New Brunswick Sports Betting 2022

If you are 19+ years of age you have many options on New Brunswick sports betting from the comfort of your living room. Canada sports betting is here on a daily basis to provide you with FREE EXPERT PICKS on games that day, and this week, 365 days a year. For the long term, we also provide a wide range of futures bets that focus on wagers months down the road and other options for single-game sports betting in Canada.

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New Brunswick Betting Legal Updates

Bettors in New Brunswick have gotten some good legal sports betting updates. Starting August 2021, single-game betting in New Brunswick is now legally available. This was a hard-fought battle to get this legalized across all of Canada. With this new opening, bettors in New Brunswick now have even more options for having fun.

How to Gamble in New Brunswick

Are you over 19 and looking to have the Mari-time of your life? If online New Brunswick sports betting is a mystery to you then you are in the right place.

To help Canadians who want to bet on sports, is a free site for you to get all the information you need from which sportsbooks to sign up for and an abundance of expert picks on all the major sports as well as other unique sporting events as well.  

How to gamble on sports in New Brunswick?

If you are 19+ years of age you have many options on New Brunswick sports betting from the comfort of your living room.

Canada sports betting is here on a daily basis to provide you with free expert picks on games that day and this week 365 days a year.

In Addition, for the long term, we also provide a wide range of futures bets that focus on wagers months down the road.

Fredericton New Brunswick

But first, for yourself, you will need a few things to get started. Proof of identification, usually a driver's license or passport, is a necessity to get verified on the more reputable online sports betting sites.

Next, an email address. Finally, an acceptable method for you to be able to deposits funds into your account.

Once you register an account with a valid email address, you will be asked to send proof of identification either via email or over a live chat with a live agent.

Completing this process with a live agent will generally be the fastest way to verify your account and get started. You can have the entire world of sports betting at your fingertips within minutes. 

Now there's no limit as to the number of sportsbooks that one can have accounts with, but signing up on multiple sites is usually not needed.

You may find that there are one or two that provide you specifically with all the gaming options that you require. So before you select where to apply your trade, find the best sports betting in Canada here.

Comparing Sportsbook in New Brunswick

Price shopping isn't only for the grocery store, it is also a useful tool for New Brunswick sports gambling. There is value to be gained and earned on every online sports betting platform.

For example, If I want to bet on Rory McIlroy to win the British Open and Site A is offering his line at 10.00 and Site B is offering his line at 9.00, then clearly my best option will be to choose site A and gain the extra unit of value.

Furthermore, each site will offer bonuses for new and existing customers to attract business.

Some may entice you more than others, and it's great to take advantage of any incentive of this nature.

Usually, on the site's homepage, there will be a tab/ icon labelled 'promotions' where this will all be outlined. 

And just as important as any other aspect of choosing with which site(s) to play on are the deposit/ withdrawal methods.

Some methods are faster than others, some methods involve fewer fees than others.

Some sites accept only more traditional methods of deposit such as bank transfer and credit card. Others accept a more wide range of deposit forms, from bitcoin to Paypal.

You can discover which sites allow bitcoin betting in New Brunswick so that you can make the wisest decision to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Best sportsbooks in New Brunswick

Options are endless and as such, it wouldn't hurt to be familiar with all the choices that lie before us. From hockey to handball, and even the upcoming US Presidential election, gambling in New Brunswick is not limited to the local Casino. Read more about sports betting in Canadian Provinces.

New Brunswick sports betting

And the ways in which you can bet on sports is not limited to simply who wins and who loses. You can choose to bet on the outcome in various ways.

2 Way Moneyline

Most common in a sport like NBA Basketball where you just pick who will win that game.

3 Way Moneyline

Most common in soccer and even hockey where you decide on one of three outcomes (win/lose/draw) in regulation time.


Selecting a team to win by or, not lose by a certain amount. In Tennis, will Roger Federer win his matches by more than 5.5 games over 5 sets?

Over / Under

Selecting whether the total score will be over or under the combined total given. Will the Maple Leafs vs Bruins have more than 5.5 goals scored?

This line can also usually be wagered on a single team as well i.e. will the Kansas City Chiefs score over 31.5 points.

Player Props

Will Kawhi Leonard score over 28.5 points. Will Anthony Davis grab over 11.5 rebounds. Will Ezekiel Elliot Rush for over 95.5 yards. These bets are up an available every night in popular sports.

Multi-Sport Parlays

Combine a game from English Premier League soccer, with the Super Bowl if it feels like the winning play.

First Half / Second Half / Quarter betting

Betting on portions of the game rather than the final result of the entire contest.

Live Betting

Get to watch what's occurring before making a decision on which side you want to bet. Also a great tool for when you lose track of time. Just because the game has started doesn't mean you've missed out.

Futures and Overall Winners

Before an event like the Tour de France or Wimbledon or the World Cup commences you can wager on who will win the whole shebang. Even after the event has begun these lines will be commonly available.

University of Moncton

Pro-Line New Brunswick

Sports betting in New Brunswick is not limited to proline.

In fact, there are several reasons as to why having an online account at a reputable sportsbook will actually work out better for you in the long run. Let's dive into some of the advantages to be gained.

Now we all know this feeling. It's Sunday morning on a cold and snowy December morning. You have nothing else to do but to sit around and watch an entire day of NFL football before returning to the real world on Monday morning.

There's beer in the fridge and a steak that's marinated. Everything is perfect - except for the fact that you didn't play your proline or point spread ticket yet. So in need of the action, you put on your wool socks and thermals and brave the harsh environment so that you don't miss your chance at victory.

Or, instead of having to risk the elements to play your OLG sports ticket, you can make more efficient wagers without having to leave your house.

You can have the option of making parlays or moneylines. For a long time, only parlays were allowed.

This is not the best way to approach betting. Sometimes you only have strong inclinations on one or two games and can't figure out the third or fourth to complete your proline ticket. This is not how you want to be exercising your sports betting muscles. It's far better to not be forced into action you don't want. 

The next example comes with the point spread ticket where you can attempt to guess any number of games from 1-12 correctly on the point spread. Here's where you lose a ton of value:

For example, assuming ten cent lines (displayed as 1.91 or -110 on sportsbooks) here's what you stand to gain betting on a sportsbook vs the OLG 

  • Going 2/2: OLG will play 2/1, whereas an online sportsbook will pay at minimum 2.5/1
  • 3/3: OLG will play 5/1, whereas an online sportsbook will pay at minimum 5.9/1
  • 4/4: OLG will play 10/1, whereas an online sportsbook will pay at minimum 12/1
  • 5/5: OLG will play 20/1, whereas an online sportsbook will pay at minimum 24/1
  • 6/6: OLG will play 35/1, whereas an online sportsbook will pay at minimum 47/1

and so forth and, so forth

As you go down the line you will lose value every step of the way.

Finally, cashing in a proline ticket, if a substantial amount can involve making a long trip down to the OLG head office which may not be convenient.

Making a withdrawal from your online sportsbook can be accomplished with a couple of clicks and minimal fees depending on which method you utilize. 

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