2021 MLB Futures – World Series Odds

With just a few weeks to go in the MLB regular season, we take a look at the latest World Series outrights picks on 2021 MLB Futures. 

2021 MLB Futures — September World Series Predictions Update

There are just a few weeks left in the regular season. As teams battle for playoff positions, here at CSB, we take a look at the latest World Series predictions for the 2021 MLB Futures. Some odds have definitely changed just from August into mid-September. Let’s further examine some of these betting picks.

The numbers have seen a few more shifts than expected. It appears this race is starting to show its hand a little. The World Series may come down to a handful of teams. Our table below updates the latest odds. 

2021 MLB Futures — World Series Oddssportsinteraction
Los Angeles Dodgers4.004.003.90
Tampa Bay Lightning5.505.509.00
Milwaukee Brewers6.005.509.00
Houston Astros6.507.006.00
Chicago White Sox7.007.508.25
San Francisco Giants8.007.5012.00
New York Yankees13.0023.0014.00
Atlanta Braves17.0017.0015.00
Toronto Blue Jays24.0023.0026.00
Boston Red Sox26.0023.0026.00
San Diego Padres34.0041.0031.00

Baseball odds have felt a bit more fluid than usual this year. With injuries, hot streaks, and cold streaks, it just seems when this gets figured out, the chaos begins anew. Inevitably, some more changes have to be anticipated before the playoffs even start.

When we say anything can happen, it absolutely does. Did anyone expect the COVID outbreaks to hit teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox the way they did? No. Do people remember the struggles of the Los Angeles Dodgers earlier in the season? No. Did pundits see the rise of the San Francisco Giants and Chicago White Sox? Absolutely not. 

There are no guarantees as we look toward the 2021 MLB Futures and the current numbers including the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays, and more. Is there any value in longer shots? Let’s find out. 

Los Angeles Dodgers Top MLB World Series Predictions

The 2021 MLB Futures show the Los Angeles Dodgers leading the way still when it comes to World Series odds. These numbers have varied a little in recent months. The Dodgers have seen their numbers shorten to a range of 3.90 to 4.00. At one point during the regular season, the odds had ballooned to 5.50 or even 6.00 in some circles. 

Los Angeles has put together an impressive second half to draw closer to the San Francisco Giants. This is even without Trevor Bauer, who will not pitch the rest of the regular or post-season. This is a significant loss. However, the Dodgers have not cracked. Instead, they have clawed back to 2.5 games (at press time) of the division lead.

Dodgers’ starting pitching is still in great hands

Behind the pitching of Walker Buehler and Julio Urias, the Dodgers’ starting pitching is still in great hands. The two pitchers have combined for a 30-6 record and an ERA under 3.00 (2.98 for Urias, 2.31 for Buehler). It is partly why the duo are both candidates for the NL Cy Young Award.

Also, they are among the big reasons Los Angeles stays favorites in the World Series odds. Another reason is what we like to call the equivalent of “baseball luck” or Pythagorean Win-Loss. This is a metric that measures win-loss records based on runs scored and allowed. The Dodgers lead the way with a mark of 95-47. Los Angeles has lost six games they should have won. The only team, among the contenders, less lucky would be the Toronto Blue Jays at -7. 

By contrast, teams like the Boston Red Sox (+4) and New York Yankees (+5) have benefitted along with the San Francisco Giants (+3).

A Little More on the Los Angeles Dodgers

Another big part of why the Los Angeles Dodgers lead the way is that their offense has come alive just enough. They are 22-8 in their last 30 games due to contributions from NL MVP candidate Max Muncy. With players like Muncy, Chris Taylor, Will Smith, and Justin Turner, Los Angeles has enjoyed a balance that has seen their run production come up to five runs a contest. This second-half upswing is why the Dodgers lead the World Series Odds when it comes to the 2021 MLB Futures.

Currently, Los Angeles is our pick to win the World Series

2021 MLB Futures — Can Other Teams Alter the World Series Predictions?

As October approaches, several teams will continue to challenge Los Angeles to unseat the defending champion in the World Series odds. Two teams that may not come to mind for most are the Tampa Bay Rays and Milwaukee Brewers. For one, too many expect the San Francisco Giants to be there. These two teams can send the 2021 MLB Futures into more chaos. How?

These are two of the better road teams in baseball. Tampa Bay is 43-27 on the road and Milwaukee is a major-league best 47-24 away from home. The playoffs will be different this year with actual fans packing stadiums. Tampa Bay and Milwaukee have shown an ability in the past to be able to take the buzz out of a playoff crowd. The Rays have done that in the postseason. 

Milwaukee has the potential to be that surprise team to do it in the National League. Both teams are right up with the elite at 21-9 in their last 30 games. Also, one can get World Series Odds of 9.00 on Spin Palace Sports for both Tampa Bay and Milwaukee. Four and nine do not seem like a big difference but in the betting world, it most certainly is. 

2021 MLB Futures — Our World Series Pick

The Los Angeles Dodgers remain our odds-on pick to win the World Series for the 2021 MLB Futures.

Los Angeles Dodgers

To win the 2021 World Series


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