UEFA Super Cup 2021 Odds

Click here for the picks of the UEFA Super Cup 2020.

The 2021 UEFA Supercup will be held somewhere in Europe towards the end of 2021. We will keep this page updated with the date and location as the information is released.

UEFA Supercup 2021 Winners Odds

The odds for the UEFA Supercup are now available. We'll keep the odds up to date as the event approaches. The odds were last updated on January 11, 2021:

888sport Win  VS  Win 888sport


  TBA   VS   TBA  


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UEFA Super Cup 2020 Winner 

The 2020 UEFA Super Cup will be the 45th edition, an annual football match organised by UEFA and contest by the reigning champions of the two main European club competitions. 

The two main competitions are the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. 

Due to the fact we are still in the early stages of the season, the two teams are a long way from being announced. However, as soon as they are we’ll ensure to post the best odds available here. 

Over/Under Pick

The over/under line on goals in the Super Cup is 2.5, with public money going more on the over.

It is understandable why more bettors are going with the over. Seven of the last eight Super Cup have featured at least three goals.

Total Goals for Home Team

Total goals for a particular side is a tough wager to make, as it's difficult to predict the exact outcome. However, we have seen some trends in the previous years of this competition. 

Since 2004, all but one winner of the Super Cup has scored two goals or more. Two seems more reasonable in this matchup though, looking at the scoring history of these two clubs when they play. The 2019 Supercup featured 4 goals, before going to penalties. 

Will there be a Penalty Shootout?

While extra time is relatively common in the Super Cup, four of the last six games needing it, penalties deciding the game is quite rare. It happened in 2013 and in last year's 2019 final.

The odds on betting on a penalty shootout occurring are quite attractive, but the chance of it occurring is too low. Stick with the safer betting option and consider parlaying the low odds with another wage to help increase potential winnings.

Will there be an Overtime Goal?

If you want to make a riskier bet with a better payout, bet on if there will be a goal in overtime. This bet covers a few biases, without needing the game to end in penalties to win.

Considering that three of the Super Cups since 2014 were decided by a goal in extra-time, it happening again in 2020 is plausible. With the odds offered, placing this bet is worth it.

Correct Score

One of the hardest prop bets to pick is the correct score of the game. There are always many options available on this bet, making the odds on all are very attractive.