MLB Playoffs Free Picks And Predictions: September 29 - October 02

MLB Playoffs Free Picks And Predictions: September 29 - October 02

We enter Wild Card week of the postseason, with three of the best games out of the lot. The Oakland A’s kick things off against the White Sox tonight, then we move onto Wednesdays’ game as the Yankees face the Indians in Ohio.

The A’s sit atop the AL West and have a record of 5-5 in their last 10. This will be no means an easy series, with Chicago just shy of the Twins at the top of the AL Central.

As well as that, we’ve got the Dodgers against Brewers at Dodger Stadium, which is set to be a great series. Let’s take a look at what may unfold this week in the MLB. Finally, we have the Rays against Blue Jays in Florida.

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Oakland Athletics (1.91) vs Chicago White Sox (1.91)

The A’s drew the last series they played against the Mariners 2-2. They will be up against a stronger team this time in the form of the White Sox, who are 2-8 in their last ten games.

All top-rated MLB betting sites have the game at evens, as this is sure to be a close test between two of the best teams in the AL.

The White Sox hasn’t seen glory at the World Series for almost 15 years now. Will this be the year when things change?

Take the A’s to win.

Oakland Athletics To beat the Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Indians (1.95) vs New York Yankees (1.87)

The 27-time World Series-winning Yankees will be looking to brush the Indians aside in this series. Though it hasn’t been plain sailing for the Yankees, who trail the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East.

The Yankees are 4-6 in their last ten games and this is why the odds are almost at evens. The Indians are second in the AL Central and have picked up 8 wins in their last ten games.

The momentum is definitely with the Cleveland team, but it’s difficult to say whether they’ll be able to overcome a roster as strong as the Yankees in the series.

Pick the New York Yankees to win.

New York Yankees To beat the Cleveland Indians

Los Angeles Dodgers (1.31) vs Milwaukee Brewers (3.50)

The Dodgers look as strong as ever coming into the postseason. Eight wins in their last ten games and topping the NL West throughout the season. They remain favourites for the World Series.

The MLB betting odds have them as clear favourites against a Brewers team that holds a record of 5-5 in their last ten and haven’t been particularly imposing in the NL Central.

Expect a confident display from the home side. Things will have to go right from the start if Milwaukee are to take anything away from the series.

Expect the Dodgers to win here.

Los Angeles Dodgers To beat the Milwaukee Brewers

Tampa Bay Rays vs Toronto Blue Jays

The Tampa Bay Rays come into the Wild Card games looking like one of the strongest contenders to go to the World Series and the oddsmakers tend to agree.

They are 8-2 in their last ten games and at the top of the table in the AL East. The Blue Jays sit 3rd in the league and go 6-4 in their last ten.

The Blue Jays are worth a punt, as they are on a good run of form and can certainly win games if they’re playing at their best. It will be a very interesting series, whichever way you favour.

Take the Rays to win.

Tampa Bay Rays To beat the Toronto Blue Jays