Power Rankings Help Produce Winning Wagers

Easily accessible, sports ranking lists have been around for decades. Focused on the NCAAF National Championship, the Dunkel System was designed and published by the late Richard C. "Dick" Dunkel, Sr. way back in 1929. That leads us to note that there are two distinct power ranking systems available today. Human polls, which are popular at sports information sources like ESPN, use a combination of computers and personal opinions to generate their rankings. Normally updated weekly, the addition of humans to the equation can altar the statistical facts.

"Human and computer Power Rankings often deliver different results"

Computer generated rankings, which incorporate a large volume of information, produce results that are unbiased and based on the performance of the teams involved. Not slagging human opinion influenced power rankings, some of them produce a good read, we much prefer to let the computer do it’s thing to complete this portion of our sports betting research. That’s in addition to the steps outlined above plus regularly watching games, studying box scores, and comparing recent meetings, prior to placing our bets. Knowledge is key to winning wagers.

Designed to deliver a sports wagering advantage, we are proud to present the quick view Power Rankings section here at Canada Sports Betting. Our proprietary ranking lists are in-house designed and incorporate the Glicko-2 rating system as an engine to pump out this informative betting tool. Attempting to understand Glicko-2 semantics will give most people, except math wizards, a headache. Capitalize on our Power Rankings knowing that a variety of statistics, sport by sport, have been mixed together to generate our simple to understand charts and rating lists.

"Properly rankings reduce the need to understand complicated systems"

Capable of rating players or teams, with numbers as few as two to infinite, Power Rankings come many forms. From as simple as looking at the sports league standings, to a chart derived by combining a wealth of information, rating lists help bettors understand the current form of the sides they want to wager on. A glance at the standings can be helpful and deceiving since a league leader, with a 10-4 record, could be on a four-game losing streak. That’s where properly constructed power rankings come into play as they take winning and losing runs into account.

Power Rankings Differ By Each Individual Sports League

Though designed to reach a common goal, not all power rankings are created using the same information. Certain stats, like won/loss records, points earned, plus strength of schedule, are common in all power rankings, different criteria is incorporated into rating lists based on each sport. For example, an NFL list will take “number of first downs ” into account while others will not. The more information added to the mix – the better the power ranking. Below we break down some of the key ingredients that go into creating various power ranking lists by sport.

NFL Power Rankings

Crunching numbers helps create power rankings and the NFL delivers a load of numbers to work with. At the top of the list will always be won loss records plus points for and against. This only makes since a 4-12 team, that’s getting outscored by a 436-338 combined count, is never going to climb very high on the NFL Super Bowl hopeful list. Beyond that, yards gained and allowed, touchdown and field goal scoring, kick off and punting production, plus individual stats like quarterback ratings, are also key ingredients that help create a solid NFL power rating list.

NFL Power Rankings for 2019

NHL Power Rankings

National Hockey League betting is also clearer when ‘Cappers are armed with an informative NHL power ranking table. A lot goes into becoming an NHL Champion and it all has to come together seamlessly in order to raise the NHL Stanley Cup. Key components of a hockey rating system include power play and penalty killing success rates, goals against average and save percentage by netminders, as well as shots for against per game. Faceoff winning percentages, plus rate of puck control, are additional factors that are unique to exciting Fire on Ice action.

MLB Power Rankings

Major League Baseball power rankings take into account many factors that aren’t used in other lists. Hitting and pitching are top two as teams aren't MLB World Series contenders without a mix of the two. While drilling down into individual player numbers is important, overall team batting and earned run averages are major pieces of any MLB power-ranking list. While a squad doesn’t need to be first on both lists, being in the top ten helps as was evident by the Boston Red Sox being first in hitting and eighth in pitching during their 2018 MLB Championship season.

NBA Power Rankings

Reigning supreme in the National Basketball Association requires a tightknit group of five starters, plus eight bench players, producing together each game. Key statistics to achieving a top hoops power ranking include rebounds, 3-point shooting and blocked shoots. Also important, to claiming the Larry O’Brien NBA Finals trophy, is team field goal percentage and turnover rates at both ends of the court. When used in conjunction with a clear research path, sports Power Rankings can be the difference between tickets that cash and those that are trash.

NBA Power Rankings list for 2019


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