NHL Best Goalie Odds

The goalie is the backbone to every team hence why there is always great scrutiny on who will be the NHL's best goalie. Legends like Patrick Roy, Dominik Hasek, and Martin Brodeur still rank as the three greatest to stand between the pipes.

Although recently, there have been dozens of goaltenders who have risen up and made a name for themselves.

It all begins by winning the prestigious Vezina trophy, awarded to the season's best goalie. The odds for the Veniza Trophy are now available. The odds were last updated on November 9, 2020

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Tuukka Rask

2.75 2.75 2.80

Connor Hellebuyck

3.50 3.50 3.50

Jordon Binnington

7.00 7.00 7.00

Ben Bishop

8.00 8.00 8.00

Andrei Vasilevskiy

9.00 9.00 9.00

Predicting who wins this award is hard and unpredictable and the NHL betting odds change ever-so frequently, not unlike the fast-paced exciting game they play i

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Whos’ the favorite to be the Best Goalie now?

Finding the favourite on who will be the best NHL goalie is almost as difficult as scoring a goal against one of them. There are many criteria to consider when deciding who'll win the Vezina trophy. 

The first criteria is how many wins can the goalie rack up. Goaltenders like Tuuka Rask of the Boston Bruins and Andrei Vasilevsky of the Tampa Bay Lightning should be frontrunners here as is any goalie in a strong team.

The next criteria are the goalie's stats, mainly goals-against average (GAA) and save percentage (SV%). These usually go hand-in-hand and determine just how effective a goalie is. Again, Rask is a contender in this department as is Darcy Kuemper of the Arizona Coyotes.

NHL Best Goalie Odds

Arguably the most important criteria is how valuable the goaltender is to their team. It's not as hard to rack up wins and pad stats when you're playing in front of proficient skaters. But a goalie that carries a team will hold a lot of weight in the voting. 

Goalies like John Gibson of the Anaheim Ducks and Carter Hutton of the Buffalo Sabres should garner some votes based on how crucial their strong play has been to the success of their teams.

The only way to find out who the best goalie is by keeping tabs of the games and finding out which teams are primed for success right here with our Free NHL Picks.

Predictions at the start of season 2019-2020

How things quickly change! The predictions at the start of the NHL season, 2019-20 had reigning Vezina trophy winner Andrei Vasilevsky (6.50) and Toronto Maple Leafs' Frederik Andersen (6.50) as co-favourites on who'll win the Vezina trophy per NHL best goalie odds.

Vasilevsky is a favourite because the Lightning will again be a powerhouse team and he will be up there in terms of statistics: wins, GAA, and SV%. Andersen is a top contender because the Leafs have improved on defense and he will continue to be a workhorse who carries them outside of their offense.

Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens has also seen his stock rise as his odds went from 16.00 to 13.00 during opening night. The Habs are an erratic team, but if they are a playoff contender this season, it's most likely due to Price.

And of course, there is Tuuka Rask. The Bruins' goalie could win his second Vezina trophy if he and the Bruins keep it up as they are among the league leaders in preventing goals.

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NHL Best Goalie Betting

Finding who will be the NHL's best goalie requires two things: constantly keeping track of the NHL regular season and intensive research. This means going all the way to the Stanley Cup, where you'll be keen on the Stanley Cup Odds 2020.

The best goalie is also arguably the best NHL player as we have seen them singlehandedly carry teams to a cup. Although lately, this hasn't been the case, but you will have a hard time finding a Stanley Cup champion who doesn't have a great goaltender. 

Best NHL player

One of the best ways to keep track of who'll win the Vezina trophy is to keep updated with the NHL best goalie odds. Look to top online sportsbooks like Sports Interaction (SIA), Bodog, and Bet365 as they keep tabs on this elusive award.

Why is the NHL Best Goalie trophy called the Vezina Trophy?

The NHL Best Goalie Trophy is called the Vezina trophy after Georges Vezina, the Montreal Canadiens' goaltender from 1910 to 1925. He died of tuberculosis in 1926. Who'll win the Vezin trophy is the goaltender "adjudged to be the best at his position." 

This trophy was first awarded in the 1926-27 season right after Vezina's passing. From 1946-47 to 1981-82, the trophy's criteria was about which goaltender/s allowed the fewest goals during the regular season. This has since been given its own trophy, the William M. Jennings trophy.

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