Yukon Lottery Sports Betting

Wedged between Alberta, Alaska, the Beaufort Sea and the Northwest Territories, the Yukon is the smallest of the three territories in Canada. An ice flow from the North Pole, nearly 40,000 hearty souls are proud to call the Yukon home. Void of pro teams to the east, north and west, sports fans often cheer for CFL and NHL teams down south in Alberta. Sadly, bettors also share the WCLC Sports Select wagering schemes.

Yukon Sports Betting

If anyone deserves quality gambling entertainment, that is accessible from the warmth and comfort of their own home, we vote for the good people in the Yukon. Unfortunately, bettors in the land of the Fireweed Flower are forced to place their wagers on government wagering schemes. There is a better way - as we present the top online Yukon sports betting sites available in the True North.

Yukon residents have two choices when it comes to sports and entertainment wagering. A) Get into a frozen vehicle and travel down an ice road, to a not so local gas station, to wager on limited and highly restricted Alberta based options or B) fire up their personal computer to get in on a wealth of action. With the top online sportsbooks, rated and recommended here at Canada Sports Betting, the decision is simple from Beaver Creek to Whitehorse. Yukon sports bettors, as well as Canadians from coast-to-coast, are encouraged to surf around the offshore bookmakers websites listed above. Once registered, be prepared for a sportsbook betting wave that is vastly superior to the WCLC.

Lotteries In Yukon

To be expected, in a territory with so few inhabitants, quality sports betting in the Yukon is almost as barren as the landscape. At the Lotteries Yukon website, there’s a list of 37 WCLC Sports Select retailers that are spread across 13 towns and hamlets in the Yukon. A little surprising, the Yukon has a major claim to fame as Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall is the oldest casino in Canada. This betting hot spot in Dawson City, which is home to fewer than 1,500 people, first opened in 1971 and offers live table games, slot action and cabaret entertainment. Unfortunately, due to the Yukon’s harsh winter climate, Gerties is only open from May until September annually. Although still being negotiated with the government (unfairly) there is talk that a first class Hotel and Casino may be built on Champagne and Aishihik First Nations land at some point in the distant future.

Yukon Lottery - Sports Select Pro-Line

Unlucky Yukon bettors have access to the land based Yukon Sports Select Pro Line system as their only “local” wagering option. Controlled by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, which also has a firm grip on gambling activities in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Pro Line sports betting schemes are the worst options in Canada. Tilting the table in favour of the government, players are hamstrung by the three-bet minimum parlay structure plus the added “TIE” odds that are attached to many of the betting options offered on WCLC contests. At publishing time, the TIE line turned many tickets to trash as British Columbia and Edmonton won the two CFL Semi-Final playoff matches by one and three points respectively. Since the WCLC specifies a win by three points or less is a TIE in football, any wagers on the Eskimos and Lions to WIN morphed into Pro Line losses – even though both teams won their matches. Go figure eh?

*** As partially illustrated above, the Yukon WCLC sports betting system is far from elite. Free of ties that may bind, the SportsInteraction online sportsbook is a solid alternative.

Best Alternative To Yukon Sports Lottery

Conceding that Yukon gamblers may have cashed with the Blue Bombers vs Lions and Eskimos vs Tiger-Cats TIE betting options offered by Pro Line, it’s more a stroke of luck than anything else. One needs to remember that, in addition to backing the final score of both CFL playoff games being by three points or less, bettors also had to add a winning NHL, NFL or NBA wager to their ticket. Truth be told; the table is slanted, knock over a beer style, with the Yukon Lottery WCLC system. With the online sportsbooks listed above, punters didn’t get punished if they bet straight up on the Lions and Eskimos to win. Additionally, they could have bet on both contests with two single game wagers. Plus, with their superior prices, sportsbooks like SportsInteraction offered a greater return on original investments. As is the sad case across Canada, government offered wagering is never a good bet. We are proud to recommend the best alternatives to the Yukon sports betting lotteries.