Nova Scotia Lottery Sports Betting

With a population near one million, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island included, is the largest of Canada’s four Atlantic Provinces by resident count. If not for a small strip, that is about 30 KM long and connects it to New Brunswick in the north, Nova Scotia would be an island onto its own. Join us as we explore the various Nova Scotia sports betting options available everyday in Canada’s fabulous Ocean Playground.

Nova Scotia Sports Betting

Connected the Atlantic Lottery Corporation Pro-Line Stadium platform, that is offered online, gives residents of the Sea Bound Coast a leg up on some less fortunate Canadians – particularly those in Ontario and Alberta. That said, the top online Nova Scotia sports betting sites that are listed in the table below, Bodog is a solid example, will always deliver a higher quality wagering experience.

Our province-by-province sports betting reviews, which break down the gambling options available across Canada, have shown what may be construed as a bias towards offshore wagering websites. Guilty! We are however not without rock solid reasons for siding with online bookmakers over government controlled lotteries like the Pro-Line Stadium betting platform. From the odds tilting forced multi-bets, to unfair multiple line selections, plus prices that often lack the value offered at online sportsbooks, the Atlantic Lottery betting options have a tangible “fishy” feel to them. Nova Scotia handicappers are advised to avoid the hooks being dangled by ALC sports lottery schemes.

Lotteries In Nova Scotia

Although void of any professional sports teams, Nova Scotia is home to an abundance of amateur hockey, baseball and soccer organizations. Puck action is huge as “New Scotland” is home to junior teams in both the American Hockey League and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Beyond the ALC sports lottery schemes, there are two Las Vegas style casinos in the Bluenose Province. Both venues, one on the Halifax harbour and one in Sydney on Cape Breton Island, are housed in opulent structures that incorporate historic Maritime lighthouse themes. Horse betting is big in Nova Scotia as LIVE racing runs at tracks in Truro, North Sydney and Inverness. Exciting pony punting action is also available at off-track teletheatres. Sadly, the evil VLT piranhas lurk everywhere in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Lottery - Pro-Line Stadium

Being as there aren’t any brick and mortar sportsbooks in the Maritimes, ALC Pro-Line Stadium is the only “local” wagering option. Gamblers can bet online or via the antiquated pencil and paper method that is available at lottery retailers scattered across the province. The fact that ALC sports betting is available online in the Maritimes is a bonus for those on Canada’s east coast. However, bettors should remember that there are pitfalls that need to be navigated when wagering on the Pro-Line, Pro-Line Futures, Stadium-Bets and Pro-Line Fantasy cards. The November 21, 2016, sports schedule is a prime example. It’s a full night of action as the NFL, NBA, NHL and college basketball are all in play at Pro-Line. While we applaud the variety, there are over 70 lines to choose from, the fact that Nova Scotians can't place a one-bet wager on the Oakland Raiders to win vs the Houston Texans will always be a huge drawback to betting with the Nova Scotia sports lottery schemes.

*** Feeling bettors and bookmakers should be on an even plane, we strongly advise Nova Scotia handicappers to check out all the advantages online sportsbooks like Bodog offer.

Best Alternative To Nova Scotia Sports Lottery

While the ALC deserves credit for bumping their parlay requirements down, to a two bet minimum on most of their cards, the system is still far from optimal. Wagering on forced parlays, when single betting options are ready available, is akin to choosing a hunk of spam over a juicy prime cut of beef. Prices and odds are also a factor, as bettors normally receive way less bang for their buck with the Pro-Line Stadium lines. The card mentioned above provides proof of that as a forced $100 two team parlay backing the underdog NFL Houston Texans (+255) and NHL New Jersey Devils (+200) delivers a $965.00 profit at Bodog. That same wager, using Atlantic Lottery Stadium-Bets platform, pays a paltry $697.00 return. Although there are so many, that is certainly a premium example that illustrates how Canada Sports Betting top ranked offshore sportsbooks offer the best alternative to Nova Scotia sports lottery schemes. Check out exciting betting packages offered at Bodog or any of the bookmakers listed above. We are certain bettors will be pleased to find that registration is quick and simple, banking is safe and secure, plus the sports wagering options are virtuously endless.