As one of the biggest soccer leagues in the world, the English Premier League – or EPL – draws swarms of rabid soccer fans and bettors each week. With a season where every game matters, the excitement is non-stop from August to May and even the biggest underdogs have a chance. Check out the printable schedule for the entire English Premier League, right on this page and never miss a match all season long. 

Premier League Schedule 2020-21

From August to May – the English Premier League dominates the sports landscape in the United Kingdoms and has established a large presence in North America. As the United Kingdoms is hours ahead – EPL games start much earlier in the day than any other North American sports. The printable schedule on this page has all the start times for every game this season. 

Premier League Season

Premier League Schedule Release

Once the previous season is completely over and teams have been relegated, the schedule makers are able to get started. Taking into account international events – such as friendly and World Cup qualifiers – the EPL works around everything to the best of their abilities to create the ideal schedule to maximize the league’s exposure and revenue. By the middle of June – roughly two month before the start of the season – the final schedule is released. 

The EPL’s season is intermittently interrupted by international soccer competitions and tournament qualifications. This means that some weeks and weekends there will be zero games scheduled. To offset these interruptions in the schedule, the English Premier League teams have a few weeks during the season where they play two games – often a Tuesday/Wednesday game followed by a Saturday match. As many teams are accustomed to playing UEFA Champions League or Europa League games on weeknights during the season, it does not have an overwhelming effect on the team or quality of soccer.

Premier League Schedule Today

As the seasons lasts 38 weeks – with each team playing 38 games – the lengthy schedule can be cumbersome to follow. Right here bettors can find the best odds for this week’s matchups with the links to best betting sites on the web.

Premier League TV Schedule

As the popularity of soccer has grown in Canada, Canadians have been able to view a much larger amount of soccer content on their televisions. With up to 10 games per day, the EPL’s schedule has been divided up by TSN and Sportsnet to help bring Canadians multiple games every week. As most games start in the morning, the networks are free to broadcast multiple games on their many channels – helping some Canadians get nearly every game.